Yo-Kai Watch Wibble Wobble Tips, Cheats and Strategies

Yo-Kai Watch Wibble Wobble is a matching puzzle game from Level 5. A matching puzzle game that, as the name would imply, involves a lot of wiggly, wibbly, wobbly bits – and general adorableness. Gamezebo’s Wibble Wobble tips, cheats and strategies will have you making the most of the little spirit mochi-looking things in no time.

Managing your team


  • Letter rank is the quickest way to tell if a Yo-Kai is worth keeping or switching out. Skills are important, but if you’re just looking for better stats you’ll want to focus on incorporating higher ranks. For example, an E is as low as it gets, while a D, C, etc, is noticeably better. At least as far as health and attack strength goes.
  • Plan around Yo-Kai skills. Even if they’re a part of the same tribe, Yo-Kai can have significantly different special abilities. Make sure you take a look at them in the Yo-Kai Wib Wob menu so that you can put them to good use.


  • Use the “Crank-a-kai” whenever possible. You can find it in the menu, and activate it with either a Coin (1) or by spending Y-Money (3,000). It’s a great way to get ahold of some decent Yo-Kai, and you can actually get some pretty powerful ones using Y-Money.
  • Be willing to change out Yo-Kai often. There’s a chance you’ll acquire new ones with each level, and you should also be using the Crank-a-kai, which means regular play will likely inundate you with the little goofballs. While there’s no rule that says you can’t hang on to the ones you really like, you’ll probably need to swap them out eventually in order to progress.


  • Try to avoid having two similar-looking Yo-Kai on the team. This doesn’t really mean to avoid having Yo-Kai from the same tribe, but rather ones that have very similar physical appearances (i.e. two that are a similar shade of red or something). The relevant Yo-Kai will be highlighted when you try to start matching, which helps, but having too many lookalikes on the screen at once can make spotting matches needlessly difficult.
  • Replay old levels. It does burn through your Spirit, and means you’ll likely be a bit slow to unlock new stages, but it’s worth it. Leveling-up your Yo-Kai with the extra experience is practically a necessity, and you might even convince your opponent to join you!


  • “Doubles” are actually a good thing. If you find yourself with a duplicate Yo-Kai, either because you completed a level and they joined you or because they came out of the Crank-a-kai, don’t fret. Duplicate Yo-Kai will automatically be used to strengthen the special ability of the one you already have.
  • Always check your missions. You’ll unlock missions once you reach the second zone and get that area’s first Yo-Kai to join you. Missions are a good way to earn some extra Y-Money, as well as the occasional item or even other Yo-Kai, and you’ll probably have a bunch of them ready to claim by the time you can access them. Keep an eye on this icon in the menu!

Wibble wobbling


  • Look for clusters of Wib Wobs (the little Yo-Kai balls on the screen). The closer they are together, the easier it’ll be to connect a bunch of them at once.
  • Be patient while matching. Because of all the jiggly stuff, it might take a second for the Wib Wobs to settle completely. You can certainly start setting up a match while they’re still bouncing around, but if you wait just a little bit for them to stop moving you might be able to eke out an additional connection.
  • Try to set up combos often. A combo is triggered by popping three or more Wib Wobs within a few seconds of each other, and higher combos deal more damage. Similarly, larger Wib Wobs also deal more damage, so try to end combos with the larger ones.


  • Fever Mode will save your skin. The faster you can match up Wib Wobs, the more the Fever meter will fill (it also decreases over time if you aren’t matching, so watch out). Once it’s full you’ll have a brief window of time where enemies won’t attack and you can match and pop to your heart’s content. Popped Wib Wobs will also stack in Fever Mode, so if you move fast you can set up some incredibly damaging attacks. This technique has pulled victory from the jaws of defeat several times for me.
  • Work quickly. Unlike similar puzzle games, Wibble Wobble doesn’t go turn by turn. Instead, enemies will attack you after a set amount of time. This means you’ll want to match and pop Wib Wobs fast in order to knock them out before they knock you out.


  • Sometimes it’s easiest to match several different sets of the same Wib Wob. The bigger they get, the more they’ll push smaller Wib Wobs out of the way. This means you can create a few separate large Wib Wobs, then connect them all together as they start to shift closer.
  • Work efficiently. The order in which you match Wib Wobs determines where the final Wib Wob will settle (it’s always at the end of the chain). Knowing this, you can match sets in a way that will clear space for other Wib Wobs to shift closer and potentially create even more match-up possibilities.
  • You can use Yo-Kai special abilities to give you some breathing room. Every time you trigger an ability, it pauses the action so that you can watch the fancy animations. If things start getting too hectic you can use the pause to your advantage and trigger it in order to give yourself a couple more seconds to think.

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