Zombie Farm 2 Walkthrough

Zombie Farm 2, developed by The Playforge, is the sequel to the much loved Zombie Farm! Come see the new twists and additions to a great zombie farming favorite! Gamezebo’s quick start strategy guide will provide you with detailed images, tips, information, and hints on how to play your best game.

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Game Introduction – Zombie Farm 2

Zombie Farm 2, developed by The Playforge, is the sequel to the much loved Zombie Farm! Come see the new twists and additions to a great zombie farming favorite! Gamezebo’s quick start strategy guide will provide you with detailed images, tips, information, and hints on how to play your best game.

Quick Start Guide

Getting Started

  • Zombie Farm 2 is a free application and can be found by clicking on the “Play Now!” button at the top of this page.
  • If you play the first Zombie Farm you have the option to continue the game in Zombie farm 2 having your farm imported. Once you load the game tap on the button at the top right then on “Profiles” if your user name isn’t listed enter it in and your farm will appear.
  • You can also play more than one farm so there is really no need to have Zombie farm one and two installed unless you just prefer to play the games that way.
  • There are currently thirty levels in the game.
Zombie Farm 2
  • Management Menu – Tap on the button at the top right of the game screen to bring up options for settings, help, storage, profile and saving your game. (Game also saves automatically but it is advised you use the save button before switching profiles)
  • Push Notifications – When you first install the game you will be asked for permission to send notifications. If you have iOS 5 or greater installed you will need to go into your device settings and set limits for these notifications.
Zombie Farm 2
  • Choose your Farmer – You will have six different farmer heads to choose from when you start the game.
  • If you wish you can change the head of your farmer at any time to any of the free choices or you can pay with fifteen brains and increase the power of your farmer by giving it special abilities along with the head such as an increase in gold harvested, quicker growing times and more.
  • Look for the “Farmer” tab in the market to change your farmer head.

Game Currency

  • There are two types of currency used in the game.
  • Gold – These are the basic game currency used to purchase crops, zombies, and what is awarded to your during invasions.
  • Brains – is the secondary high end currency in the game which can be used to purchase special high ability zombies, speed up crop times and purchase items to make your invasions more successful. You can win brains by completing specific quests, winning invasions, or you can purchase more from the market.
Zombie Farm 2
  • How to purchase additional currency – Tap on the “+” sign next to either currency indicator at the top of the screen or if you try to purchase anything it will give you a link to the purchase screens. This currency is purchased as an in app purchase and will be charged to your iTunes account.
  • Cost – Brains are bundled from 99 cents up to $8.99 with specials offered for larger purchases.
  • You can only purchase gold with brains so you will need to purchase the brains first then exchange them for gold at a rate of one thousand gold coins for every ten brains with discounts of ten percent for each higher level your purchase.
  • Free zombies are frequently given away with the large brain purchases.

Game Elements

  • Experience Points (XP) – You need XP in order to level up in the game. Your XP meter and level indicator is shown at the top left of the game screen. As the meter fills up you are closer to the next level. Every task and quest you complete awards you with a certain number of XP. The star indicates your current level.
Zombie Farm 2
  • Game setting controls – Tap on the button at the top right of the game screen then choose the gear icon at the bottom center of the menu screen.
Zombie Farm 2
  • Multi-tool – Tap on the arrow at the bottom right to expand the menu to manipulate items on the screen. Here you can move items, delete items, sell and store items.
  • Neighbor Menu – Tap on the top left to open the neighbor menu. Here you can add friends via email address or user name or locate via Facebook once you log into your account.
  • Market Menu – Tap on the shopping cart button at the bottom right to open the market to purchase just about anything you need or tap on an empty land plot which also brings up the market menu.


  • Quests – Quest icons are listed along the left side of the screen and will help you complete your farm in an organized manner and allow you to win coins, brains, and large amounts of XP to level up faster.
Zombie Farm 2
  • Tap on one of the icons for individual quests or tap on the clipboard icon at the bottom to see all at once as well as the ones you have completed.
Zombie Farm 2
  • New quests appear as soon as you complete one and you will be notified after each successful quest completion.
  • Rewards are shown at the bottom of the notification and are usually large amounts of XP and sometimes d├ęcor items or currency in the higher levels.
Zombie Farm 2

How to add land plots to your farm

  • Tap on the arrow along the bottom right of the screen to open the multi-tool menu. Next tap on the plow button and this will allow you to place land plots on your farm. You will have to pay for each plot but will earn XP each time you plow it, plant on it, and harvest from it.
  • Once you have the land plots tap on them to open the market menu.
  • Ground Types – In the market you can for large amounts of gold or brains purchase special types of ground for effect. You can find these under the farm menu in the market.
  • Expansion of your Farm – You must reach level eleven in the game before you can expand your farm and it will cost a minimum of fifty brains for the first expansion up to a maximum of 250 brains at higher levels. You can find the expansion options under the farm tab in the market menu.
Zombie Farm 2

