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Wild Paradise – Game Introduction

Wild Paradise is a Facebook game developed by BitRhymes that fulfills any player’s dream of becoming a ranger to take care of a variety of wild animals in different parks or habitats. As a ranger you will need to adopt, feed, play, breed, train and release animals back to the wild while maintaining several parks to bring in more visitors and earn income. This quick start guide will provide you with tips to get started playing Wild Paradise.

Adopting Animals

The first step is to adopt animals and place them into their habitat. You start off having the Forest as your main habitat. In earlier levels, you will have a couple to choose from. Clicking on the Market icon (blue house), this will open a window for you to choose which animal you’d like to add to your park.

Wild Paradise

Under the Animals tab, you can opt to see all regardless of habitat, or pick a park to filter them. You can choose from Forest, Arctic Rim, Aquatic, and the Outback. Birds can be placed in any of the parks. Each animal will show how much it costs, the time it takes for them to be hungry again, and the habitat they need to be in. The diamond icons show as follows: green (forest), light bluish green (arctic), dark blue (aquatic) and brown (outback). This is helpful when you decide to browse through the list at the All tab. One thing to note is that it doesn’t show whether it is male or female.

You will need to confirm the adoption and have the option to change its name.

Animal Statistics & Action Window

Clicking on an animal will open its statistics window where you will see information that will help you decide what activity to do when you visit your park. Different options appear in this window and is dependent on what stage they are at.

For a baby animal, the choices are limited. Looking at the screenshot below, you can edit its name by clicking on the paper and pen icon beside their name. It also shows you they are at stage 1 and their hunger progress bar. The hunger progress bar appears all green and filled when they’ve just been fed. As time goes by, the percentage will increase and when it reaches 100%, they need to be fed immediately.

Wild Paradise

Through this window, you can feed, play and release the animal. A grayed button means it is inactive and you can’t do the activity. The animal value is also shown beside the release button. The value starts at zero but will change when your animal reaches stage 2.

When an animal reaches adulthood or the second stage, the options change and you can now start breeding and release them into the wild. You can also move or rotate them at any point by using this window.

Feed and Play with your Animals

These are the two basic things you need to do to keep your animals healthy and happy. When you visit your park, you’ll notice some animals have an orange tick above their heads. It is time to feed them. If you ignore it or wait too long, you will have a sick animal in your hands. Every animal you feed rewards you 1 experience point and 100 coins.

Wild Paradise

An animal needs some recreation and love. Playing with them will do the trick. The same way you feed your animal, just choose the play button and it will reward you 1 experience point and 100 coins. Take note that while the feed button will be inactive after you fed your animal, the play button will stay active. You can play with your animal several times but you will only get the reward every few hours depending on their growth rate.

Helping Fellow Rangers

Our neighbors need our help to maintain their parks. You can assist by visiting them. Once you enter their park, a message will appear asking you to help them with different tasks. You only get to help them once a day. During idle time, a message can also pop up at random asking you to visit your fellow ranger. Click on accept and you will receive the same help message.

Wild Paradise

If there is a training ground constructed in their park and an animal is being trained, you will be asked to watch the animal do its tricks.

Gift Giving and the Wish List

There are few animals and decorations that can be given to help neighbors build their park. You can send them gifts through the “free gifts” tab on the main menu. This will open up a new page and list items that you can send and ask for. The wish list will appear when you click on the “Make a Wish” button. Eight empty boxes will show up and you can start adding items you want your friends to send you. Once done, publish it by letting your friends know that you’ve updated your list. This will then post to your wall.

Wild Paradise

Another way of asking for a gift is to click on the Gifts icon then Wish list (genie lamp image). This will open a window that will enable you to remove or ask for the item. Take note that you have to add them through the first option then ask or remove them within the game.

Releasing Animals

One way to earn coins from the game is to release animals to the wild. You can do this with animals that have reached adulthood. Opening the animal’s statistics page will give you an option to release them. Their value in experience points and coins is seen beside the release button. You get the highest value when an animal reaches it maximum level, which is stage 4.

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