Yankai’s Peak Tips, Cheats and Strategies

By Simon Reed |


Yankai’s Peak is a pretty strange one. It’s a tough puzzler that takes a lot of getting to grips with, but once you do you’ll find an incredibly challenging, but also incredibly rewarding experience. It’s getting to that point that can be the hard part though.

And that’s what we’re here for. In this guide we’re going to make sure you understand everything the game has to throw at you before you jump in. That’ll hopefully take some of the head scratching out of the experience and let you enjoy Yankai’s Peak for what it is.

We’ll also give you a few hints and tips we’ve spotted along the way, to ensure that you’re not going to get stuck on the trickier puzzles that might pose you some problems if you leap into them unprepared. Basically, if you need to know anything about Yankai’s Peak, you’ve definitely come to the right place.

Yankai's Peak Tips, Cheats and Strategies

The Basics

  • Tethering: This is the most important skill you’re going to have to learn in Yankai’s Peak. Tap on one of the corners of your pyramid and it’ll attach to the ground at that point. This opens up a lot of possibilities.
  • Pivoting: The main one of these is pivoting. Rather than moving in a straight line, your pyramid will now spin from the corner you attached to the ground. This means it can push other pyramids in different ways.
  • The three points: It’s important to think about which of the three points of your pyramid is going to push against the shape you’re trying to move. The way the shape moves will depend on the point that’s pushing it, and the angle of approach.

Yankai's Peak Tips, Cheats and Strategies

Advanced Play

  • Do I need it?: Sometimes you’ll have shapes on the board that are expendable. You’ll use these to move other shapes into place, but have to sacrifice them to do so. Check what you need where to find out if some of the shapes can tumble to their dooms.
  • Out of the way: Often shapes will start in position already. Don’t be afraid to move them out of their place in order to facilitate getting a different shape past them. Just because the level is partially solved, doesn’t mean you’re all the way there.
  • Take it back: Sometimes you’ll see that a move is going to fail in the middle of making it. More often than not if you pull back at the right time, you won’t need to reset the level to erase your mistake.

Yankai's Peak Tips, Cheats and Strategies

Tips and Cheats

  • The undo is your friend: Yankai’s Peak is as much about trial and error as it is working things out. Making mistakes is a good way to find out what you’re not supposed to be doing. So hit that undo button and see if you’ve learned your lesson.
  • Don’t get stuck: Sometimes you’ll be bashing your head against a level for what feels like forever. Take a step back and have a crack at one of the other challenges that are open. You’ll often find you’ll find the solution you need when you’re not so frustrated.
  • What’s it called?: Sometimes you’ll find there are subtle clues to what you have to do in the name of the challenge you’re playing. They’re pretty obscure, but they might just give you a clue as to the movements you need to make in order to complete them.

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