Youda Farmer Tips Walkthrough

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To use the table of contest efficiently press (CRTL + F), then fill in the blank space with the number of the chapter you want (for example “1.2”) to quickly jump to its location on this page. Playing around with this function will help you greatly in the future. Hope you find it useful, thanks for reading.

1.1 Locations (screenshots)
1.2 Farm
1.3 Village

2.1 Beginner tips

3.1 Farming stage tips
3.2 Product orders
3.3 Party products
3.4 Ticket behavior
3.5 Combos

4.1 Village stage tips
4.2 Delivery orders
4.3 Dish orders
4.4 Party product orders
4.5 Party puzzles
4.6 Combos

5.1 Upgrades
5.2 Farm upgrades
5.3 Truck upgrades

6.1 Trophies

7.1 Extra tips / last notes


1.2 Farm

  • Party product: You collect these to use in the village.
  • Crate spawning spots: Spots like these are at every product location; this is where crates form themselves.
  • Closed crate: This crate already has a product inside of it, so no other products can be placed inside.
  • Open crate: This crate is empty, you can place a product here, and afterwards it will close.
  • Available product: This is a product that needs to be packaged in a crate before the truck can pick it up.
  • Truck timer: This indicates the length of time it is taking for the truck to reach the location of this order for pick up.
  • Credits: This shows your current amount of credits.
  • Ticket order: This shows you what was ordered by the village, click on it to go over to the product on the ticket.
  • Level’s order amounts: These 2 numbers show how many products have been ordered, and how many orders must be picked up.

1.3 Village

  • Party zone: This is where you click the products that you see appearing in a random order.
  • Party puzzle: This where the puzzle pieces go to make the party puzzle complete.
  • Money ticket: Click on these to collect the amount of money you see on them.
  • Villager ticket: Click on these to go over to the villager and find out what he wants delivered.
  • Party product ticket: Click on these to go to the party zone and create puzzle pieces.


  • Every level comes attached with 2 zones that must be complete before moving on to the next level. The first zone begins at the farm, and the second concludes at the village.
  • Your farm is where you will collect products that have been ordered by the village. And the village is where you will deliver those products.
  • The only way to make any real progress in this game is to complete the party product challenges. Once you complete a party product challenge you will receive 1 out of the 5 trophies needed to complete the game.
  • Expanding your farm is good if you want a wider variety of products. Some of the products you deliver will attract new villagers to the village. The amount of opened shops in your village depends entirely on your farm’s products.

3.2 Product Orders

  • Every level starts you off with 2 numbers on a ticket, one is labeled “Total orders”, and the other is labeled “Order target”. The first number displays the total amount of products that have been ordered by the village, and the second number displays the amount of products that must be collected in order to pass on to the next zone. After you press the continue button on this ticket the level will resume from its paused state and orders will begin to show up on the bottom of your screen.
  • Orders will begin to show up on the bottom of your screen as tickets (note paper) that appear in an ordered fashion forming from the left side to right side of your screen. These ticket orders will continue popping up until you have an amount of 10 orders on your screen. There can never be more than 10 orders on your screen at any time.
  • When you click on an order your screen shifts to the location where the order is produced. All products take time to be produced, for example, flour takes a while to be grown, and converted into its powdered form. After the flour is finished being produced you will be able to package for delivery. To package a product just drag the product into a nearby crate, afterwards it will be ready for pick up.
  • When a product is ready for pickup you will see a truck timer on its ticket indicating the length of time it will take before the truck picks up the product. After the truck picks up the product you will see a checkmark on the ticket, just click the checkmark to finalize the order, and it will be counted as a completed order.

3.3 Party products

  • Aside from picking up regular products that grow on your farm you will also encounter party products.
  • These products appear randomly on different parts of your farm. They appear on your screen then slowly disappear in a ghostly fashion off your screen.
  • Before these products disappear be sure to click them to add them to your inventory. Unlike other products on your farm these do not need to be packaged, or picked up by your truck, they need only to be clicked on.
  • Party products do not have any relationship with any combos, so do not be afraid to click on one despite whatever combo you are currently building up.

