Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Bosses – Names, Drops, and More!


On the hunt for a Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty bosses guide? We’re here to help! Our guide contains all you need to know about the bosses in the game. We’ve even included some handy information about special boss drops, and the types of boss fights that you can encounter while exploring.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is a dark fantasy RPG from the makers of Nioh. Explore 184 AD Later Han Dynasty China, as you battle against demons that have taken over the land. Immerse yourself in the engaging storyline, and utilize abilities and fighting techniques that are inspired by Chinese martial arts. Awaken your own power as you strategically destroy the demonic creatures that lurk during the Three Kingdoms period!

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Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Bosses Guide

Now, let’s move on to the guide!

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Bosses

  • Zhang Liang, General of Man
  • Zhu Yan
  • Feng Xi
  • Zhang Bao, General of Earth
  • Zhang Jiao, General of Heaven
  • Aoye
  • Baishe
  • Zhang Rang
  • Hua Xiong
  • Lu Bu (Human Form)
  • Taotie
  • Sun Jian
  • Dong Zhuo
  • Xiahou Dun
  • Zhang Liao
  • Lu Bu (Demon Form)
  • Yan Liang
  • Wen Chou
  • Liu Bei
  • Yuan Shao
  • Yu Ji
  • Embodiment of Demonic Qi
  • Blindfolded Boy

Main Mission and Sub-Mission Bosses

Bosses can be found during main missions and sub-missions. The main difference between them is the fact that main missions bosses cannot be avoided or skipped – you need to beat them to continue with story progression!

Sub-mission bosses are completely optional and can be skipped if you wish to do so. However, we recommend trying to beat the optional bosses for the loot!

Boss Drops

Each boss can drop different items, but some bosses can drop their unique weapons and a piece of their specified armor set. We’re not too sure just yet if you need to defeat sub-missions bosses a certain amount of times to obtain a whole armor set, but we’ll update this guide when we find out!

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