Planting Crops and/or Zombies

  • Planting crops or zombies requires an identical process so they will be explained together.
  • Tap on the plowed land plot. (If it has a hole in it or no lines then it is not plowed so tap on it to plow then tap again.)
Zombie Farm 2
  • Now the market menu will open up automatically. When the pull down menu appears at the left either tap on crops or Zombies and there are even more options for zombies available such as special which can only be purchased with large number of brains or mutants which require special formula and times.
  • Each type of crop has a cost and a certain amount of time until completion.
  • Instant Growth – You can purchase boosts such as instant grow or instant harvest to bypass the wait times. This can be useful if you need zombies fast to do an invasion.
Zombie Farm 2

Harvesting Zombies and/or Crops

  • When a zombie is ready for harvesting you will be able to tell as the zombie’s hand will be sticking out from the ground and glowing.
  • Crops will be fully showing the items you are growing when they are ready for harvesting.
  • Tap on a completed crop to harvest it and your little farmer will immediately come to harvest it for you.
  • Next you will need to plow over the large holes left on the land plot from harvesting before you can plant again.
  • Each crop will earn you coins as you harvest it.
  • Zombies must be in a quantity of eight on your farm in order to do an invasion and ideally you should have sixteen zombies for a successful invasion.

Crop Freshness and Collection

  • Another new feature is the freshness feature which means the faster you harvest a crop once it is ready the more money you will collect overall.
  • Crops never wither so you will always get some money for them but the most money is right away.
  • Crops will remain fresh for three times its growth period. After that it will be worth half its coin value. For example, if a crop takes one hour to grow, it will be fresh for three hours. After the three hours is up you would only get half of the coins you would have if you had harvested within the maximum freshness period of the first three hours.
  • Example – Crop takes four hours to grow it is fresh for twelve hours. Multiply the grow time by three to get the maximum freshness time.
Zombie Farm 2

Changing Farmer Heads

  • You start the game with a basic farmer and you are allowed to choose the look of your farmer which can be changed in the market at any time.
  • Special Heads – In the market under “Farmer” you will find special heads that give you all kinds of advantages while harvesting crops. These heads can only be purchased with fifteen brains.
  • Advantages include such things as ten percent more gold during harvest, reduction in grow times, increased zombie life, and increased zombie strength.
Zombie Farm 2


  • Boosts are available for purchase in the market and you can win them during a successful invasion.
  • Boosts include the following and more may be added in the future.
  • All boosts cost ten brains each and are a one-time use only bonus.
  • Refresher – Makes all crops fresh to maximum freshness which means maximum payout when harvested.
  • Concentration – Zombies will not get distracted at all during an invasion.
  • Insta-Harvest – Instantly harvest everything at once.
  • Insta-Plow – Instantly plow all land plots at once.
  • Golden Dice – Better luck with invasion currency payouts.
  • Invasion Voucher – Invade immediately without the two hour wait time.
  • Insta Grow – Instantly grows ten crops or zombies at a time.

Types of Zombies

  • Regular Zombies – These include boy and girl zombies as well as mini zombies.
  • Special Zombies – These are theme based zombies found in the market and can only be purchased with fifty brains or more each. They have much higher stat values than regular zombies.
  • Mutant Zombies – These are zombies that are combined with a crop item such as a tomato zombie, onion zombie, carrot zombie, etc.
  • Zombie Pot Mutants – These are zombies as a result of any two types of zombies being combined in a zombie pot. (See below)
Zombie Farm 2

Zombie Stats

  • Each zombie has statistics associated with it and you can see the stats by simply tapping on a zombie then when the side menu appears tapping on the magnifying glass.
  • The stat menu as shown above will give a numerical value to the following areas
  • Strength – How strong a zombie is during an invasion.
  • Speed – How fast a zombie is during an invasion.
  • Life – How much damage a zombie can take.
  • Focus/Concentration – How distracted your zombie is during combat.
  • Abilities – Zombies have different abilities which appear during combining them as well as unlocking after successful invasions.
Zombie Farm 2

Zombie Pots

  • Zombie pots can be purchased from the market once you reach level three in the game.
  • You can find a zombie pot under “Items” then under “functional”.
  • The first pot is sold for 500 gold and any additional pots will cost thirty brains.
  • Once you purchase your pot place it on your farm and then tap on it to activate the menu.
Zombie Farm 2
  • From the menu you will need to choose two different zombies then on the combine button.
  • After one hour you may get a special mutant zombie from your pot and these are super enhanced zombies which are really great for winning invasions. These are powerful hybrid mutants with sometimes double or triple the life force compared to a regular zombie.
  • Mutant Monolith – Purchase these in the market for eighty or one hundred brains. These monoliths when in your farm half the time it takes to grow a mutant zombie.
Zombie Farm 2

Storage Sheds and Mausoleums

  • Storage shed – When you begin the game you are given a storage shed which is already on your farm.
  • This shed will hold boosts, pets, and decorations in limited amounts.
  • You can purchase an upgrade to this shed to hold more. If you can’t afford it you can sell items.
  • Mausoleum – You can only hold a maximum of sixteen zombies on your farm unless you use brains to purchase a mausoleum which will increase the number of zombies you can have at once.
  • When you are given a gift or rewarded after an invasion with an item or boost it will be placed in your shed. Tap on the shed to bring up the menu then on one of the tabs along the top to find the area you need.
  • Monoliths – Be sure to check the market for monoliths as they give mutants special advantages when placed on your farm. These are purchased with very large quantities of brains but are well worth the expense.
Zombie Farm 2

