Westward IV: All Aboard Walkthrough

Welcome to Gamezebo's walkthrough for WestWard IV: All Aboard. ABOUT THIS WALKTHROUGHA lot of the names and locations in this game are random, and since you are very free in what you do, there is no point in this being a step-by-step guide. Instead, this guide will be made up of helpful tips to get you through the game.First there will be a quick explanation on the game mechanics, so you have a good idea on how the game works, and what the game might expect of you.The first section of the g…

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Welcome to Gamezebo’s walkthrough for WestWard IV: All Aboard.


A lot of the names and locations in this game are random, and since you are very free in what you do, there is no point in this being a step-by-step guide. Instead, this guide will be made up of helpful tips to get you through the game.

First there will be a quick explanation on the game mechanics, so you have a good idea on how the game works, and what the game might expect of you.

The first section of the guide, will contain general tips on the game, and on some specific elements of the game, such as characters and resources. This will help you to give you a better understanding on how to manage your town most effectively.

The second section of the guide, will contain hints and tips on all the quests in the game. While the details of the quests, such as where to find something, are also random, you will be given pointers on what to do, and what will help you to finish the quest  easier.



The first three chapters, will act as tutorial towns, where the game teaches you the basics on how to play. The fourth town you visit, will be the main town for the rest of the game. From here on, you will travel to the several other towns, but after completing another town, you will always return to the main town. Where, in the towns you just visit, you can really just focus on getting the job done there, in the main town, try and think ahead, especially in where you place your buildings and such.


Save plenty of times

Probably the best tip, is to save your progress. Certainly if you have just passed a difficult part of a quest, you don’t want to have to do it over again, if you fail the next part. Also before making a big decission, it can be helpful to save, so that if it turns out to be the wrong one, you can go back and make the right decission.

Choosing heroes

At the beginning of the game, you can choose to play as either Anne Turner, or her brother Henry Turner. While some details are different -such as when you get certain quests, and where items are in a level-, the story and the quests are the same for both characters.

Heroes never die

When in combat, your hero will never actually die. If they lose all their health, they will faint, but they will slowly regenerate, and once their health is full again, your hero will regain his or her senses.

Other combatants -sheriffs, deputies, bounty hunters and bandits- will not return once they lose all their health, although they are able to heal themselves with a health pack.

A trick there is to defeat bandits faster, and with less damage, is to send in your hero in to battle first. When the bandits have their focuss on the hero, your other gun fighters can come in and shoot at the bandits, without being shot back at.

Be aware that you can hold no more than 20 health packs at any time, so don’t stock up on them too much.

Getting the most out of the towns you visit

The main town, the one you visit in the 4th chapter, is the town you will always return to. Once you leave one of the other towns you visit, you will not be able to return there, so before you leave a town after completing the main quests there, check two things:

  • After finishing the last main quest, you will see if you’ve found all hidden objects. If not, continue playing and find the hidden objects (at least 1 fossil per town).
  • Check the quest list to see if there are any side quests you can still finish.

Since you can’t take any money or resources with you from a town, here are some tips to get most out of a town that you can:

  • Set up the town to survive on its own, so if your town is not empited out yet, set up water management (well, tower, etc.), food production (farm, fishing hut, etc.), lumber production and mines, and employ them.
  • Employ the train station before you leave, so the resources you have just set up, can still be exchanged with your own town.
  • If you have lumber, coal, gold and experience left, use it to buy building plans, or upgrades; since you can’t take them with you, you might as well invest it in something you can and will use in other towns.
  • Another thing to spend extra gold on, are health packs at the doctor’s office, if you have one in that town.

Citizens/workers cost resources

As soon as you have citizens or workers, meaning, they are available for you to use somewhere, they will use food. In some towns, you will start with no citizens or workers yet. If there is no time pressure for a quest, you could use this time before alliancing other charaters, to gather the resources that you can already get to. For instance, you can pick up and cut the logs lying around, or clear coal- and gold gatherings, so you can build a mine there right away.

Bandits are valuable

If you are in an area with bandits, even if they keep low, it may be interesting to take your hero up there, and defeat them. They usually drop gold, and you can take any resources that they hold in their camps.

