Wild Hearts Elements – Status Ailments, Defense, and More!


Looking for a Wild Hearts elements guide? You’ve come to the right place! Our guide contains all you need to know about elemental damage, elemental resistance, and status ailments in the open-world RPG!

Monster Hunter fans will love this one! It’s basically an open-world beast-hunting game, accompanied by gorgeous graphics and amazing environments. Immerse yourself in the world of Azuma as you fend off the dangerous Kemono monsters. Choose to play solo, or play with friends thanks to the handy cross-play feature!

You can learn more information about the game on the official site! If you’re looking for more Wild Hearts content, take a look at our Wild Hearts weapons tier list, Wild Hearts Performance guide, and our Wild Hearts Monsters guide.

Wild Hearts Elements Guide

Now, let’s move on to the guide

Wild Hearts Element Types

  • Wood
  • Fire
  • Water
  • Wind
  • Earth

Wild Hearts Elemental Weapons

You can craft weapons that wield the power of an element! Every Kemono has elemental strengths and vulnerabilities – so choose your weapon wisely. The great thing about Wild Hearts is that you can create multiple weapons. This means you can test out the different types of weapons, with different types of elements.

For example, if a Kemono is particularly weak to the element of fire, we recommend crafting a weapon that wields elemental fire damage. However, if a Kemono is strong against fire, it’s best to avoid a weapon that is infused with the element of fire.

If you wish to use higher-level elements for your weapons, you need to progress through the weapon tree – you can open up new weapon slots!

Status Ailments

We’ve listed the different status ailments in the game, as well as how to recover from them! However, some armor allows you to defend yourself against certain ailments.

Ablaze – Lavaback

  • Causes the player to lose damage over time
  • You can remove the status ailment by going into water and dodging

Poison – Fumebeak

  • Causes the player to lose damage over time
  • Eventually disappears over time

Fatigued – Sporetail

  • Players can’t move for a period of time
  • Eventually disappears over time or when hit by an attack


  • Players can’t create a new Karakuri, however they can use a Karakuri that is already present
  • Eventually disappears over time

Frozen – Icetusk and Deathstalker

  • Causes players to struggle when regaining stamina
  • Eventually disappears over time

Elemental Defense

You can equip armor with defensive stats against specific types of elemental damage.

Keep in mind that you need special materials to craft armor with elemental defense stats, such as Bluestone and Ancient Lumber. There are also food items that can be eaten to increase your elemental resistance – handy!

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