3.4 Ticket behavior

  • Tickets fall downwards at a random speed, and if a ticket falls off the screen then the order on the ticket is lost. As the levels increase, the falling speed of the tickets will increase as well.
  • A ticket will temporarily freeze while the product is packaged, however once the truck picks up the product the ticket will continue on its downward path. This is a life saver when you are overwhelmed with tickets, make a note of this.

3.5 Combos

  • Pickup Combo: Package the same kind of product 3 times in a row to get this combo. (Pickup combo variations) 3 in a row = 15 credits, 4 in a row = 20 credits, and 5 in a row = 25 credits.
  • Row Combo: Packaging products in the exact ticket order from left to right will result in a row combo. (Row combo variations) 3 in a row= 15 credits, 6 in a row= 30 credits, and 10 in a row = 50 credits.
  • Order Combo: Finalize ticket orders consecutively in any order to gain this combo. (Order combo variations) 3 in a row= 9 credits, 6 in a row = 18 credits, and 10 in a row = 30 credits.
  • Combos are the only way to gain a large amount of credits in this game. You will need credits later on to upgrade your farm, and even your truck.
  • It is in your best interest that you familiarize yourself with these combos, each level is never the same even when played twice, knowing the combos will help you adapt to different scenarios.


  • The village stages are somewhat like the farm stages, it’s just that you will not be packaging any products; instead you will be delivering them.

4.2 Delivery Orders

  • Starting in a village stage you will see 2 numbers on a note paper; these numbers will explain what you have to do in order to complete this stage. The first is labeled total deliveries, and the second is labeled delivery target. Just the delivery target number shows how many deliveries must be made to complete the stage.
  • The tickets will appear in order from left to right like always, but this time the tickets will have pictures of villagers on them.
  • When you click on a ticket the screen will go directly to that villager from there you will be able to see what the villager wants. Clicking on the icon of what a villager wants will signal the truck to go to that spot and deliver what the villager wanted. The ticket will now have a truck timer on it indicating the amount of time it will take for the truck to reach its destination.
  • Once your truck delivers the product to the villager the ticket will change into a cash ticket. The ticket will have a number on it showing the amount of money you got for delivering that product. Clicking that money ticket will finalize the delivery and you will receive the money.

4.3 Dish Orders

  • Sometimes the villagers will want more than 1 product at the same time to prepare a dish. If they are going to prepare a dish with their products you will see a special number sequence appear on the ordered products. Clicking on the products in the sequence’s order will result in the making of that dish and will award you with a dish combo. If there is no number sequence then you can click the products in any order.
  • The sequence will repeat itself over time, so if you didn’t memorize the sequence the first time you saw it you can wait to see it again, or as many times as you need.

4.4 Party Product Orders

  • Some tickets will have party products on them, these tickets do not really count as orders. If these tickets fall below the screen it will not affect your total amount of orders left, think of them as blank tickets used to create a puzzle.
  • When you click one of these tickets you will be taken to a part in the village that requires you to do something special in order to deliver this product. Pay attention to the party zone in the screen shot, when you see a product appearing or disappearing click it to deliver the product in that spot. Once the party zone is full you will be granted a puzzle piece that fits somewhere in the grand puzzle to the upper-right side of your screen.
  • After you deliver a party product to its location the ticket clears itself, and falls off screen.

4.5 Party Puzzles

  • When a party puzzle is finally complete a mini game will begin after you complete your current village zone.
  • The mini game is simple; just collect any products that you find on screen as your truck drive through the village, and your farm.
  • If you manage to collect enough products before your truck completes its trip you will earn a party trophy and unlock a new paint color for your truck. Afterwards there will be another puzzle to complete.
  • All of the mini games are the same however they do get harder after your truck speed increases.

