Wild Hearts Small Kemono Materials – Locations, and More!


On the hunt for a Wild Hearts Small Kemono materials guide? We’ve got you covered. Our guide contains a list of all materials that can be found in the game at this current time. Make sure you bookmark this page, as we plan to keep it up to date once the game is fully released on February 17.

Monster Hunter fans will love this one! It’s basically an open-world beast-hunting game, accompanied by gorgeous graphics and amazing environments. Immerse yourself in the world of Azuma as you fend off the dangerous Kemono monsters. Choose to play solo, or play with friends thanks to the handy cross-play feature!

You can learn more information about the game on the official site!

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Wild Hearts Small Kemono Materials

We’ve split each small Kemono into its locational category! We’ve also included the two types of material that are dropped per small Kemono depending on your chosen action.

Harugasumi Way

Ragetail Pup

  • Kill – Small Kemono Skin
  • Pet – Rodent Bud

Sagecane Deer

  • Kill – Red Meat
  • Pet – Lessar Cane Antler

Springwatch Monitor

  • Kill – Lizard Blood or Small Scale
  • Pet – Lizard Bloom

Gladefruit Hare

  • Kill – Cubed Meat
  • Pet – Leporine Fruit

Akikura Canyon

Sporetail Pup

  • Kill – Small Kemono Carapace
  • Pet – Goldcap

Noblegrass Hound

  • Kill – Small Kemono Skin
  • Pet – Wild Dog Pampas

Conkclad Buffalo

  • Kill – Sliced Meat
  • Pet – Fungal Conk

Deadleaf Slater

  • Kill – Small Kemono Carapace
  • Pet – Slater Exoskeleton

Nightshade Monitor

  • Kill – Pointed Scale or Lizard Bloom
  • Pet – Lizard Bloom

Natsukodachi Ice

Whipthrash Serpent

  • Kill – Serpent Slough
  • Pet – Serpent Beard

Sparkshower Monitor

  • Kill – Small Scale
  • Pet – Corestone

Snapspine Wisp

  • Kill – Snapspine Cotton
  • Pet – Obsidian Snapspine Needle

Coralcoat Turtle

  • Kill – Sliced Meat
  • Pet – Coral Shell

Grassghoul Decapod

  • Kill – Crustaceous Moss or Small Kemono Carapace
  • Pet – Crustaceous Moss

Fuyufusagi Fort

Gemcast Monkey

  • Kill – Simian Yin Organ Gem
  • Pet – Monkey Liquor

Icebloom Hound

  • Kill – Small Kemono Skin
  • Pet – Canine Ice Crystal

Shardshower Monitor

  • Kill – Pointed Scale
  • Pet – Corestone

Deathspine Nighthawk

  • Kill – Strigine Flight Bone
  • Pet – Strigine Plume

What are Wild Hearts Materials?

Materials in Wild Hearts are dropped by a range of monsters and bosses. You can use these materials to craft and upgrade your armour and weapons!

Certain materials are only dropped once you attack a specific body part, so keep this in mind when battling against the Kemono! There are also materials that can be found throughout the environment in Wild Hearts.

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