World Quiz Hints, Tips, and Tricks

By Glenn Martin |

World Quiz, from G2 Games, is the perfect introduction to 2022. 

After the frantic festive period, you need to kick back with a simple, straightforward, quietly addictive casual game – with an educational dimension to fuel your new annual year self-improvement drive. 

This expansive trivia compendium sees you solving anagrams across 24 themes, each consisting of dozens of stages and questions, and with each question consisting of a written clue and a picture clue. 

These themes include everything from Money to World Foods to Sports. There are several General Knowledge categories, too. In total, World Quiz features more than 5,000 questions, giving you plenty of scope to find a subject that suits you, and plenty of content to work your way through. 

Within each theme you need to advance through the stages, unlocking new ones as you go. There are two stars available in each 5-question stage, and these stars are your keys to progress.

On the face of it, World Quiz couldn’t be simpler: all you have to do is look at the clue and unscramble some letters. 

But it’s not as easy as you might think.

After all, the thing about quiz questions is that they’re easy if you know the answer, and pretty much impossible if you don’t. 

There are questions in World Quiz that you’ll probably be able to answer right off the bat. We’ll try a couple out on you now. 

Who wrote the Harry Potter books?

J. K. Rowling. Easy!

Who starred in Zoolander and Meet the Parents?

Ben Stiller. Piece of cake!

Which novel tells the tale of the death of writer Gustav Von Aschenbach?

Uh oh.

Fortunately, there are a few ways to tip the odds in your favor while playing World Quiz. Read on for some tips on how to rack up those stars and unlock those stages. 

Look at the Pictures

World Quiz includes a picture with all of its clues. Sometimes these are just to make the whole joint look nice, but in many cases they can be the final clue you need to solve a tricky problem. 

For instance, in the Countries section the pictures show the geographical outline of the country in question, filled in with the colors of its national flag. In the People section, meanwhile, the flag symbols can help steer you in the right direction by identifying the nationality of the mystery person. 

Use the Green Bulbs

As you play World Quiz you’ll amass a stockpile of green lightbulbs. These let you pay for hints, which can be your only way out when you’re cornered by a particularly tricky question. 

Interestingly, you can buy three different types of hint for different numbers of lightbulbs. A single letter will cost you a mere two bulbs, while filling in an entire solution will cost you ten. For five bulbs, meanwhile, you can remove all the letters that are in the wrong place and lock in the ones that aren’t. 

World Quiz is pretty generous with its lightbulbs, so don’t be afraid to use them. 

Choose an Easier Difficulty

There are three difficulty levels in World Quiz. The questions are the same across all three, but the conditions are slightly different. 

At the easiest level, you’ll only be presented with the letters that make up the answer, giving you a simple anagram to solve. At the higher difficulties, you’ll have more letters to sift through, making your life that bit harder. 

If you’re struggling to make progress, do yourself a favor and turn down the heat. 


If the solution doesn’t jump out at you, try rearranging the letters by randomly sending them up into the black spaces. 

Stages in World Quiz are timed, so you can’t rely on this approach indefinitely, but re-jumbling the letters and looking at them another way can sometimes result in a breakthrough – and one that won’t cost you any bulbs!

Put these tips to the test by checking out World Quiz right now on Nintendo Switch and PS4 – just click here.

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