Market Place and General Store

A Market Place, is almost always a good addition to a town. Since you’ll usually have plenty left of one of the resources you gather, selling them at the Market Place generates a nice extra income. It also works the other way; if you’re ever short on food, you’ll be happy to know you can buy some extra at the Market.

To use the service of the Market Place and the General Store, you will need someone to employ it, but neither they, nor you, need to be at the market. Even if none of your people are around, you can just buy and sell by clicking on the building.


When you have a nice production of food going, you might notice that your stock is often near its limits (34/35, meaning there are 34 pieces of food, while you can hold a maximum of 35). By building an extra warehouse, you will increase the maximum amount of food you can hold, thus not wasting any food you produce extra.  Extra food can always be sold at the Market Place for hard cash.


If banks in the real world would work as well as they do in WestWard, we’d all be rich by now! If you have one, or more, fully employed banks, you will be raking in lots of interest. Make sure there’s a sheriff’s office nearby, you can afford it.


Sheriffs, deputies and bounty hunters

Although you can only have one sheriff per town, you will be able to build multiple sheriff’s offices. You can hire a maximum of 3 deputies for each office. Sheriffs and deputies don’t require food or housing, and will increase you town’s happiness.

Bounty hunters are initially cheaper, and usually a good alternative for short side quests. Hiring them will decrease your town’s happiness however, until they have died or leave on their own.



If you’re trying to find a certain animal, just looking around might test your patience. To get other animals around, you may have to kill the animals that you see at that moment. The replacement animals -animals will always return- will usually change after 2 or 3 kills.

If you run out of fish in a certain area, patience is the key. In time, fish will just reappear.

Two things to consider about building planning

When planning where to build buildings, there are two important things to consider:

  • If you keep buildings close together, they are easier targets for bandits, so consider that you might have to build a Sheriff’s office.
  • If you build your buildings further apart, bandits will be less tempted to raid your town, but in case of a fire, you will need to walk further, so make sure there is always a well within walking distance.

Fire fighting

when a building catches fire, the citizen that employs the building will look for the nearest well to put out the fire. You can also select other citizens, to help put out the fire faster.

Planning is very important. Since the citizens are usually not very fast, it is important to keep a well near your most important buildings, or gathering of buildings.

Repairing buildings

Your buildings can be damaged by fires, earthquakes and bandit attacks. When damaged, three things will happen:

1. The building’s production will decrease.

2. Your town’s happiness will decrease.

3. Buildings, like gun fighters, have a health bar, and when it empties, the building will collapse.

At any point, you can drag any citizen that will work, to the building, to repair it. You will see how many resources it costs to completely repair it, but you can also stop repairing it halfway at any time, using just part of the resources.

Click on the damaged building icon near the small map in the bottom left corner, to check out the next damaged building in town.

To make effective repairs, here are some pointers in deciding which reparations have priority:

  • Wells, farms, ranches and mines will produce less when damaged. Repair them to make full use of them. Especially the well is important to repair, since you need it for the farm, and for a possible fire.
  • Mines that have been exhausted, that are damaged, will only decrease the town’s happiness. When a mine has been exhausted, it is best to demolish it with the bomb icon you see when you select it; no TNT needed.
  • Luxury items are most often cheaper to replace, than it is to repair them, so if a luxury item is damaged, just replace it.

Fortifying buildings

When you purchased the fortification upgrade, you will be able to fortify your buildings, which will make them more resistant to damage.

To fortify buildings in your current town, upgrade a lumber camp, and click on the camp again to see the fortification button. Click on it, to fortify all your town’s buildings, for the price shown.

Gathering experience points

Whenever one of your citzens learns a skill, you will get an experience point, which you need to buy new types of buildings and upgrades. A citizen can learn multiple skills, so if you need extra experience points, consider letting a skilled miner, gain some experience on a farm or in a mine.
Every time you build a building (or upgrade, or luxury) for the first time, you will get 5 experience points. So even if you wouldn’t care to build something, just build it for the experience points, and if you really don’t want it, demolish it.

