Wild Hearts Weapons – Karakuri, Bow, and More!


On the hunt for a Wild Hearts weapons guide? Look no further! Our guide covers the basics for each weapon in the game. Whether you fancy wielding a strong bow, or you want to try out one of the Karakuri weapons, we’re here to help you.

Monster Hunter fans will love this one! It’s basically an open-world beast-hunting game, accompanied by gorgeous graphics and amazing environments. Immerse yourself in the world of Azuma as you fend off the dangerous Kemono monsters. Choose to play solo, or play with friends thanks to the handy cross-play feature!

You can learn more information about the game on the official site! If you’re looking for more Wild Hearts content, take a look at our Wild Hearts weapons tier list, Wild Hearts Giant Kemono Materials guide and our Wild Hearts Small Kemono Materials guide.

Wild Hearts Weapons Guide

Now, let’s move on to the guide!

Wild Hearts Weapons

Karakuri Katana

  • The first weapon you obtain in the game
  • Close range attacks
  • Skills: Downward Slash, Iai Slash, Single-handed Lunge
  • Unleashed state transforms the katana into a chain blade weapon, and becomes long-range

Claw Blade

  • Obtained after you reach Chapter 2
  • Fast attacks
  • Allows you to attack while airborne
  • Special Attack allows you to hook a Kemono with the claw


  • Long range
  • Hold horizontally (Haya)
  • Hold vertically (Otoya)
  • Can be bolstered
  • Requires focus on stamina gauge


  • Heavy weapon
  • Can also defeat Karakuri in its range while attacking a Kemono
  • Special Attack creates a longer handle to deal more damage with combos


  • Close range attacks
  • Skills: Downward Slash, Iai Slash, Receding Slash
  • Unleashed state creates a special Iai Stance

Bladed Wagasa

  • Looks like an umbrella
  • Close range
  • Allows you to parry
  • Allows you to attack while airborne


  • Obtained after you reach Chapter 2
  • Long range
  • Has 2 gauges (Charge Gauge and Heat Gauge)
  • When the Heat Gauge is full, the weapon will overheat for a short period of time

Karakuri Staff

  • Crafted after you reach Chapter 2
  • Can change between 5 forms
  • The 5 forms are: Twin Fang Form, War Pike Form, Giant Shuriken Form, Long-Staff Form

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