Wedding Dash Tips & Tricks Walkthrough

Check out our Tips and Tricks for Wedding Dash and help Quinn in her wedding planning business.   GENERAL TIPS     Choose seating arrangements carefully. Guests have a preference as to who they like to be seated next to so it's important to seat guests accordingly.     You don't have to seat all the guests the moment they arrive. It's best to wait for a few of them to show up before you start seating them. This will allow you to make sure you …

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Check out our Tips and Tricks for Wedding Dash and help Quinn in her wedding planning business.





  • Choose seating arrangements carefully. Guests have a preference as to who they like to be seated next to so it’s important to seat guests accordingly.



  • You don’t have to seat all the guests the moment they arrive. It’s best to wait for a few of them to show up before you start seating them. This will allow you to make sure you make the best seating choices. Seating guests in the right order can really boost your score and is a major way to earn a lot of points.



  • Read what Quinn is asking for at the beginning of each level. These are clues that will help you advance in that particular level.If Quinn talks about the fact that a lot of people want to sit next to Chloe on that level, make sure that Chloe is always in a middle seat and that she has both seats next to her empty. This allows for other guests to sit next to her. Whenever possible make sure that you place the fastest eaters next to her so that they can leave quickly and make room for others. If Quinn says something about guests wanting to switch tables in the middle of their dinner, leave a few empty spaces next to the most popular characters so that you can earn an extra 100 points every time you do this.



  • Learn certain characteristics of particular guests. For example, Chloe is very popular and a lot of people want to be seated next to her, so try to always seat her in the middle. Uncle Ernie and Betty should always be seated at the end of the table, since not too many people like to sit next to them. Chuck is very impatient and eats really quickly so he’ll be finished eating before anybody else.



  • Do as many combos as possible to earn chain bonus points. Seat all the customers at the same time, then deliver all the presents to the bride and groom at the same time. If while you’re chaining you deliver something to a guest incorrectly, it will delete the next moves you had already planned, so just continue from that point on.



  • The food is served in a certain order: appetizers followed by the entree and topped off with desserts. Try to get all the appetizers out of the way at the same time etc, since you know what’s coming next you should be able to predict what the guests are going to request, so grab the next food order in advance.



  • In some levels the guests will ask to be seated next to somebody different after they’ve already been seated. If you’re able to achieve this you will get an extra 100 points. It’s not always so easy to do but it can be done if you plan accordingly. Keep an eye out for who they want to seat next to and as soon as the spot is cleared, drag that guest next to the person they wish to be next to. If you don’t do it in time, they will eventually ask for the rest of their food. You will not lose points if you don’t re-seat them but you will not earn any either.



  • If the tables are too crowded and you are not able to switch customers to a different table, you can pick them up as if you were about to switch them and then drop them back in their seats. This will make them go back to ordering their next menu item and it will help you maintain the chaining bonuses. There are no penalties for doing this, but you won’t get the 100 points for re-seating them either. On the good side, however, you can extra points because your chaining bonuses will not be interrupted.



  • When there is a wedding crisis, let Quinn attend to it immediately. If there is more than one crisis at hand, you can link them together and she will attend to them in the order that you clicked them. You can get 200 points for every crisis that you take care of. You cannot get a chaining bonus for this. Don’t wait too long because the bride and groom will be very unhappy if you don’t avert the crisis.



  • You are given several types of upgrades throughout the game; some will help you better than others in obtaining an "expert score". You can add comfier chairs so that your guests will be patient longer. You can extend the length of your table to accommodate more food. An extra 10 points or so can be added to the total of each desert that you serve. You can also get the waitress to walk faster and the chef to cook faster as well. It is always a good idea to choose the faster chef when it is available. If the faster chef is not available, the next best choice would be either for the waitress to be faster or to add extra money per each particular item that you serve.



