Wonder Island Walkthrough

Wonder Island – Game Introduction

Wonder Island is a Facebook game developed by Gamenauts that lets players manage their tropical paradise by raising animals, grow crops and cook a wide array of dishes for tourists who visit the island. This quick start guide will provide you with tips to get started playing Wonder Island.

Manage Your Island

There are several activities that you can do to manage your island. You can decorate the island with bars, chairs, hammocks and even statues to make visitors feel more at home on your island. You can also raise animals, grow trees and crops and cook meals for your customers. To do this, you need to use different tools within the game. Below is a screenshot as we rundown the basics.

Wonder Island

Your wealth and progress bars are found on top. Check your Wonder Island coins ever so often to know how much you have. You will use it to purchase items as you unlock more of them as your progress through the game. Another currency you can use is Island cash which lets you purchase premium items. The progress bar will indicate your current level and experience points.

The icons below are as follows:

  • Select – this allows you to do most of the activities in the island whether it be moving items around, preparing meals, harvesting crops and to move your avatar
  • Plow – to plow land for crops to be grown
  • Move / Rotate – move or rotate items when organizing your island
  • Storage – where all harvested crops and other ingredients are stored
  • Recipes – your cookbook when preparing meals
  • Shop – purchase animals, crops, decorations and expand your island

The icon to the lower left is where you can customize your avatar’s appearance at any time.

Change your Appearance

You have the option of changing your avatar’s name, gender, skin and hair color, facial features and clothes. As of this time, all items are free but we expect it to change as the game evolves. Be creative because there is no limit to what you can mix and match from the different choices that are available.

Wonder Island

Grow your Own Ingredients

Farming in Wonder Island is essential, not only to eventually sell in the market, but it is best if you store them as ingredients to cook your next meal.

An area is available for you to plow some land and grow crops. Take note that you’ll earn 2 experience points and spend 15 coins when you plow. Choose an available seed from the shop. It will indicate how much each seed costs, the experience points you gain when you plant it, the time it takes for it to grow and how much you will earn when you sell it in the market. The latter will only be helpful if you intend to sell.

Wonder Island

When you crops are ready to be harvested, keep them in your storage until you need it to cook a meal.

Here’s a tip: Look at your recipe book and click on the special ingredients button for each meal. It will show ingredients that you need to increase the selling price when it is served to customers.

Plant a tree and add animals to your island. They will also provide goods that will help you store more ingredients to spice up your recipes.

The Island Cafe

As your visitors roam the island, they will eventually grow hungry. The Island Cafe is where you can cook and serve them your meals.

You start out with two tables and stoves which you can use until other items are unlocked and have enough coins to spend. To start cooking, click on an empty oven. Choose an available recipe. You can add special ingredients at the time of purchase or while it is being cooked.

The tip here is to check if you are able to grow and harvest the ingredients before it is ready. If you haven’t reached a level that has unlocked a seed, then you can still add some of the ingredients to make a bigger profit.

When done, clicking on the meal will automatically move it to a table. Your customers will then start to eat it. You’ll get paid after he finishes his meal. Remember to serve it when it is ready or you’ll end up spoiling your food and lose potential coins.

Wonder Island

Cook for Neighbors

When you visit your neighbors, you’ll get a chance to help him by cooking a meal for a hungry tourist. A message will also appear while you are in the game.

Wonder Island

Helping a neighbor cook their meal will reward you 3 experience points and 100 coins. Add as many neighbors as you can for you to get more rewards. Take note that this is the only thing you can do when visiting your neighbor’s island.

Expansion Options

As you progress through the game, you can expand your island to grow your farm, serve more customers and add decorative items to make it the best tourist spot. Go to the Shop and purchase the next available expansion, either with coins or island cash.

Wonder Island

Daily Bonus

Check your island daily and see how things are moving along. You’ll receive a daily bonus by doing so. You’ll receive 300 coins every time you visit. This is a great way to earn more coins for you to further improve your island.

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