Zombie Mutant Collection

  • There are 28 possible mutant zombies for you to complete.
  • To find the menu that shows which of these you have unlocked tap on any zombie then on the magnifying glass to get to the stat menu. Along the top tap on “Mutants” and you will be taken to the menu shown in the image above.
  • As soon as you acquire a mutant whether through the pot or growing one it will highlight in this menu and keep a tally of how many of that particular type you have ever had.
Zombie Farm 2
  • Tip – Tap on any of the blank zombie areas and it will show you what you need to get that particular mutant. For example in the image above the mutant requires a tomato, broccoli, and squash. You may have to do multiple mutations to get a final result since you can only combine two at a time. Be sure to refer to this menu frequently as it will save you a lot of time.
Zombie Farm 2

Zombie Invasions

  • You can participate in invasions once every two hours unless you have an invasion voucher which allows you to have one at any time. (Purchase with brains in the market)
  • There is an invade button at the bottom left of the game screen and a countdown clock running at all times. When this button states, “Ready” tap on it to begin an invasion.
  • Next, a menu will appear where you will choose who to invade. You will have to level up to unlock the different options.
  • You will start out with “Old Macdonald’s Farm” and can invade this area until level eight where the next area will unlock.
  • Requirements- You must have a minimum of eight zombies actively moving around on your farm to invade. You are a lot less likely to win the invasion with eight but it can be done if you have strong zombies. Ideally you should try to go into an invasion with sixteen zombies.
  • You can lose your zombies during an invasion if they are killed off.
Zombie Farm 2
  • Zombie invasion line up order – You will be asked next to place your zombies in attack order. It is best to put your weakest at the start and build up to your strongest zombies. When the menu appears tap on them in order and you will see a number appear under the zombie. If you change your mind about a choice tap again to reverse it.
  • If you do not want to order your zombies just tap on the button at the bottom and the game will do it automatically for you. This is likely random and not based on zombie stats.
  • Tap on “Invade” then on “Start”
Zombie Farm 2
  • Concentration – You must unless you have purchased a concentration boost to remove it deal with the concentration issues of your zombies. Zombies have varying levels of concentration.
  • The zombies will go into combat one at a time. When the first one walks forward a concentration meter will be over his or her head. Tap on it to get rid of any thoughts other than brains that may appear. You could see all kinds of pictures there. Tapping on them helps get rid of them faster and focus your zombie. Once he is focused on a brain he or she will walk forward into battle.
Zombie Farm 2
  • Each invasion lasts just under two minutes and once completed it will be announced who has won.
  • You will be rewarded with either an item that can be placed on your farm, a boost, or brains or more than one of each in the higher levels. Invasions are definitely worth the effort!
  • Watch for the prize summary at the end of each invasion. If you win an item you will be able to find it in your storage area by tapping on the shed and then on the tab it is under in the storage menu.
Zombie Farm 2

Inviting Friends to Play

  • Tap on the top left button to bring up the menu that allows you to search for friends.
  • You can search if you know their user name, or email address.
  • Facebook – Connect to Facebook and the game will scan for any friends that are also playing and connected. You can approve these people once they show up on the list.
  • If a friend invites you then you will have to accept their invitation before they show up on your neighbor list so be sure to check the neighbor menu daily.
Zombie Farm 2

Playing Tag with Neighbors

  • Whenever you visit a friend’s farm you will be able to see their farm and you will also be able to play tag with their zombies.
  • Tap on the button with the face on it to start the game then tap to start and wait for the three second countdown to begin.
  • Now you have a minimum of five and a maximum of fifteen seconds to tap on as many zombies as possible to tag them. The amount of time depends on how many zombies your neighbor currently has walking around their farm.
  • Once the game begins the zombies will be moving around the screen very fast and as you level up it seems to become more difficult to tag them.
Zombie Farm 2
  • You are only allowed to play tag with a neighbor once every 24 hours and once you complete the game a summary screen will appear with your stats.
  • The better you do the more XP points you will win.
  • Your neighbor will also be rewarded if you play tag as each person that plays tag will shave twelve minutes off of their current invasion countdown timer.
  • If you play frequently and others are shaving down the time in between you can make a lot more money per day.
Zombie Farm 2

Free Gifts

  • Neighbors can send each other one free gift once every 24 hours.
  • Tap on the gift box icon at the bottom of the screen when in a neighbor’s farm to send them a gift.
  • When the menu opens you will see options based on your current level and what day of the week it is.
  • Tap on the gift you wish to send then on the “Send” button.
  • Receiving Gifts – When you are sent a free gift you will be notified and once accepted it will be placed in your storage shed.
Zombie Farm 2


  • You have completed the basic game play guide for Zombie Farm 2. Be sure to check back often for game updates, Staff and user reviews, user tips, forum comments and much more here at Gamezebo!