Production and supply use

In the town statistics menu, you can check both the current production and the current use of the different supplies in your town. If you are using more than you are producing, consider building extra buildings to produce them.


Everything valuable you gather -gold, precious gems and items sold- will be added up to your money pot. When you see a precious gem, or get a message that one was found in the mine, gather it for a buck load of extra money.


If your lumberjacks have cut down all the trees around their camp, you can buy seeds at the General store, to plant more trees.

If you are in real desperate need of wood, you can demolish a building you don’t need too badly to get some extra wood.


This guide does not include any of the tutoial missions.

There are no secrets or anything in these chapters, so simply follow the instructions.

There are two tips here, that you should consider through the whole game:

First, do not build buildings too close to any (potential) mines, or you won’t be able to build a mine there.

Second, do not build the 5th coal mine until you have visited and cleared all the other locations.


Fossil collection mission

Although this is a main town mission, I want to mention this one seperate, since it spans a whole number of locations. Again, exact locations are random -I will list the towns-, but if you want to collect the mission’s rare reward, you’ll need to find all 36 of them in each town, before you leave that town and miss out on them forever.

What is that reward you ask? Well, your very own dinosaur!

To start the quest for fossils, in the main town, look near your first coal and gold mine, and find a guy digging in the ground near a camp ground, and talk to Dr. Bones.

Some hints on finding the fossils:

– You might need TNT for a number of them…

– …either to clear the path to the fossils,

– …or to find the fossils under boulders or trees.

– Check the town’s mission status, to see if you have collected all the fossils (they are listed as Hidden Object).

Towns with fossils to collect (listed alphabetically):

– Brockway, 2 fossils

– Father rescue, 1 fossil

– Haverbrook, 3 fossils

– Hostage rescue, 3 fossils

– Main Town, 4 fossils

– Noise Ordnance, 1 fossil

– Landlord Loopholes, 3 fossils

– Ogdenville, 4 fossils

– Railroad Blockade, 1 fossil

– Railroad Defense, 2 fossils

– Real Estate Rampage, 2 fossils

– Rodent Flu, 1 fossil

– The Last Coal Miner, 1 fossil

– Train Race, 3 fossils

– Volcano Valley, 3 fossils

– Woodinville, 1 fossil

– Wrong side, 1 fossil

Main Town missions

You will be coming back to the main town after every visit to another location. The main tip, is that you should realize that you will be spending a lot of time in this town, so plan anything you build, don’t just build something here or there, to get things done quicker at this point.

The missions in the main town, can be in random order, and you will usually automatically come across them if you just finish missions in the other towns.

Up and Running (required)

This mission still gives you a lot of tutorial help, so just follow the on-screen directions.

Extra Help (optional)

Two brothers will arrive in town: one wants to work in a gold mine, and the other one wants to build ‘something else ‘on a farm. This something else, can be either corn or tomatoes; buy any in the shop menu, and select a row of crops on the farm to specify what you want to build there.


Extra supplies (required)

Look for extra supply crates in the vacinity, and dig them up from holes.


Farmers Plight (required)

Simply build a farm; don’t forget to build a well and housing.

Railroad Expension (required)

This mission, is one that runs through most of the game. Each time you come back to town, buy new train tracks at the engineer, to build new tracks, and open the route to a new town to visit.

Kidnapped Siblings (required)

In this mission, your sibling is kidnapped, and you need to pay the bandits a ransom. Remember to take plenty health kits.

First build and employ a clothing shop, and have 3 lawmen (either Sheriff or Deputy, but not bounty hunter) buy a disguise. Now find the area where the bandits are, and put your disguised lawmen just out of side of the bandits. Walk in alone, and when the bandits take the ransom, bring in your lawmen and fight the bandits.

Train Heist Bounty (required)

This is basically a match of strenght. Take 9 gunmen with you (read the general tips on how to hire that many), 20 health kits.

Your goal is pretty straight forward, just defeat all the bandits and save the hostages. Best is to try and take on the bandits group by group, rather than have it turn into an all-out brawl.


