World of Warriors Tips, Cheats and Strategies

By Nick Tylwalk |

It’s easy to be cynical. I mean, you’ve seen one game where you collect fighters, level them up and equip them to make them more powerful and battle your way through a bunch of levels and you’ve seen them all, right?

You’ll just have to trust me that World of Warriors doesn’t follow the same old script to the letter. Mind Candy included a lot of familiar elements from card battle or other collecting-type games, but success requires a more active mix of brains and reflexes than you might expect. As luck would have it, Gamezebo’s World of Warriors Tips, Cheats and Strategies can help you navigate through the most formidable melee combatants from throughout pre-firearms history and allow you to claim your rightful spot among the greats.

  • Know your elements. Fire, Water, Earth and Air have a rock-paper-scissors relationship with each element weak against one and strong against one other. The colors behind the warriors clue you in to their elemental affinities, allowing you to choose fighters specifcally to attack certain foes before you even enter a battle.

World of Warriors Tips Cheats Strategies

  • Timing is everything in combat. Even a basic sword attack will do much more damage if you tap the screen to stop the moving diamond as close to the red line on the blade as possible. Stats are important to winning battles, but your contributions are just as crucial.
  • For special abilities, good timing is also essential, but the game tests it in different ways. Common ability activations include tapping three times on three different lines like a more complex normal attack, stopping a shrinking circle right when it’s eclipsed one on the screen and tapping as quickly as possible to fill a meter. The game gives you only a second or two after activating an ability before you’re called upon to do something, so it’s up to you to remember what that might be.
  • There’s no active defense in World of Warriors, but that doesn’t mean you can let your mind wander when it’s the enemy’s turn to attack. After each blow, you’ll find hearts and mana crystals that you need to tap quickly before they disappear. Likewise, after each KO you score, coins and crafting materials pop up that you need to tap or swipe to collect. You snooze, you lose.

World of Warriors Tips Cheats Strategies

  • Training takes time. When one of your warriors levels up, his improvement isn’t automatic. You’ll need to tap on the “Home Camp” option from the main screen and drag him into the training box. Only one warrior can be trained at a time unless you pay the 10 wildstones needed to unlock a second area. You also won’t be able to use that warrior while he’s training, so time your leveling carefully — ideally for a time when you aren’t even playing so he’ll be buffed up next time you log in. In a pinch, you can also finish training immediately by spending wildstones.
  • Talismans can be equipped to give your fighters various statistical boosts; up to three per warrior at one time provided he is of a high enough rarity. However, Talismans degrade over time, with the little number in the bottom-right corner telling you how many more times they can be used. For that reason, you may not want to have them equipped for battles you are likely to win anyway.

World of Warriors Tips Cheats Strategies

  • Need more Talismans? You can craft them in the Foundry using recipes you can receive as loot and crafting materials dropped periodically by defeated foes. Just tap Foundry and Craft to find all the recipes you know at the bottom of the screen.
  • The currency system can be a little confusing. Coins you’ll get constantly, and you’ll need them for training and equipping things. Blue stones are most often used to open the Honor Door, and are the main social currency as you can gift them to and receive them from your friends who also play the game. Wildstones are red, and can be purchased with real money if desired. Ten of them will open the Door of Epics, which guaranteed a warrior of Rare or better quality.
  • Don’t forget to check the Achievements menu on the left side of the main screen on a regular basis, as the game doesn’t make it that obvious when you’ve completed one. Some Achievements award blue stones while others reward you with wildstones, so you’ll definitely want to claim any that you’ve earned.

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