WWE SuperCard: Tips, Cheats, and Strategies

Coming at you like a five-star frog splash, it’s WWE SuperCard. WWE SuperCard is a card-battling title from 2K Games. Players build up a deck of WWE legends past and present, then go up against opponents. Winners garner more (and potentially more powerful) cards for their deck.

WWE SuperCard is easy to learn, and is largely a game of numbers. That said, there are still a few tips and tricks that can help you gain the upper hand (which you can then bring down on your opponent’s chest).

Are you a beginner? Choose opponents with a high ratio of losses to wins

wwesupercardguide_01If you’re new to WWE SuperCard and are looking to get your bearings, go up against opponents with a high number of losses. A lot of losses usually indicates the player has a poorly-balanced deck, which signifies a good opportunity to practice and find your footing. Scoring a win also lets you choose two superstar cards instead of one, which allows you to build up your deck easier.

Pay attention to wrestler compatibility

wwesupercardguide_02Every superstar card has an arrow icon on the right-hand side of its portrait. This arrow indicates their compatibility with other wrestlers. When two wrestlers have arrows that make a whole, single-colored square (e.g., one blue arrow pointing up, one blue arrow pointing down), they get a stat bonus during a tag-team match. By contrast, mismatched wrestlers suffer a stat decrease during a tag-team match.

Train your stronger wrestlers with common ones

wwesupercardguide_03Common superstar cards aren’t good for much except as fodder for superstar cards that are Uncommon and higher. Use them as training material, and don’t bother beefing them up. It shouldn’t take you long to get some Uncommon wrestlers in your roster.

Don’t forget to swap your King of the Ring cards

wwesupercardguide_04King of the Ring is a passive tournament that serves as a good way to earn rare cards. However, your active superstars lose stamina with each bout, which causes them to perform poorly with extended use. Make sure to check on your superstars and swap them out for a fresh set every so often. Superstars recharge their stamina when they’re resting. You can also win energy refill cards during Exhibition matches.

The rarer a training card, the more experience a wrestler gets from it

wwesupercardguide_05While Common wrestlers serve as good training fodder, wrestlers that are Uncommon and above offer more experience when they’re used for training purposes. A good thing to keep in mind if you have some doubles in your deck.

Combine double cards to create a stronger superstar

wwesupercardguide_06That said, don’t be hasty. If you have double cards of wrestlers that are Uncommon or higher, you can combine them to make a stronger superstar.

Use support cards at the right moment

wwesupercardguide_07Don’t forget about your support cards: They can mean the difference between victory and defeat. Select a support card before selecting a wrestler card, and make sure to wait for the right moment. For instance, if a match calls for high Charisma, it doesn’t do much good to use a support card that boosts Toughness. Support cards can only be used once per match, so don’t waste them.

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