Wheel of Fortune Free Play Tips, Cheats and Strategies


Wheel of Fortune Free Play is the iOS gaming equivalent of the TV show of the same name. It stays pretty faithful to what you’d expect from the show, having you spinning a wheel, before picking out letters in order to solve a puzzle. While a lot of it is fairly straightforward, there’s still plenty of opportunity to improve your game.

Gamezebo’s Wheel of Fortune Free Play Tips, Cheats and Strategies will provide you with some sound advice on how to get ahead.

The Basics

Wheel of Fortune Free Play Tips, Cheats and Strategies

  • Knowing which letters are more likely to turn up is an important part of the guesswork behind Wheel of Fortune Free Play. Don’t bother with tapping on the Z or X unless you’re confident that they feature in the hidden word.
  • One good strategy is to look for letters such as S, R, or T early on. Typically, at least one of those will show up. They also form a great basis for helping you decipher what else could be within the word. Letters such as N, H, D, L, and C are pretty common too.
  • Vowels must be purchased. Early on, it’s wise to buy one or two when you get the chance. That means you have a better chance of figuring things out. Be careful, though. Your opponents will often buy vowels too. When they reach a set number of letters found, the AI will solve the puzzle correctly. You don’t want this happening before you get there.
  • Hints are great, but again, use them sparingly. They cost diamonds and you only have so many available to you.
  • The best time to use hints is during the bonus rounds. This is because of how bonus rounds play out.
  • In a bonus round, you can only look for a few consonants and one vowel, meaning you’re out of options if you don’t have any hints left. It’s important to win a bonus round as you gain more for doing so. More importantly, your combo meter resets if you lose a bonus round, meaning the rewards aren’t so great. Remember this and take advantage of it!

Diamonds and goals are your friend

Wheel of Fortune Free Play Tips, Cheats and Strategies

  • Diamonds can be earned through levelling up, and also through the goals system.
  • Goals work like achievements or objectives in other games. They relate to completing various simple tasks while playing. Simply earning a winning streak will reward you with some diamonds. Also, buying vowels helps out too.
  • Goals can be both daily goals and lifetime goals. Obviously, focus on the daily goals as you only have so long to complete them!
  • At the end of each puzzle, you’re asked to vote on whether you liked it or not. Supposedly, it helps the game figure out the best puzzles to give to players. The real benefit is to do with goals, though. Frequently, voting a certain number of times is part of a daily goal. It’s a really easy one to get, so don’t forget it.
  • Don’t bother using diamonds to refresh your energy tickets. Just be patient. Diamonds aren’t easy to come by, and topping up your tickets is expensive business.
  • That goes for category changes too. Buying a change might seem wise, but it’s just an expensive waste. Stick with it. Most words make some kind of sense after a while.

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