Zombie Island Walkthrough

Zombie Island – Game Introduction

Welcome to Zombie Island, a new game on Facebook from 6waves Lolapps. In Zombie Island you will be in charge of managing your team of zombies as they grow crops, harvest ingredients, cook creepy recipes, and dig for treasure all in an effort to build the best island possible. This walkthrough will introduce you to the mechanics of the game and help you get started in the game world.

Quick Start Guide

Getting Started

Zombie Island

Navigating the Screen

Top Toolbar

Zombie Island

  • At the top of the screen is where you will find your coin and zombucks (premium currency) balance, the bury a friend option, the current number of brains you control, and your current level and experience.

Left Toolbar

  • The right side of the screen is where you can send a gift to your friends and also where you can view all your current tasks.

Right Toolbar

  • On the right side of the screen are all your options. Here you can zoom in and out, turn off sound and music, and also switch to full screen. You can click on the down arrow to collapse this menu if it is getting in your way.

Bottom Toolbar

Zombie Island

  • The bottom toolbar is where you will find your gifts, collections, recipes, and tasks.
  • Immediately below that you will find your friends list. Here you can invite friends, visit friends, bury friends to get their brains, as well as send them a gift.

Zombie Island

  • In the bottom right corner you will find your tools, the dig function, the market, and your storage.

Getting Started


  • Coins: The standard currency of Zombie Island. Coins are earned by completing tasks, opening treasure chests, digging up treasures, selling crops and recipes, and leveling up. Please see the section on maximizing your coins for more information on earning money in Zombie Island.
  • Zombucks: The premium currency in Zombie Island. Zombucks are used to purchase premium content, rent brains, speed up crop growth, and purchase extra shovels for digging for treasure. Zombucks can be purchased with Facebook credits. You also earn one zombuck each time you level up.
  • Brains: Brains are required for your zombie workers to function. Brains can be rented with zombucks or you can bury your friends to use their brain for a period of time.
  • Bury a friend: This allows you to use your friends brain to power your zombie workers.
  • Collections: While you are planting, harvesting, and digging you will occasionally dig up items that you can collect. When you complete a collection you can trade it in for special rewards such as experience, rare ingredients, and coins.
  • Recipes: Allow your zombies to combine the items you grow to make unique recipes. These can be sold for additional coins or used to complete tasks.
  • Tasks: Completing tasks will earn you coins and experience and help you level up.
  • Dig: There are two types of digging in the game. When you are on your island, digging will create new plots for you to plant things on. When you are on a friend’s island, digging will allow you to look for buried treasure. You get five chances to dig each day, but you can purchase additional shovels with zombucks for up to 100 chances to dig up treasure.
  • Market: The market is where you will be purchasing everything you need in the game. Here you will find seeds, decorations, buildings, zombies, brains for rent, fertilizers, expansions, clothes, and do-it-yourself items.
  • Storage: Your storage is where you will find all of the plants you’ve harvested, your completed recipes, any materials you have created or earned, and any special items you’ve purchased such as shovels or fertilizers.
  • Fertilizers: Fertilizers will speed up the growth of your crops. You can purchase instant growth fertilizers with zombucks or you can decrease the length of time a crop takes to grow by purchasing a fertilizer using coins.

Customizing Your Zombie

Zombie Island

  • The first thing you will notice when you begin Zombie Island is that your zombie isn’t wearing anything. To customize your zombie simply click on it to open the customization screen.
  • Select your zombie’s gender, clothing, and headgear.
  • If you wish to purchase additional clothing or headgear options, click on the buy more button. This will take you to the clothing section of the market.
  • When you are happy with your zombie’s appearance, click the play button to return to the game.

Creating Your Island

Hiring Zombies

  • The first thing you will need to do on your island is hire some zombie workers.
  • Early in the game you will need three types of zombie workers: woodcutters, stone miners, and cooks. As you level up you will unlock different types of zombies who can help you perform different tasks more efficiently.

Zombie Island

  • To hire a worker, go to the market and select the button marked “Zombies.”
  • Select the worker you wish to hire to purchase them.

Zombie Island

  • Place their grave on your island.
  • To put your zombie to work, select the item you wish them to harvest or mine. If you’ve hired a woodcutter click on a tree, if you’ve hired a miner click on a rock.
  • If you hover your mouse over the rock or tree you will see how many units you can collect from it before it is cleared.
  • If your worker won’t work, it is likely because you don’t have enough brains available. Each worker requires a brain to function and if you don’t have enough available they will not rise from their grave. Please see the section on brains and burying friends for more information on this.

Zombie Island

  • Each grave site can hold three items. Once the spaces are filled you will need to collect the items before your zombies will go back to work.
  • Each task a zombie performs takes a specific amount of time. As you level up you will be able to unlock workers that can work faster.
  • The items you collect will be required to complete tasks and build new buildings.


