Worldwide Chaos Tier List


Not sure who to form a party out of in Dokkan Battle? Our Worldwide Chaos tier list is here to help you. In this guide, we rank all of the characters from S tier to D tier, allowing you to waste no time in guessing which characters to use. What’s more, we’ll keep it updated alongside new character additions and balance patches. So, we recommend that you bookmark this page and check back often.

In Dokkan Battle, Worldwide Chaos refers to a list of characters who brought chaos and destruction on a global scale. It’s made up of a wide variety of characters from the Dragon Ball Z universe, and we’ve ranked them all here in order of best to worst.

You can learn more about it on Google Play. If you’re looking for something new to play, check out our Battle of Fate tier list, Dragon Ball Legends tier list, and Heir of Light tier list.

Worldwide Chaos Tier List

Last updated on May 3.

Now, we’ll go through our actual tier list, including an explanation of the tiers and some FAQs.

Tiers Explained

Before we move onto the tier list though, we thought we’d quickly explain what our tiers mean:

  • S Tier: These are the best characters currently available in the game, and you should definitely aim to add them to your party. They should also be the first choice to level up and gain access to equipment.
  • A Tier: These characters are perfect for filling gaps in a party – particularly when you haven’t unlocked enough S tiers, or there aren’t enough S tiers to fill a party in the first place. You should investigate these characters and see which one will counter your party’s weakness.
  • B Tier: Characters in this tier can really help during the early phases of the game, when you haven’t unlocked many characters, but they fade later on. Definitely use them when you lack S and A characters, but swap them out as much as possible.
  • C Tier: The only real difference between C and D tier is that C tier characters can occasionally have niche uses. They may be great at a particular game mode, or be exceptionally powerful early on. A late-game party shouldn’t have any though.
  • D Tier: We don’t recommend using these characters under any circumstance, unless you absolutely have to because you have nothing else. They underperform at all stages of the game, and in all game modes.

S Tier

The best characters in the game. Add any you collect to your party, and reroll for them.

  • Game of Death Androids 17 and 18 (Future)
  • Dawn of an Ideal World Fusion Zamasu
  • Merciless Condemnation Goku Black (Super Saiyan Rosé) and Zamasu
  • Ultimate Life Form with Immense Power Cell (First Form)
  • Majin of Destruction Buu (Kid)
  • Furious Punishment Goku Black (Super Saiyan Rosé)
  • Invincible Absorption Majin Buu (Gotenks)
  • The Deadly Cell Games Cell (Perfect Form) and Cell Jr.
  • The True Value of Perfect Form Cell (Perfect Form)
  • Mark of Almighty Power Goku Black (Super Saiyan Rosé)
  • Transcendent Majin Buu (Kid)
  • Rose Stained Super Saiyan Goku Black (Super Saiyan Rosé)

A Tier

Great characters in their own right that are great for filling gaps in your party.

  • Wicked Life Form’s Superiority Complex Cell (Second Form)
  • Deeply Engraved Strength Goku Black

B Tier

These characters are great during the beginning of the game, but you’ll want to swap them out later on.

  • Raging Dash Majin Buu (South Supreme Kai)
  • Split Into Good and Evil Majin Buu (Good) and Majin Buu (Pure Evil)
  • Power Taken From Others Majin Buu (Piccolo)
  • Worldwide Terror Babidi and Majin Buu (Good)
  • Lethal Android Android 17 (Future)
  • Destructive Android Android 18 (Future)
  • God of Defiance Zamasu
  • Wrath of the Absolute God Fusion Zamasu
  • Dark Menace Goku Black
  • True Power of a God Zamasu
  • Welcome to Hell Perfect Cell
  • Dimension-Breaking Roar Buu (super)
  • Life Form of Hate and Ruin Cell (First Form)
  • Countdown to Despair Majin Buu (Ultimate Gohan)
  • Shocking Absorption Ability Buu (Super)
  • Surpassing All Perfect Cell
  • Dawn of Darkest Justice Zamasu (Goku)
  • Majin on the Loose Majin Buu (Good)
  • Silent Executioner Majin Buu (Pure Evil)
  • Overwhelming Power Restored Demon King Piccolo (Elder)

C Tier

These can fulfil niche roles, but are ultimately better off avoiding.

  • Pursuing Perfection Cell (Second Form)
  • Heartless Destruction Buu (Kid)
  • Pre-Battle Entertainment Cell (Perfect Form)
  • Merciless Judgement Goku Black

D Tier

Skip these characters completely.

  • King of the Evil Realm Demon King Piccolo
  • Utopia Realized Zamasu
  • Epitome of Sublime Beauty Goku Black
  • Destruction Descending Buu (Super)
  • Wrathful Eruption Majin Buu (Good)
  • Ceaseless Terror Perfect Cell
  • Grisly Destruction Android 18 (Future)
  • Ruthless Pressure Android 17 (Future)
  • Love of the Throne Majin Buu (Gotenks)
  • Uncontrollable Instinct Buu (Kid)
  • Evil Onslaught Buu (Super)
  • Demon King’s Vengeance Piccolo Jr. (Giant Form)
  • Terrifying Plot Demon King Piccolo (Elder)
  • Fearful World Domination Demon King Piccolo

Worldwide Chaos Tier List FAQ

Now we’ll answer a bunch of questions you may have about Worldwide Chaos or tier lists in general.

What Is A Tier List?

A tier list is a list of characters that you can unlock in a game – particularly a gacha game – ordered from best to worst. We rank from S tier to D tier, with S being best and D being worst.

The purpose of a tier list is to help you, the player, determine who the best characters to unlock are, so you can save time and money. Once you know who the best characters are, you can form a party out of them and ignore the others.

How Did We Pick Our Worldwide Chaos Tier List?

We used a combination of the following factors when deciding on our Worldwide Chaos tier list:

  • Personal experience
  • Community feedback
  • General consensus from other tier lists

However, it’s worth noting that tier lists are subjective by nature. This is based on our experience with the game, but yours may vary. So, we recommend that you take this with a pinch of salt and play Worldwide Chaos for yourself.

How Often Do We Update Our Worldwide Chaos Tier List?

We update this tier list regularly to ensure that it always follows the latest meta. Typically, you can expect an update around the following happenings:

  • A new character releases
  • Balance changes

There may be a small delay between the above two events as we’ll return to the game to check out the new character for ourselves, or to see how the balance patches have affected things.

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