Westward Tips & Tricks Walkthrough

By Joel Brodie |

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Check out Tips & Tricks for the latest from Sandlot Games, Westward:

  • Each Farm can support about 10 people.
  • Trading Posts are especially useful on maps with few resources.
  • A mix of Gunslingers and Deputies is more effective than one or the other alone.
  • Ranches use Wood and Water, but each Citizen working there produces more Food than a Citizen at a Farm.
  • When a character is selected, if you hold down the Shift key and then left-click on the map, the character will move to that location.
  • Focusing all your lawmen on a single Bandit at a time wins battles quickly.
  • Exploring as much of the map as possible is always a good idea.
  • Many advanced buildings bring Gold into your town.
  • Pressing the “TAB” key will cycle through all the units that you control
  • Combat units will not fight while moving.
  • Your combat units will automatically begin firing at bandits when in range.
  • Bandits will only follow you so far until they give up.
  • If a bandit is attacking one of your combat units and another of your combat units is in range they will automatically start attacking the bandit.
  • Trading posts are great for buying much needed food during a drought or famine.
  • Many buildings drop wood, food, or gold when destroyed.
  • You can scroll the view using the arrow keys.
  • Click and drag the left mouse button to lasso-select a group of characters.
  • Visit Trading Posts to exchange one kind of resource for another.
  • Only Citizens can take jobs at your buildings.
  • You need at least one Ranch before you can build a Sheriff’s Office.
  • A Settler or Citizen has to walk to a construction site to build most buildings.
  • A Plague can wipe out your entire Food supply, but does not affect production.
  • Drought will slow the rate at which your town gathers Water.
  • Famine dramatically slows the rate at which Food is harvested.
  • Unlike Lumber Camps, Lumber Mills can gather Wood from any forested area.
  • Sheriffs and Deputies can throw Drunks in jail to sober them up.
  • Drunks will reform if they are taken to a Church.
  • Water Towers are more expensive than Wells, but hold a lot more Water.
  • You don’t need to provide Food, Water or housing for Gunslingers.
  • Lasso-selecting a character will usually stop them in their tracks.
  • Got tips & tricks of your own or questions? Comment below.


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