World Of Stands Tier List – All Stands Ranked

The following article contains a World of Stands tier list, ranking all of the stands in the game from best to worst.

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Not sure who to form a party out of? Our World of Stands tier list is here to help you. In this guide, we rank all of the stands from S tier to C tier, allowing you to waste no time in guessing which stands to collect. What’s more, we’ll keep it updated alongside new stand additions and balance patches. So, we recommend that you bookmark this page and check back often.

World of Stands is yet another Roblox game that’s taken heavy inspiration from the hit anime “Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure”. The game is PVP focused, and features an open world map. The aim of the game is to collect the best stands through exploring the expansive world, but which stands should you keep an eye out for?

You can learn more about it on the World of Stands Roblox fan-wiki. If you’re looking for something new to play, check out our Sakura Stand codes guide, Superhero Tycoon codes guide, and our Booga Booga Reborn codes guide.

World of Stands Tier List

Now, we’ll go through our actual tier list, including an explanation of the tiers and some FAQs.

S Tier

The best stands in the game. Add any you collect to your inventory.

  • Silver Chariot
  • Killer Queen

A Tier

Great stands in their own right that are great for filling gaps in your party.

  • Magician’s Red
  • Star Platinum
  • The World
  • Echoes

B Tier

These stands are great during the beginning of the game, but you’ll want to swap them out later on.

  • Sticky Fingers
  • Vampire

C Tier

These can fulfil niche roles, but are ultimately better off avoiding.

  • Weather Report
  • Red Hot Chili Pepper
  • Anubis

What Are the World of Stands Best Stands?

In our opinion, the absolute best stands in World of Stands are:

  • Silver Chariot
  • Killer Queen