  • Another significant portion of your time in the game will be spent farming.
  • The first thing you will need to do is dig up some land so that you have plots to plant in.
  • Select the dig tool located at the bottom of your screen on the right hand side.

Zombie Island

  • Click on the land you wish to till. Continue this until you have all the plots you want.

Zombie Island

  • Now it’s time to plant some crops. Go to the market and select the seeds tab.
  • Select the seeds you wish to purchase.

Zombie Island

  • Click the seeds on the empty plots of land to plant them.
  • Each crop takes a specific amount of time to grow. You will either need to wait for that time to pass or use fertilizer to speed up the process.

Zombie Island

  • Once your crops are full grown, click on them to harvest.
  • Your crops will be added to your storage where you can go to sell them. You can also save your crops for use in recipes.

Zombie Island

  • After you harvest your crops you will need to re-till the fallow plots of land before you can plant there again.


  • Once you have collected enough ingredients, it’s time to cook up some interesting recipes.

Zombie Island

  • You will need to purchase a pair of cooks in the market under the zombie button.

Zombie Island

  • Once you have placed your cooks, click on one of the baskets located at the front of their grave site. This will open the recipe window.
  • Find a recipe that you have all the ingredients for to have you zombies start cooking.
  • If you wish to cook multiples of the same recipe, simply click on the other two baskets.
  • If you wish to cook different recipes, click on the grave site and select recipes to reopen the recipe window.
  • Each recipe takes a specific amount of time and you will have to wait until it is complete to collect it. There is no way to speed up the process at this time.
  • Once your recipe is complete it will be stored in a barrel at the grave site. Simply click on it to collect it and it will be added to your storage.
  • The recipes you cook can be sold or used to complete tasks. Some recipes are required to craft objects that are needed to build new buildings as you level up. It’s a good idea to save one or two in storage when you are selling just in case.


  • As you are exploring your island and your friends’ islands you will occasionally run across items such as helmets or gloves. These are items that you can collect for rewards.
  • When you have completed a collection you will be alerted via a pop up window.

Zombie Island

  • To turn a collection in for a reward, go to the collection button located at the bottom of your screen.
  • Collections that are complete will appear first.
  • Turn in the collection to receive a reward of coins, ingredients, and/or experience.
  • You can complete a collection multiple times.

Burying Friends & Brains

  • Much of the work in Zombie Island is completed by your zombie workers. Unfortunately, they cannot work without brains.
  • You will have three brains when you start the game. That is not going to be enough if you want to advance in the game at a decent speed.
  • Depending on the workers being used, the number of brains (and zombies) varies. You need one zombie to cut wood but you need two zombies for cooking and as such, require two brains.
  • There are a couple ways to get additional brains temporarily.
  • You can rent a brain for a day (or multiple days if you wish) using zombucks.
  • You can bury your friends and steal their brains for a period of time.

Zombie Island

  • To bury a friend you can either click on the bury a friend icon located at the top of your screen, or you can click on their picture in the friend bar at the bottom of the screen and choose to bury them.
  • Once a friend is buried, their brain will be added to your brain total which you can see at the top of your screen.
  • They won’t stay buried forever though, so the more friends you have the more opportunities you will have to increase your brain total.
  • You can only bury two friends at a time.
  • If you combine burying friends and brain rental you can maximize your workforce quite quickly.

Maximizing Coins

  • Even the undead need to make purchases and everything is expensive on Zombie Island. Luckily coins are not that hard to come by, if you know where to look.
  • Coins are earned almost every time you perform an action.
  • You will randomly get coins when planting and harvesting.
  • You can earn coins by completing tasks and collections.

Zombie Island

  • Occasionally you will see a treasure chest on your island. Click on it to earn extra coins and experience.
  • You can also earn coins by visiting your friends and digging for buried treasure.
  • To visit a friend, click on their picture at the bottom of your screen and select visit. This will take you to their island where you will be able to dig for treasure.

Zombie Island

  • Every time you dig you will earn some coin and experience (and may find collection items as well). However, once in a while you will find a major treasure stash. When this happens you will want to continue digging in that location until it is dried up.
  • You only have five free digs per day at your friends islands but you can purchase additional shovels using zombucks (10 for one zombuck and 50 for three zombucks).

Zombie Island

  • Another easy way to make some quick coins is to go to your storage and sell some of your crops, recipes, and materials.
  • Select the amount you wish to sell of an item and then click the sell button to collect your coins.
  • It’s advised to keep a couple of each item though, as it’s likely you will need them down the road to complete a task or build a new building.

Leveling Up

  • By completing tasks, performing various actions, and turning in collections you will earn experience which in turn will cause you to level up.
  • As you level up you will unlock new crops, decorations, zombies, and numerous other things within the game.
  • You can check how much experience you need to reach the next level by hovering you mouse over your level and experience meter located in the upper right of your screen.


You have completed the quick start guide for Zombie Island by 6waves Lolapps. Be sure to check back often for game updates, staff and user reviews, user tips, forum comments, and much more here at Gamezebo.

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