Westworld: How to get free coins, Gems

They say that money makes the world go ’round, and that’s even true in the faux world portrayed in Westworld. Would the hand-crafted Old West reality be able to exist if Delos didn’t have extremely deep pockets? We think not. …

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They say that money makes the world go ’round, and that’s even true in the faux world portrayed in Westworld. Would the hand-crafted Old West reality be able to exist if Delos didn’t have extremely deep pockets? We think not.

In the Westworld mobile game, your finances matter too, but possibly because the idea is that it’s supposed to be a training simulator for managing the “real” Westworld, Delos doesn’t just hand you a blank check. You’ve got to manage your stockpiles of coins (the basic currency) and Gems (the premium currency) carefully.

Both are important. You’ll need plenty of coins to manufacture more hosts for your park, and also to level and rank up the ones you rely on most. Gems can be used to speed up any of the game’s (many) timers, and if you save up enough of them, you can also use them to buy rare 3 to 5-star hosts.

So you’ll definitely want to have as many coins and Gems as you can muster, you probably don’t want to spend real money on them if possible. Happily, you can have more of both without spending a dime, and we’re going to tell you how.

How to get free coins


Once you’ve played Westworld for a while, you’ll inevitably be faced with an unpleasant truth: You can never have enough coins. They’re necessary for just about every important task in the game, including building and upgrading new structures, constructing new Delos facilities and upgrading the ones you already have, and perhaps most importantly, ranking up your hosts. Bumping a 3-star host up to a 4-star host takes thousands of coins, so even if you’re sitting on a decent-sized stockpile, it can disappear quickly.

On the plus side, it’s also pretty easy to earn more coins, and even if you can’t get them back as quickly as you spend them, you can absolutely assure yourself of generating more at all times.

  • Complete guest interactions – This is the simplest and most reliable way to get more coins, and it’s something you’ll probably be doing all the time anyway since it’s one of the key parts of the game. Completing any guest interaction successfully gets you some coins, and the happier the guest is, the more you’ll earn. The most important thing to remember is that longer and higher level guest interactions yield more coins, so be sure to set a couple of the lengthier ones up any time you are ready to log out and you’ll have coins waiting for you when you return.
  • Finish off daily goals and objectives – Like many other mobile games, Westworld gives you a list of daily tasks and longer term objectives (that also advance the narrative portion of the game) for you to tackle. While the other parts of the rewards can vary, coins are always part of the haul, so keep that in mind if you’re low.

How to get free Gems


As you might expect, it takes a little more effort to get Gems than it does coins. Still, there are multiple ways to earn them, enough that you won’t need to spend money on them in IAPs unless you absolutely want to do so.

  • Level up – You’ll receive several Gems every time your profile moves up a level, and since just about everything you do in Westworld gets you XP toward that end, you should be leveling up on a regular basis.
  • Finish all your daily tasks and complete chains of objectives – Daily tasks are simple enough that they don’t give you Gems upon completion, unfortunately. However, if you make a clean sweep of all eight daily tasks before they refresh, you will get 15 Gems as part of your reward. Similarly, checking off a normal objective doesn’t get you any Gems, but completing the final part of a string of objectives generally does.
  • Check out the events – There’s an event going on at all times in Westworld, with the next one starting as soon as the previous one is complete. You’ll find them by tapping on the trophy icon, and you’ll want to make sure you participate if possible, because both the milestone and rank reward can get you more Gems.
  • Visit Ford’s office – The enigmatic creative director of Westworld will allow you to visit him in his office once you unlock it, and there’s good reason to do so since he will give you free Gems. Check out the timer in the office for the next time you can collect, and no worries — if you don’t drop in for a while, it’s possible for multiple Gems to be stored there until you do.

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