World of Warships Blitz tips, tricks, and strategies for beginners

With the immense popularity of World of Tanks Blitz and Wargaming’s other console franchises, it was only a matter of time before World of Warships Blitz appeared on our mobile devices. Although much of the interface and aesthetic is the same as World of Tanks, World of Warships Blitz involves (obviously) naval combat and thus moves at a slower pace than Tanks often does. Movement and positioning take longer for all involved, necessitating different types of strategy. You’re also without ground terrain beyond some rocky cover across the map, and instead must deal with understanding more about how ships move in the water.

Experienced World of Warships or World of Tanks players will likely get the hang of this quickly. But for beginners, here are some tips and tricks to help you when you first set sail:

Learn the controls

Wargaming has already made a wonderful diagram that explains this better than I ever could, though I’ll add one final note once you see it:

world of warships blitz

The one thing this is missing is the indication of the chat box on the left-hand side of the screen. Most useful to you early on will be the quick commands that allow you to greet your fellow players, request help, or instruct on where to go. Save the instructing for now and focus on listening to what others have to say, but know those tools are there if you need to communicate something fast. Get used to talking–it’ll help in the long run.

Keep moving, even if it’s slowly

The biggest difference between the World of Warships games and the World of Tanks games is that everything is always moving, all of the time. You should, too. If you ever stop your ship, you become a sitting duck–an easy target for absolutely anyone who can get a bead on you. Don’t stop moving.

But that doesn’t mean just chug right on into the action. As a new player, it’s best to move fairly slowly and stay at the back of the pack. Running off on your own is a good way to get destroyed early, and while you’re still learning the strategies, you’re better off doing whatever everyone else is doing rather than taking matters into your own hands.

Stay together, and follow the leader

To go along with that, it’s best to stay with your team. World of Warships players are intensely strategic and, at least in my experience, friendly enough if you’re willing to listen. Follow any directions you are given and try to stay with your team. Be aware that if you take on a Destroyer ship you may be expected to push ahead, so it might be a good idea to avoid that ship class until you’re a bit more comfortable with the controls.

Be aware of which way you face

As a new player, it’s easy to fall into the trap of just facing forward and moving forward all the time. That’s fine for movement, but once you encounter enemies and want to shoot them down you’ll run into problems very fast. You’ll have far more firepower options if you face your side toward your enemy before you fire.

But beware! That also means your entire side is exposed to the enemy, too. Likewise, enemies are easier to hit on their sides, but also will have more options to set your ship on fire. Movement and positioning are very important in World of Warships strategy, so understanding your ship’s capabilities and limitations at different angles is important to master quickly.

world of warships blitz

Look where it’s going, not where it is

This ties back into the movement from earlier. Ships take some work to accelerate, turn, and stop. They can’t make as tight turns or speed up as quickly as tanks, and they’ll keep going for a bit after you try to bring them to a halt. This means that in the case of both your own ship and your enemies, you need to look where the ship is going, not where it is. For yourself, this means keeping an eye on obstacles and starting to steer away or stop before you get too close to them, as your gradual slow-down can cause collisions if you’re not careful. In terms of enemy ships, you can’t just aim at where they are unless they, bafflingly, are stopped. You need to get good at predicting where they will be by the time your cannons reach them. This is going to be different for all ships and cannon types and will also be more difficult the farther away they are. This is why it is good to stay near the rear of your team and practice aiming before you bust out into the front, guns blazing. You want to make sure you can hit your opponents, first!

Use reverse for positioning, not for dodging (usually)

Finally, let’s talk about backing up in World of Warships Blitz. You can throw your ship into reverse, but it’s cumbersome. Generally, it’s a better idea to use this ability for positioning rather than dodging, as you won’t get very far very fast with it. It can be a huge asset, however, if you need to move behind yourself a bit and turning around is too time-consuming or awkward. Keep it in mind.

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