Uncle’s Secret Deal (required)

When Uncle Sal arrives in town, he will ask you for money. Although there is no clear reason what he needs it for, you will need to pay him to finish this mission and continue the story.

River Cleanup (required)

Once this mission is activated, you will need to locate 10 waste barrels in the river, which are pretty easy to find. You can use your citizens to do this as well, not just your hero. You can sell the barrels to the business man across the river, that will buy anything.

If you are blocked by a bridge and you see no way around, just demolish it, and rebuild it later.

Railroad Repo (required)

To trigger this mission, find the two bandits standing near the train tracks, near the border of the main town. One of the bandits will ask you to bring him cheese; do so (upgrade a ranch, get a cow, and employ a skilled farm) and upgrade your town’s value to enter in the big train race, and ultimately save Turner Railroad.

Final Showdown (required)

The last of the required missions, you are basically visiting all the towns again, and defeat the last of the bandits posing a threat to your railroad. To prepair for this, make sure you have employed upgraded the train yard, employed the stations and all train tracks are repaired.

Hire plenty of gunmen, preferrably 4 on each way into town, upgrade all their weapons and give them horses. When you hear from your father that your uncle Sal is missing, go take your gunfighters, and take on the groups of bandits (see the bandit icon on the msll map).

I prefer taking 8 to 10 gunfighters at a time to take on the bandits.

The bandits will usually be near big crates; do not open the crates until all bandits are defeated, since there are usually more bandits hiding in these crates.

After rescueing Uncle Sal, you’ll hear that a train with explosives is heading for your town. Talk to your father several times to come up with a plan, buy 3 super TNT’s and place them on the big arrow at the beginning of the town’s tracks, where you talked to the cheese-loving bandit.

A Dog’s Treasure (optional)

In the area where you have a lot of digging spots, look for a big ‘suspicious’ boulder and blow it up with TNT. Use the first dog you got in town (if you have multiple, take them all; you can find them by clicking on the next gunfighter icon) to dig the hole and find a treasure chest. Now follow the dog around until you find the key to this treasure chest, and open it.


A Fish’s Treasure (optional)

Find the town’s original fishing pier (usually has a cart wreck near it), and look down the river to find a rock that appears to be the end of a tunnel. On the shore, there are some big boulders; blow them up with TNT, and you’ll find a way into this tunnel (right-click). Now wade through the river and walk up to the lake. Fish for fish, until you find a fish that holds a key. Smash the nearby wagon to find the fish’s treasure chest, the key belongs to.


A Rat’s Treasure (optional)

First get 3 bits of cheese (from a ranch with cows), and then look for a stone tablet, with a tunnel-like stone sticking out. Place the cheese outside this tunnel, to lure out a rat. When the rat eats the cheese, and becomes fat, you will notice it has a key. Right-click on the rat to take the key. Now look near here, for a digging hole that has a tree stump on top of it, and blow the tree up with TNT. Now dig to find the Rat’s treasure chest, and open it with the key.

Bake Off (optional)

Build a bakery and employ a baker. When you need apples, you will find them near a lumber camp, near trees you have planted yourself from seeds. This will inspire the baker to bake pies, which will automatically be sold at the train station.

Buffalo Rustler (optional)

Find the guy standing near two buffalo’s and talk to him. Bandits have taken a buffalo from him. Find the bandits, and take a group of gunfighters there to defeat them, and take back the stolen buffalo.

This will also enable you to get your own buffalo. For this, you need to have finished the Bake Off-mission, and place two of the baker’s pink boxes (which he will place outside) on the green field where you first encountered the buffalo’s. A little patience, and you’ll find your very own buffalo.

Fishing Club (optional)

When a certain person (randomly named) visits your town, you will quickly find he’s crazy about fishing. To complete this mission, find a spot on the river with 3 fishes, and build a Fishing Hut. Fish up enough fish to keep this person happy; if you’re out of fish, just keep the fishing citizen occupied elsewhere, until the fish return.

Fur Trader (optional)

The Fur Trader will ask you to kill a number of animals, from a certain type. Read the general tips on animals, on how to find them. Remember, as though as the bears may be to kill, you will need to, in order to get wolves again, as they inhabit the same area.

