Worms 4 Tips, Cheats and Strategies

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Worms 4 is a turn-based battle game from Team 17. In this game, you command an army of worms and take turns firing a variety of wacky weapons at rival invertebrates. The game ends when one teams’ hit points are completely depleted. Gamezebo’s Worms 4 Tips, Cheats and Strategies will help you grow a spine.


  • New to the franchise? Play the campaign mode to get a feel for the game’s mechanics — Worms 4 can be an intimidating game to play if you’re new to all things Worms. If you’re not ready for multiplayer, take the time to play through the game’s campaign mode. Most of its levels restrict which items and weapons you can bring into a match, which slowly introduces you to the firepower at your disposal. You also get a good feel for how to move around the terrain, and the AI in the campaign mode is pretty merciful compared to the multiplayer AI.
  • Most weapons inflict splash damage — Bazookas and grenades are Worms staples, and they can pack a punch. They cause splash damage, however, so fire them from a distance. Grenades can be particularly treacherous, as they can roll back at you if the wind isn’t in your favor.
  • Dig, dig, dig under your foes — Sometimes brute force isn’t the answer. If your enemy is teetering above you on a thin strip of terrain, consider blasting them from below. They’ll take double-damage from your weapon, as well as the subsequent fall. They may even land in a body of water and drown.


  • Make use of barrels and mines — Explosive Barrels and mines are scattered everywhere on Worms 4’s battlefields. Either side can ignite them and, under the right circumstances, give their rivals a big headache.
  • Think twice before diving for a crate — Tempting as it is to go for crates, reckless movement can land you in big trouble. If, for instance, a crate is located at the other side of a wide jump across a fire trap, it may be best to leave it. That said, try to destroy unreachable crates before the other team grabs them.
  • You have a few seconds to move after firing — Your turn ends shortly after firing your weapon, but you still have a few seconds to scramble before the gate drops. Use this time to scurry to safer ground, especially if you’re up high and an easy target.


  • Watch for wind — Most levels have wind, and that wind tends to shift with each turn. Unsurprisingly, a stiff breeze can change your projectiles’ trajectories. Keep an eye on the meter under the teams’ hit points for information about the weather. There are also “swoosh” lines on-screen that tell you which way the wind is blowing.
  • Don’t park yourself in a crater — Whatever happens, try not to wind up in a crater. It’s a great way to get nailed by a grenade.
  • Don’t risk falls — Even though they’re boneless, your worms can’t take much physical punishment. Falls can be a game-ruiner, even if you don’t land in the water. If your worm falls too far, they take damage. Worse, your turn ends regardless of whether or not you’ve used your weapon.

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