Wilds Hearts Pointed Scale Guide – Location, and Steps!


Looking for a Wild Hearts Pointed Scale for your crafting needs? You’ve come to the right place! Our guide contains all you need to know about this important resource. Whether you can’t quite figure out which enemy drops them, or you’ve hit a roadblock when trying to craft upgrades, we’re here to help!

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Wild Hearts Pointed Scale Guide

Now, let’s move on to the guide!

How to Get Pointed Scale

The first thing to note when trying to obtain Pointed Scale, is that it’s dropped by the Kemonos! Keep in mind that you need to progress to Chapter 2 before you can collect Pointed Scale from enemies.

When you arrive at the Akikura Canyon, you’ll need to explore to find the Nightshade Monitors. This type of enemy is classed as a Small Kemono, so they’re a little less difficult to defeat than the Giant Kemono. By killing Nightshade Monitor enemies, there’s a chance that they’ll drop a Pointed Scale!

Nightshade Monitors also appear in the Buddha Cabe and Six Points Lagoon.

Additionally, you can also pick up Pointed Scales at Fuyufusagi Fort. You need to find the Shardshower Monitors for this resource!

Why Do I Need Pointed Scales?

Pointed Scales are an important resource within Wild Hearts, and can be used for crafting items! Many players hit a bit of a block when it comes to obtaining Pointed Scales at first, especially if they haven’t reached chapter 2.

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