Z Escape Strategy Guide – The 5 Best Hints, Cheats and Tips

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Z Escape is a game about trying to protect a group of survivors from oncoming waves of zombies. You’re in a helicopter with a massive gun and it’s up to you to stop the zombies chowing down on the humans before you land and fly them to safety. 

It’s a pretty action-packed experience, and that means there’s plenty you’ve got to get to grips with if you want to save everyone. Don’t worry though, because that’s what this Z Escape strategy guide is for. It’s packed full of the kind of tips and tricks you’re going to need to become the greatest zombie murderer who ever lived.

Even if you’ve been pootling around in your helicopter for a while now, we think there’s going to be something here that’ll help you out. And new players will find the whole thing indispensable. Here, then, are the top five hints, tips and cheats for Z Escape.

You can’t shoot the survivors

Don’t worry about blasting the sprinting humans with your weapon – it simply can’t be done. This is especially useful to know in the last chunk of the level when they’re legging it towards your helicopter. Spray as many bullets as you can just above their heads and don’t worry about any of them getting lodged somewhere they’re not supposed to.

But you can blow them up

When you shoot an explosive barrel, the force of the blast can knock down any survivors that are too close to it. They won’t die, but if the zombie horde is too close then there’s a very good chance they’ll get eaten and turned into flesh hungry monsters. Sometimes that’s a sacrifice you’re going to have to make, but try and time your explosions so they do the least amount of damage to your team.

If it’s orange, shoot it

It’s not just orange barrels that react when you shoot them. There are rickety bridges, swinging wrecking balls, pipes and more that you can blast as well. All of them are really useful tools for keeping the zombies at bay. Make sure you get your timing right, especially on the bridges where you can leave the survivors completely stranded if you shoot them too early.

Focus on the closest zombies

The horde is going to draw closer as it runs, so your fire should always be focused on the monsters that are the closest to the survivors. Sure, they’ll get replaced by munchers from farther back, but if you’re aiming to the rear of the crowd you’re basically serving up a free lunch for those at the front.

What should I spend my cash on?

You should spend it on increasing your survivor count and cash rewards. There are new guns you can buy, but they’re basically cosmetic and don’t change anything about the way the game plays. Focus on the upgrades first and then when you’ve got cash to spare, splurge on making your weapon look prettier.

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