Ye Olde Sandwich Shoppe Tips Walkthrough

Ye Olde Sandwich Shoppe is a fast-paced, intense new time management title brought to you by Mean Hamster Software. Due to the fast-paced nature of the game, the following are numerous tips you may find helpful if you find yourself struggling to complete a day or get high scores. Tips will not be divided according to week or shop, seeing as how they are very similar and it’s not needed.

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Ye Olde Sandwich Shoppe is a fast-paced, intense new time management title brought to you by Mean Hamster Software. Due to the fast-paced nature of the game, the following are numerous tips you may find helpful if you find yourself struggling to complete a day or get high scores. Tips will not be divided according to week or shop, seeing as how they are very similar and it’s not needed.

Preparing for the day

  • At the beginning of each shop opening, you will have a short spell before customers walk in and begin ordering. During this time, follow the following protocol:
  • Fill all drinks ahead of time (before bottled drinks upgrade)
  • Bake your bread immediately! Be sure to bake an equal amount of each type of bread. Don’t spend too much time doing this, though. A good quantity for each palette of bread to start the day with is 30 to 50. You can hold a maximum of 99 pieces of bread, but it’s unlikely you’ll ever need more than 50.
  • If you still have an extra moment, make an extra sandwich or two ahead of time for the customers with the "?" mark over their head: they will buy anything you give them. The bigger the sandwich, the higher the profit. You can make as little as 4 pence per sandwich if you make a quickie, or as much as 46 pence per sandwich if you prepare it ahead of time with all the ingredients and extras. But remember, this is only for if you’ve completed all of the above or have the bottled drinks and unlimited bread upgrades.

Two’s the magic number: Serve customers in pairs

  • Elise only has two hands, so the 3rd, 4th, and 5th serving plates really aren’t that necessary, and chances are you probably won’t use them unless you’re holding sandwiches for the "?" customers.
  • Elise can only hold two items at a time. To most effectively use your time and keep your customers happy, make two sandwiches at once. A very useful and helpful routine is to give two customers (i.e. Standing behind each other in line) their drinks at the same time. Then they will order their sandwiches (note: not all customers will order drinks).
  • Try assembling the sandwiches in the order in which they’re standing. Say a customer orders a French bread sandwich with ham and the one behind them orders a Wheat bread sandwich with chicken. Click the French Bread, and then the Wheat bread. Click two plates next to each other: French bread on the left and Wheat bread on the right. Then click the meats in the order of the sandwiches: Ham (for the French Bread sandwich) and then Chicken (for the Wheat bread sandwich). Assembling sandwiches in this fashion makes it much easier to keep track of what goes where and not accidentally switching ingredients, which is exceptionally easy to do if you’re not paying attention, and even if you are. By doing it this way, it’s also much easier to get two-customer combo bonuses. This also applies to the later days with the takeout window.

Timing is everything – How to organize tasks:

  • In the earlier days when you don’t have bottled drinks, it’s a good idea to click on a barrel with the drink twice: once to pick up a glass for the customer, and the second click will cause it to refill. Get in the habit of doing this to save precious time.
  • When the toaster is introduced, you’ll quickly learn it takes a short while and you can only toast one sandwich at a time. Before the toaster is upgraded to its fastest version, understand this timing: once you put a sandwich in a toaster, take the other finished sandwich to the customer. Then collect two drinks for other customers and give it to them. Done correctly, the sandwich will be done just as you give the drinks to the customers: this is a great way to effectively time manage without falling behind.

Bonus pay: the condiments

  • Unlockable throughout the various weeks are three condiments: mayonnaise, mustard, and ketchup. None of these are required on sandwiches and no customers will ever request them: instead, add them to a sandwich (drag or two clicks: your preference via options) to receive bonus pay. You can add just one or two, none, or all three to any sandwich.
  • The best time to do this is especially if Elise is still moving or performing a task: note you can add condiments to a sandwich at any time, and it will not throw off the order of the toppings. A great time to add these to a sandwich is if Elise is catching up on tasks, or when she’s finishing assembling a sandwich and taking it to the toaster.
  • Elise does not actually have to put the condiments on the sandwich physically, so take advantage of this.