4.6 Combos

  • The combos done in the village will always reward you with more money than the combos in the farm.
  • Dish combos are the core of earning great amounts of credit in the village; you will get plenty of these combos once new dishes are available, so focus on the sequence and memorize the order as soon as you can.
  • Delivery Combo: Click on a ticket to see the villager first. If the villager has 3 or more different orders, and you get all 3 of them ready for delivery, then you will get this combo. (Delivery combo variations) 3 of a kind = 30 credits, 4 of a kind = 40 credits, and 5 of a kind = 50.
  • Row Combo: Getting the ticket orders ready for delivery from left to right will result in this combo. Skipping a ticket while doing this will nullify the combo, unless the ticket is already packaged, or was already picked up. (Row combo variations) 3 in a row = 15 credits, 6 in a row=30 credits, and 10 in a row = 50 credits.
  • Cash Combo: Collecting cash in any order as long as the cash is collected consecutively will grant you this combo. (Cash combo variations) 3 in a row = 30 credits, 6 in a row = 60 credits, and 10 in a row = 100 credits.

5.2 Farm upgrades

  • Food processor: There is a food processor for every animal product on your farm; these allow you to produce meat at a faster rate than usual.
  • Compost grinder: There is a food processor for every crop product grown on your farm; these allow you to produce crops products at a faster rate than usual.
  • Chicken Coop: With the chicken coop you can pick up and deliver eggs. Eggs will attract the grocer to the village.
  • Pig Stable: The pig stable provides you with meat to pick up and deliver. Meat attracts the butcher to the village.
  • Dairy Farm: With the dairy farm you can pick up and deliver milk. Milk is an important product for many of the dishes made in the village.
  • Tomato field: With the tomato field you can pick up and deliver tomatoes. Tomatoes will attract the greengrocer to the village.
  • Potato field: With the potato field provides you with potatoes to pick up and deliver. Potatoes are good for a number of dish combos.
  • Sheep ranch: The sheep ranch provides wool to pick up and deliver. Wool attracts the tailor to the village.
  • Apple Orchard: Pick up and deliver apples with the apple orchard. Apples are an important product for several dish combos.
  • Fish pond: A lovely fish pond provides fish to pick up and deliver. Fish attracts the fish shop to the village.
  • Vineyard: The vineyard provides wine to pick up and deliver. It is the most luxurious product available for the village.
  • Hay shed: Pick up to 4 animal products at the same time. You will now have 4 crates for all animal products.
  • Water tower: Pick up 4 crop products at the same time. You will now have 4 crates for all crop products.
  • Big hay shed: Pick up 5 animal products at the same time. You will now have 4 crates for all animal products.
  • Big water tower: pick up 5 crop products at the same time. You will now have 4 crates for all crop products.

5.3 Truck upgrades

  • More horsepower: Faster driving means faster pick up and delivery.
  • Canvas truck: Allows a maximum of 50 products during your levels.
  • Metal truck: Allows a maximum of 80 products during all levels. This is important if you want to collect more products to gain more money.
  • Paint job: Change the color on your truck for 50 credits.


  • There are a total of 5 trophies; after you get these trophies you will complete the game.
  • You get trophies by complete the product party puzzles in the village.
  • Party products are made out of the products from your farm, so you will not find a grape party product if you are not growing any grapes. Here are the different kinds of party pieces so that you can buy the right products for you farm: egg, tomato, apple, fish, and wine.


  • Collect as many party products as you can, you will need these to make real progress in your game. Do not forget that as the level raises the game gets harder, so the longer you take, the harder it will be for you.
  • Around the 10th or 11th level it will be nearly impossible to string up those big combos of 10 that you used to do; it’s okay save a falling ticket even though it might disrupt a combo. Losing just a few tickets could cost you a level that you collect 60 products on, so be careful.
  • Pickup combos and delivery combos will always give you a large amount if credits, especially is you can do it up to 5 times in a row. Be sure to make this on of your favorite combos for the village stages.
  • Upgrade your truck’s speed as soon as possible; getting everywhere faster can only be a benefit.
  • Upgrading your truck’s pick up space is very important. If you have a trunk space of 50 products, then you will only be able to get a maximum of 50 product orders from the village. Not only does this restrict the amount of money that can be made, but it also places you in danger of other things. The maximum amount of products will remain at 50 but the number of products required will keep rising until it reaches 50; this means no errors for you or you lose. There are many repercussions that follow not making enough money.
  • As money tickets fall in the village, the amount of money lowers until it reaches zero. Try to collect these as soon as possible for a good amount of money.
  • When you are collect products in a mini game you can collect products even though the screen is moving. Do not give up on collecting a product until the screen totally leaves it behind.


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