Gold Mine Cave In (optional)

Help the gold miner to dig out the other miner.

In Need of Supplies (optional)

When visitors arrive at your town border, they will ask for supplies. Either give to them, or don’t (failing this mission).


Joe Jack Jebediah Jr. (optional)

While this person could be named differently, he was called JJJJ twice in my game, so let’s take that for ease.

When he says he wants "a job he can really sink his teeth in", he means he wants to work at a Butcher. You will need to have an employed and upgraded Ranch to build one though.


Log Cutting Challenge (optional)

A visitor will come up, and say he can split any log in half, or he will pay you $200. There are three logs near him, but they are quickly done with. Find a very heavy (as remarkred) greenish-grey looking log, and cary it over to him to have him find his match.

Your reward, is unlocking a secret building: the Log statue.

Set an experienced woodcutter to work on it, to turn it into a bear statue. Send your hero to work on it, to turn it into a Jackalope statue. Building one of each, will earn you the Sculptor Tropy.


Mad Hatter (optional)

This mission opens up, when the Hat Designer shows up at your Hat Shop. Simply bring the citizens the designer asks for, to give him the inspiration he needs.


Market Place challenges (optional)

Once you build a Market Place in the main town, 10 Market Place challenges will become available for you to do at any time.

The amounts requested, and the time you have to finish the challenge, are random, so if you’re having too much trouble with one, just restart it.

The timer doesn’t start until you talk to the visitor, so take your time to explore and plan things out in advance, and save precious time.

Picking things up from the ground, or digging for it, is faster then using buildings (like a mine, a farm or a lumber camp).


Town Thief (optional)

A quick way to find the thief’s hideout, is to click on all the buildings, and check for a demolish icon. The thief’s hideout does not have a demolish icon; sent your gunfighters (deputies, sheriffs, bounty hunters) to that house, and let them attack the building to capture the thief.


Tree House Help (optional)

Don’t be confused; this is about a big tree blocking a house, not an actual tree house. Start the mission by walking by the person next to the house, and blow up the tree with TNT.


Will Work for Skills (optional)

When I said before you need to keep a coal mine unemployed until later in the game, it was for this mission. A visitor will come by, that wants to learn two skills: farming and mining. First employ him at a farm until he’s a skilled farmer, and then build a coal mine to employ him there, and let him become a skilled miner.


Railroad Blockage missions

Feed the Lumberjack (optional)

Feed the lumberjack enough food, until he agrees to help you out, and give you access to a lumber camp.


Bandit Bounty (optional)

Simply talk to all the town’s visitors before attacking the bandits.


Railroad Bypass (required)

The main mission is quite easy. Before going anywhere, get your citizens working on gathering resources, get some TNT and find the  bounty hunter behind a boulder (blow it up with the TNT). When you have a bounty hunter with you, start working on the railroad bypass, and when a bandit comes out, attack him. Now, attack the bandit camp; send in your hero first, and use the bounty hunter as a back up. Check the general tips for the best fighting strategy.


Noise Ordnance missions

Help for Hire (optional)

Hire one of the three bounty hunters.


Noise Ordnance (required)

The trick is to first find the best way to sneak past the bandits with a citizen (just make sure they don’t see you), and have him carry the Super TNT back. Use your hero to distract the bandits’ attention from the citizen.


Woodinville missions

Before starting talking to people in Woodinville, gather as many resources as you see lying around, and start by clearing the gold mine; normally, this takes quite a bit of time (during which you have to feed your citizens), but you can do this now before you get any citizens.

Several of the required missions in Woodinville, are actually tutorials. Simply follow the directions to finish the following missions:

– Lumber Town

– Bridge the River

– Lumber Order

– Stranded Lumberjack

One piece of information you need, which is not very clearly given, is that a citizen and the hero can wade through the water, when walking down a slope into the river.

Rat Problem (required)

Shoot and kill the rats.

Starving Civilians (required)

Use all your possibilities to gather enough food (farm, fishing, picking berries, hunting) to feed the starving civilians. Save up some food stock before talking to them.