Collect the Pay at the End of the Day:

  • You may feel the natural need to collect the money customers leave on the counters throughout the day, but don’t: this takes up time you could use to assemble a sandwich or serve another customer. The pay will not lessen or disappear, and if it’s still lying around when a day ends, the game will require you to pick it up before the score is actually calculated. So, don’t pick up any of the money left until you’ve served your last customer. You don’t even have to technically clean the tables, ever!

Effectively using upgrades:

  • When picking upgrades, always choose what you need most first. The best upgrades to purchase are condiments, bottled beverages, and the dual-oven. Minimizing time it takes to  cut meat is also very important. The most key upgrades you can purchase are bottled drinks, pre-sliced meat, and unlimited bread. Most other upgrades are to increase customer patience. Don’t waste your money on the extra plate, since chances are you won’t be using it.

What if I mess up a sandwich?

  • If you mess up a sandwich, you can always set it on a plate and save it for the "?" customers: this is especially a good idea if you mess it up earlier in the day. If you forget an ingredient, set it back down and you can add it into the sandwich without having to waste it. If you’ve picked up the wrong ingredient, drop it into the trash can to the left of the breads. If a sandwich has been ruined beyond use or selling, you can also drop it in the trash.

An important note about the order of things:

  • The item Elise holds in her right hand (left when facing you) is the first ingredient she will use/interact with when you click on something. It’s important to know this so you don’t accidentally mix sandwich ingredients and ruin the sandwiches: a very very easy mistake to make.
  • You should also know that when you have made a sandwich for a customer and are serving a "?" customer at the same time, click on the normal customer first: clicking on the "?" customer first could cause you to lose the sandwich the other person ordered, and then you’d have to make another one for them. This is one reason why it’s not a bad idea to make two of the same sandwich when serving an ordering customer and a "?" customer at the same time.

The "?" Customers:

  • These customers (always one of the men wearing a top hat) will take anything you give them. However, note they will not take drinks. Also, don’t waste your time toasting a sandwich for them, as there’s really no need and since you can only toast one sandwich at a time, it’s a time-consuming and oftentimes routine-interrupting idea that could backlog you making toasted sandwiches for customers who actually ordered them.

Dealing with the Burglar:

  • Every once in a while, a burglar will enter your store. Note he will only steal sandwiches and things you’ve left on your plates: he cannot and will not steal drinks, money, tips, or items you are holding in your hands. If he steals an item, click on him to retrieve it. Be careful when he enters (he’s the man in black with the spectacle), since he could steal a sandwich you’re making right out from under you and mess up your rhythm with putting on the toppings.

How do I keep customers happy?

  • Fact: customers will get angry at you, no matter how good you are at this game. When their order bubble starts blinking red and white, then you know you have to get to them priority: if you take too long, they will leave, even if you’ve already made a sandwich for them.
  • If their drink order bubble is blinking, serve them: it doesn’t take that long, and once you give them their drink, they’ll start completely anew when ordering a sandwich. You can increase customer tips and satisfaction with the condiments. Do note that sitting customers will have slightly more patience than standing ones.
  • If you serve several happy customers, you will also get gold coins with your tip and payment. There are five all together, and they spell out "Elise." Once you gather all five, you have an option called "Happy Time:" for a limited time, customers will pay double for their orders and you’ll get higher scores. You do not have to use this immediately upon getting it, it will carry over as many levels as you like until you decide to use it.
  • You can also use the Music Box to keep your customers happy. This will increase their patience and keep them from getting any angrier with you. Click on the music box to use it: it will only appear on some days, and you will have to solve a sliding tile puzzle to be able to use it. However, it’s optional to skip the puzzle and continue to the next level: the music box lasts for a very short period of time.
  • Lastly, you can purchase upgrades that will increase customer patience. They will clearly say so in their description, so you don’t have to worry about missing them.

Have any more tips or questions? Feel free to post your thoughts at our forum!