Zombie Anarchy Tips, Cheats and Strategies


Zombie Anarchy is a zombie themed base building game from Gameloft. If you’ve played a base building strategy game before, some of it is going to seem quite familiar to you. There’s still plenty of room for you to learn a few new bits and pieces about it, though.

Gamezebo’s Zombie Anarchy Tips, Cheats and Strategies has you covered with a plethora of advice on how to keep those zombies at bay.

Build A Strong Base


  • This is a base building game so, you know, you want to have a good base.
  • Placing the key structures isn’t such a big deal but you want to make sure that defensive structures are well positioned.
  • Place towers behind walls or other buildings, so they’re harder to get to, while still able to inflict plenty of damage.
  • By making it hard for your enemy to reach them, it’ll take more valuable seconds in which you can chip away at the enemy’s health.
  • In a similar vein, place mines where your enemies will have to walk across. You can even set up decoy towers nearby to lure them into danger.
  • Starting out though, focus on defense in the form of towers, rather than mines. Your time will come later.
  • Keep upgrading everything. Every time you level up, you unlock new options. Keep working on them.
  • Start out with towers, then upgrade your survivors, before working on boosting your resources and other building tasks. There’s no need to stockpile resources, so use them to make things better for yourself.

Going on the offensive


  • Don’t rush into attacking other players. It’s a fun part of the game later on, but you want to work on establishing your base first.
  • When you do go in for the kill, aim for lower rank players to stand a good chance of winning.
  • When you’re fighting them, focus on their towers first. Draw enemy players out by keeping far away, then wipe them out individually.
  • Pursuing AI enemies? Start out near a corpse pile so you get all the zombies out of the way.
  • Never forget to use your special skills. Some are better than others, but all are going to make a difference in battle.

General Advice


  • Hanging around your base and don’t know what to do? Tap on the zombies outside. They’ll often provide you with extra bits and pieces, such as salvage or even the premium currency – Bloodstones. It takes seconds after all.
  • Work on completing the missions available to you – both story focused and achievement based. It’s a good way of giving you a focus in the game but it’s also a great way to earn some considerable experience.
  • Like many games, Zombie Anarchy has a series of daily missions called daily bounties. Focus on completing these wherever possible. They’re often pretty straightforward.
  • The game also has special Events which has you completing a mission in order to earn special rewards. It’s worth giving these a shot. There are some considerable bonuses involved, as well as plenty of experience to gain.
  • Levelling up your survivors is important but what do you do if you don’t have the specific resources required? Harvest them by attacking specific areas. Each in-game area will tell you what items you can gain from them so focus on that to boost your characters.

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