Food So Far (required)

Talk to the people in the house across the river, and feed them.


Rodent Flu missions

Rodent Flu (required)

This mission will start of very frustrating, with your citizens always getting sick. There’s no trick to this, other then just keep dragging them to the doctor, and trying to reassign jobs to keep the town running while you look for cheese.
Find the 10 pieces of cheese around town. Use TNT to clear the boulder blocking the entrance to the canyon, and drop the cheese at the end of the canyon, luring all the rats in there and out of town. When you lured out 10 rats, use TNT to blow up the tree at the entrance of the canyon, and keep the town rat free.
Before you leave this town, whether you are going to play the option mission or not, destroy the doctor’s office. You won’t need it anymore, and it will give you a free health kit.


Rodent Of Unusual Size (optional)

This mission is triggered by talking to people on the ranch, who will tell you about a missing necklace. Look around for an unusually large rat, with a big red tail. Kill it, and dig around the place where you found the rat, to find the necklace.


Railroad Defense missions

Defend the Engine and Repair the Tracks (required)

As this is a mission in between towns, you get to bring people from the main town. Preferably, bring 7 to 10 gunmen with you; use your hero and 3 gunmen to attack the oncoming pairs of bandits, and let the others guard the engine. After fending off the bandits, focus on repairing the tracks.

This mission will repeat several times through the game, but the basic strategy remains the same.


The Last Coal Miner missions

Timely Arrival (required)

Don’t start this mission until you are well prepaired: bring 7 to 10 gunfighters, and all 20 health kits you can hold. As soon as you arrive on location, choose one coal mine, and focus on defending that one; you only need one mine. Use the normal citizens for the every day tasks.


Fortify Defenses (optional)

All you need to do, is hire 2 of the possible 3 bounty hunters.


Lost Companion (optional)

Get the lost dog, stuck in a canyon. Simply use TNT to blow up the fence.


Brockway missions

Talk to the mayor to start the overall mission.

Talk to the striking workers to start the individual missions.


Do the following to finish all the missions:

– Get all the striking workers a job and get them satisfied.

– Get enough housing for all the striking workers.

– Kill the wolves and the bear (3 gunfighters will be able to kill the bear).

– Find all the green glowing boxes and dump them on the Town Dump.

Deputy Hungry Too (optional)

While you usually don’t need to feed your deputy, the deputy is hungry now. Bring him what he wants to finish this mission.

Hostage Rescue mission
If you only have the 5 gunmen that the game says you require, this might be a tricky mission. If you play the game like I did, and you take 14 gunmen, this mission will be a breeze. Just select all your gunmen and storm through the complex, and no battle should take longer then 5 seconds.
Some pointers:
– After entering the complex and walking straight forward, you’ll see a locked gate, with two plates on either side. Place one person on there to permanently open the gate. The TNT in here, will regenerate, so come back whenever you need any.
– After raiding the King’s hideout, shoot all the tents to find the red key
– In another bandit hideout, you will find a super TNT. Use it on the red mine to blow out the door to the hostages next to it.
– Find the green key in the treasure chest of another bandit hideout.

Real Estate Rampage mission

While this mission may seem to be going nowhere, with the mayor buying his buildings back, all you need is to know the trick: you don’t need to keep owning the mayor’s buildings, you just need to make sure he doesn’t.
Build your own buildings first to get things going, and when you can afford to, buy the mayor’s buildings, and simply demolish them.
What did the trick for me was the following:
– First, gather all the resources lying around, using only your hero and your first citizen.
– Then buy and demolish the gold mine, and build a new one over it, and put your citizen to work there. Build a well near it, since in this mission it is prone to catch fire.
– Buy, demolish, and rebuild the lumber camp, and hire the lumberjack.
– Demolish the citizen’s tent, and build one house for them. If you don’t demolish the tent, another citizen will come, which is in this case just another mouth to feed.
– For food, let the hero pick berries and hunt animals.
– When buying the butcher shop, first buy the warehouse, quickly gather the food, buy the butcher shop and then demolish the warehouse and the butcher shop.
Now save up until you have about 600 wood, and then set your lumberjack to work in the gold mine as well to finish purchasing the town’s buildings.


