World Zombination Tips, Cheats and Strategies

World Zombination is a tower defense game from Proletariat. In this game, you play as survivors of a zombie apocalypse who must defend precious resources from the undead. However, you can also opt to sign on with the “bad guys” and become a rampaging zombie. Whichever side you choose, Gamezebo’s World Zombination Tips, Cheats and Strategies will help you dominate the new world.

World Zombination Tips Cheats Strategies

  • Sign up for a Proletariat account so you can play on both sides – World Zombination is a zombie invasion game that lets you play as either the survivors (humans) or the infected (zombies). Can’t choose? Don’t worry; you don’t have to. Sign up for an account with the game’s developer, Proletariat, and you can play as both.
  • Understand the key differences between both factions – While some of the differences between playing as survivors and the infected are superficial (like spending brains instead of food with every campaign mission), there are significant gameplay differences as well. Playing as a human is a defensive operation, whereas playing as a zombie is more about throwing around some brute force.
  • Always be training (or evolving) – The game itself suggests it, and it’s good advice: Never stop training troops. Training takes time, so always make sure you have a zombie or a survivor cooking.
  • If it’s at all possible, don’t drop survivor troops right in front of zombie spawn points – Playing World Zombination as a survivor means going on the defensive. That’s something to keep in mind when you’re placing your troops before the waves start. Don’t just slap your survivors down right in front of a zombie spawn point. Instead, position them strategically around whichever target you need to guard.

World Zombination Tips Cheats Strategies

  • Rally your survivor troops before the first wave begins – Survivors can be rallied within a radius. If you have nearby troops that can help out whomever’s closest to a zombie spawn point, rally them and put them within shooting distance before starting the level.
  • Don’t be shy about using Stim-Z and other power-ups – Power-ups like Stim-Z give you big (albeit temporary) advantages. Once the cooldown period is over, make sure to juice up again.
  • Study your fighters’ strengths and weaknesses – Study your fighters’ profiles. They offer a backstory for each warrior, but more importantly, they also mention strengths and weaknesses.
  • Pay attention to your team’s power level before engaging in a fight – Your team’s collected power is measured and held against your enemies’ strength before a fight begins. This number isn’t the final word about victory or defeat, but you should play carefully if you’re outmatched. If you just can’t make it, train up your troops some more.

World Zombination Tips Cheats Strategies

  • Don’t deploy all your zombies in one spot – If you’re playing as the infected, your zombie drone supply replenishes gradually. Don’t deploy your initial zombie stash in one single place, however. Remember, the zombie’s only goal is destruction. Flank enemies and play strategically.
  • Don’t forget to do research (though don’t rush it) – Power-ups like the aforementioned Stim-Z are a big help – and you can make them more effective through research. Research is important, but given how effective power-ups are even at lower levels, it’s better to focus your resources elsewhere early in the game. Consider upgrades later on.
  • Join a good guild in order to borrow troops – There are tons of guilds to join in World Zombination. Pick a good one in order to borrow extra troops during fights. The extra firepower is especially welcome in later, harder stages.

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