Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Fatal Strike Guide – How To Perform Brutal Finishers


Want to really show those enemies and monsters in the world of Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty? Well, you’ll need to learn a bit about fatal strikes. Fortunately, we can help. Our Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty fatal strike guide will answer all of your burning questions.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is a dark fantasy RPG from the makers of Nioh. Explore 184 AD Later Han Dynasty China, as you battle against demons that have taken over the land. Immerse yourself in the engaging storyline, and utilize abilities and fighting techniques that are inspired by Chinese martial arts. Awaken your own power as you strategically destroy the demonic creatures that lurk during the Three Kingdoms period!

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Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Fatal Strike Guide

Here we’ll try and cover any info you need to know on fatal strikes.

What Are Fatal Strikes?

Fatal strikes are powerful moves that you can use on staggered or unaware enemies. These do a devastating amount of damage, so they’re well worth incorporating into your play style.

What Is The Fatal Strike Button On My System?

The fatal strike key is bound to the following buttons by default.

  • PlayStation Controller – Triangle Button
  • XBOX Controller – Y Button
  • Keyboard – H, Left Click + Shift

How Do I Perform A Fatal Strike?

You can perform a fatal strike on an enemy that is eight unaware or drained to the degree that it drops its guard. You can tell that an enemy’s guard is down because a small red icon will appear just above its head.

When an enemy’s guard is broken, or if it has not detected you yet, you can approach and hit the button above to initiate a devastating finisher attack.

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