Zootopia Crime Files Tips, Cheats and Strategies


Zootopia Crime Files: Hidden Object is a cute twist on the familiar casual hidden object genre. Just because it’s familiar doesn’t mean there aren’t new things to learn. Gamezebo’s Zootopia Crime Files Tips, Cheats and Strategies will help you figure out what’s what, and speed up your path to catching the bad guy.

Tackling the Scenes


  • A lot of the time, you’re going to be perusing crime scenes for certain objects. Perception is everything here, but there are some useful methods to make it easier.
  • Replay the same scene over and over again. The objects don’t move meaning that repetition will help you remember where things were before. You’ll soon find yourself automatically moving to tap in the same areas, instinctively knowing where things are.
  • Use the hints available to you the first time you play a new scene. It’s a quick way of gaining insight into where things are.
  • For subsequent sessions though, avoid using hints. Unused hints add to your overall score at the end and a high score means more chance of gaining a much needed star.
  • Once you’ve got a crime scene almost entirely memorized, it’s the perfect time to use a character with plenty of hints for easy points.
  • As soon as a scene loads, you’re given a few seconds to look at the screen before the timer begins. Use that time to spot distinctive items.
  • By tapping on multiple correct items quickly in a row, you increase your combo which means more points. Where possible, spot a few items then tap on them in quick succession, rather than doing it slowly but surely.
  • Zoom in to look for objects. It’ll make it easier for you to see. More importantly, items that aren’t on screen are grayed out, meaning you know roughly what to look for.

Score Chasing


  • When picking a scene to play, pick one that has the lowest score you need to earn a star. Sometimes, even when you’ve memorized a crime scene well, you’re still better off going for a different scene if the score required is very low.
  • Generally, the jigsaw scene is the easiest of the bunch. Work on 5 starring this early on for some easy gains. The jigsaws are very simple and will only take you seconds to complete.
  • The timer based stages are also good for earning easy stars, as you’re always given a steady stream of objects to seek out. Work fast, memorize the scene, and enjoy the points flying in.

Other Tips


  • Analyze items as soon as possible. They all take time. Some objects might only take a couple of minutes but others can take hours. Set them up quickly so you’re not wasting time. It’s not like they require any maintenance as this is just another timer in the game.
  • Don’t use bucks to speed up analysis. It’s a waste of them. Just be patient. In the mean time, you can always work on gaining stars instead.
  • After you finish a case, consider replaying old scenes for extra stars. By gaining those stars, you can buy energy. It might sound tedious, but by knowing exactly what you’re doing, you’ll almost certainly gain the stars much quicker than you would normally.

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