Where’s My Water? Walkthrough

Game Introduction – Where’s My Water?

Where’s My Water? is a puzzle game from Disney for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Swampy is an alligator who needs water to be happy once again, and it’s your mission to get water back to him using various tools and tricks. Sometimes the levels can get tricky, but luckily you have Gamezebo’s quick start guide with all the tips, tricks, solutions and more you’ll need to get flowing in no time.

Quick Start Guide

Getting Started

Where's My Water?

  • To get started and playing Where’s My Water?, you’ll first need to download and install the app by clicking the “Play Now” button at the top of this screen.
  • Once the game has finished installing, you can find the app on your home screen. Tap on the icon labeled “Where’s My Water?” to get playing.
  • Upon startup, you will be taken to the main menu screen of the game. Tap on the Play! button to start playing right away.

Object and How to Play

Where's My Water? Where's My Water?

  • Your objective in Where’s My Water? is to get Swampy’s water back so he can take a shower along with various other activities. Swampy lives in the sewer below the city streets, so broken pipes, dirt and other obstacles can block his access to water.

Where's My Water?

  • In the first level, you will have a broken pipe and lots of dirt in the way of the water. This level, however, is quite easy and only requires that you swipe right down the middle (drag your finger along the three rubber ducks) to win. The water will immediately begin flowing and once it reaches Swampy, you have completed the level and can move on to the next.

Where's My Water?

  • At the end of each level, you will be given which shows a silhouette of Swampy doing the activity he was trying to do with the water, as well as the results of how well you did in the level. You’ll get a time bonus based on how quickly you finished the level, a duck bonus for making the water travel through one or more of the ducks, and an overflow bonus based on how much extra water reached Swampy.
  • Once you’ve gone over your results in the level, you can either Replay the level to try to earn some extra points, move on to the next, or go back to the level list to play any past levels.

Where's My Water?

  • An important note for each level you will play is that the water reacts just like it does in real life. If you create a ‘bowl’ of sorts when creating your route to Swampy, that water will not travel any further unless it overflows. Planning accordingly is recommended.
  • Note: If the level is longer than the screen, then a blue scroll bar will appear to the left side, allowing you to scroll up and down across the entire level in order to eliminate the dirt you would like to.

Solution for Level 1-3

Where's My Water?

  • One of the first levels that requires you to really think out your strategy when it comes to ducks and water flow is Level 1-3. Below is a good solution you can try that should get the water flowing to Swampy while still managing to collect the ducks.

Where's My Water?

  • The best solution to this level is to create a water path that goes through the left-most tunnel. Now, when creating this tunnel, make sure you run your finger along the left side of the shaft, so that only a trickle of water goes to the right side.
  • As you can see in the screenshots, this will send enough water to both sides of the tunnel so that the water can reach the ducks and Swampy. Remember, you have to be extra careful so that you don’t send too much water one way or another.

Solution for Level 1-4

Where's My Water?

  • This level is even more tricky than the last, requiring that you modify several different aspects of the dirt in the level, to send the water jumping over to the broken pipe on the other side of the level.
  • First thing is to set the dirt closest to the left-most duck. The lower portion is all you need to modify. Make it so that the dirt has a little bit of a ramp shape to it so it will send the water even further into the air. This will also make sure that the water avoids the moss, which will instantly drink all the water thrown at it.
  • An important note is that you can restart the level at any time if you feel that you need to give it a second chance.
  • Now, draw a quick slope to the left side of the water bowl so that all the water will rush down at once, and let the water flow into the pipe, and then into Swampy’s shower.

Solution for Level 1-5

  • This is another one of the first difficult levels you come across in Where’s My Water? because this time, there is an unlimited supply of water available for Swampy to use, but it’s up to you to make sure he gets it before the moss does.

Where's My Water?

  • Note: In this level, it’s recommended that you follow the instructions to build out the water route before you unleash the water from where it’s currently trapped. Otherwise, moss will grow and could possibly block the water from passing through successfully to Swampy.
  • Draw a line just like in the screenshot in the dirt along the ducks to ensure that the water gets through them before passing to Swampy, and then create another ramp-style situation so that the water launches over the moss to reach Swampy.
  • This level may require you to retry it several times over but managing to get it right will be very satisfying when you finish.


Where's My Water?

  • You have completed the quick start guide for Where’s My Water? on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Now that you know how to guide the water, you’ll be your very own Poseidon in no time! Keep checking back with Gamezebo in the future for all your reviews, guides, previews and more!

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