Landlord Loopholes mission

Some tips on completing this mission:

– Some of the TNT and irrigation tools you need to find can also be found hidden in bushes and under boulders.

– Use your first TNT to open up the larger area of the town, so you have enough space to build what you want.

– You will often find yourself short on food, so try and leave as many berries until you really need them, and have space to store them. Also, don’t build houses to get new people, if you don’t have a food supply for them.

– You need to build 20 buildings; these can be any combination of buildings, you don’t need 20 different buildings.


Ogdenville missions

Ogdenville (required)

This is the main mission; all you need to do is finish the other 4 missions, and have at least one citizen left.


Air Pollution (required)

Demolish all the factories, except for one (doesn’t matter which one). Just use the demolish icon when selectin a factory.


Polluted River (required)

Collect 10 grey-colored toxic waste barrels, and dispose of them in the old quarry. Search for the barrels on land and in the water, and in crates and bushes as well. After collecting all the barrels, use TNT on garbage in the river, to clean it.


Cave troubles (required)

Build a lumber camp and upgrade it twice. Now click on the lumber camp again, and buy the fortification option.


Town remodel (required)

Repair all the buildings, build a park, and increase the town’s happiness to 120. If you want to make things a little easier, you can demolish some buildings that you don’t have in use.


Wrongside missions

Unstoppable Flood (required)

Talk to people to start this mission.

Your goal for this mission is to move all the citizens to another town up higher. The easiest way to do this, is to build some resource lumber camps and gold mines, and a market place (for food, buying is faster than growing) to move them up to save heights.


Shaky Dam (required)

Continue the strategy from the first mission, but now take in the specific requests from the citizens. In the end, you will need the following buildings in your new town: an upgraded house, a house with a potted tree in front of it, a market, a park, an upgraded ranch, a bank, a blacksmith, a butcher, and a clothing shop.


Haverbrook missions

Haverbrook (required)

You get two timed assignments, in which you need to gather a number of resources. These are basically more difficult versions of the Market Place challenges, so just apply the same strategies.

In this mission too, the assignments are random, so if you have a very difficult first assignment, you can choose to restart. If you have time left over from your first assignment, use your time to prepair well for the second assignment.


Wolf Market (optional)

When talking to the visitor just outside the market place, you will be given this mission. I found it easiest to take on this mission after finishing on the Haverbrook mission. Find the wolf (use TNT to blow up the fence) that took the guy’s hat, kill it, and return the hat.


Great Train Race mission

Your goal here, is to finish the railroad tracks before the competing team does. Before you start on it, make sure that:

1. all the buildings in your town are repaired

2. your town’s happiness is 200

3. you have purchased the pick axe upgrade

4. you have purchased the train yard upgrade

The key to winning this mission, is to always have at least one, but preferably two people working on the tracks. I found it was easiest to buy a Market Place where you can buy all your needs, and have all your other citizens work on collecting valuables like gold and wood.

When you get the warning that the other team is "at the Final Checkpoint", do not fear. If you assign 3 people to working on the tracks now, you should still be able to win.


Volcano Valley mission

In your main town, you will find a number of large rocks grouped together. Blow them up to find a railroad tunnel. Add more train tracks until you reach the town limits, and you will be approached by Harris Pilton, who wants you to build a new town… on top of a volcano! Your goal for this town is 15 unique buildings, 10 citizens and 180 happiness.

There are some general tips to keep in mind here, since a volcano is not your general environment:

– wells won’t get you any extra water, so build water towers.

– water for wells comes in by train, so make sure the train tracks are not damaged, and if so, quickly repaired.

– water is extremely scarce here, so never fully employ a far, as this will use more water.

– buildings that add happiness are a market place, a bank, a town hall, a bakery, and a hat shop.

– building a sheriff’s office and hiring deputies add happiness to your town, and don’t require food.

– keep your buildings repaired for more happiness.

– building bridges is useless in this town, as they will instantly burn up.