Wind Rider! Tips, Cheats and Strategies

By Sam Simmons |

Wind Rider! Is all about soaring to victory without making any contact with any object in the scene. Colliding with a building or a rock will only result in one outcome, a low income. In order to maximise your income, you’re going to want to finish in the top three positions in every race. Obviously, finishing first grants you a higher reward then finishing third, so follow these tips to glide to victory.

  • Winning isn’t everything. Now I know what you’re thinking, you’re thinking about disregarding this tip entirely. But wait, when you first start playing you won’t be able to win because your character is not upgraded. So the other players flying around have a higher top speed than you and get a bigger speed boost from the rings. So don’t be upset when you aren’t winning your first few races, keep trying and learn the layout of the speed rings. When you win the track will change slightly, so don’t expect the same obstacles every time.

Wind Rider!

  • Aim for the rings. In every single race, there is a series of red rings dotted around the course. Once you fly through these rings, your character will gain a temporary speed boost, which should allow you to soar above the competition.
  • Keep it simple for collecting rings. If you are soaring and spot a ring out of your way, odds are you’ve missed one that is way closer. Going far out of the way costs you speed and time, so if there is a ring closer to you then don’t be afraid to go for it. Each ring gives you the same amount of boost, the only reward for obscure rings is more money.

Wind Rider!

  • Double time. I know I just told you to keep it simple, but sometimes there are two rings placed reasonably close together. With a tight turn, it’s possible to fly through the booth, giving you a nice large speed boost which should see you overtake most competitors. If the rings are covered by obstacles, maybe just stick to one, because often opponents fall at well-covered obstacles so you could still finish well with only one ring.
  • Learn your upgrades. In Wind Rider! There are three categories you can upgrade. The first is your top speed, this is the speed your wingsuit can reach when soaring at its fastest. The second is your speed boost, this is the amount of extra force given to you as you pass through a red ring. Lastly, the final category you can upgrade is your cash multiplier. This increases the amount of money you earn from flying near obstacles and nailing rings.

Wind Rider!

  • Upgrade whenever you can. Each upgrade maximizes the most from each race. So increasing your top speed or the boost speed will allow you to win more races. Winning races gives you a massive cash multiplier which is wasted if you don’t collect a nice pile of cash during your race. Remember, winning is good, but winning big is better.
  • Don’t forget to double. Odds are when you finish a race, you’ll be faced with an advert of some kind. So you may as well press “Collect Double” when you finish a race and double your money for watching an advertisement. Obviously, if you crash early maybe just collect the small sum. However, you’ll find that you are given an advert anyway, so you might as well make the most of the ads.

Wind Rider!

  • Take risks. Once you’ve mastered the simple controls and have a few upgrades under your belt, it’s time to take risks. This means flying just a smidge closer to objects you’d normally avoid buildings and the floor. Once you master this dangerous technique, every turn you take will bring massive rewards and allow you to upgrade and earn even more.

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