  • There are 9 different wedding crises that can occur, and that Quinn has to attend to them immediately in order to keep the bride and groom happy. There’s Aunt Ethel who likes to cry a lot and needs to be consoled, Uncle Ernie who’s always getting drunk and making a nuisance of himself and needs to be stopped, and of course a wedding would not be complete without the bridesmaids fighting, just to name a few. When these disasters occur, you can make an extra $200 per incident if you send Quinn out to handle it in a timely manner.



  • If you pick up an item that nobody wants you have 2 choices as what to do with it. You can discard it but it will cost you 50 points for every item that you throw away, or you can hold on to it until somebody requests that particular item. If you hold on it you will only be able to carry one other item in your hand for the remaining guests until you can deliver that extra item. This is only good to do if you know that the item you’re holding will be requested by somebody very soon.



  • You can still reach an "expert score" even if you don’t sit people next to who they want. Seat as many guests next to each other as you can, and when you are no longer able to do that, you can wait until the presents appear on the table and then sit the unwanted guests next to them. Sometimes it’s better to just get them seated and then concentrate on chaining bonuses rather than to risk them waiting for a table and costing you points the unhappier they get.



  • As soon as you sit the last guest concentrate on getting chain bonuses. Pick up and deliver all the gifts to the bride and groom. Then you can serve all the appetizers and the rest of the orders at the same time. The bigger the chain, the bigger the bonus.



  • Serving drinks, giving music requests to the DJ, and taking care of the 9 different wedding crises that occur can all earn you an extra 200 points per incident, but there will not be any multipliers for doing several of these at one time. Use your champagne and the confetti to keep large groups of people happy at one time. There are between 1 and 3 bottles of champagne at certain rounds so use them when they are most effective. It’s best to wait until the majority of the guests start having a red jagged edge over their heads. The confetti machine takes a long time to load up, so it’s best to use it when you have a lot of people that are seated so that you can maximize its effect.



  • In any level if you feel like there’s no way you’re going to meet your goal, you can restart the game from the beginning of that particular day.



  • If you’re trying to maintain your chain bonuses by serving all the same foods at once, it’s a good idea to give priority to the guests that have the jagged edge bubble over their heads because that means that they are getting impatient. When the guests get impatient you start losing points.



  • In the last few levels, a lot of people will get impatient and there’s not much you can do after you run out of champagne except let them wait and get to them as fast as you can. You will still be able to get an "expert score" if you maintain your chaining bonuses and serve drinks along with taking care of all the wedding crises. Your instinct may be to get frazzled, but try to remain calm and take care of everything else. It may seem that because you are losing a lot of points that you will not make it but that’s not always the case. That is why it’s important to chain orders as much as you can.



  • In order to score extra points you have to read the invitations very carefully. Pay attention to the preferences of the bride and groom. If you make the correct choices you can earn anywhere from 100-300 points before you even start the game. Keep in mind that in some cases there are more than one correct answer. In most cases it has to do with the food choices not the honeymoon spots.



  • Level 3.1 reads:" Betty will be coming to the wedding, she’s known for being a snob. Lots of guests will specifically request to not sit near her". Since a lot of people don’t want to sit near Betty, you will have to seat her last. Since the majority of people do not want to sit next to her on this level, proper planning is critical. Start seating the other guests in the seat that is next to the last one, as soon as you see their gift appear on the table, place Betty on their left, so that Betty is seating at the end of that table. Always seat somebody else before you sit Betty.






  • You can achieve an "expert score" if you do the following: You should be able to seat the first wave of guests at the same time. Wait until the room is pretty full and start filling out the guests’ requests for who they would like to be seated next to. As soon as you see that the guests that are waiting start to show a red jagged edge around their bubbles, give them some champagne to keep them happy. If you wait too long you will lose 50 points every 45 seconds or so for every unhappy guest.



  • Now you need to start chaining things to get the max amount of points. Deliver all the gifts at once, then start serving the appetizers followed by the entrees and desserts. Even if someone is ready for the next course before you finish, let them wait so that you do not break up the chain of events. As soon as you’re ready to serve the next course, go to the guests that have jagged edges around their bubbles because that means that they have been waiting the longest for their food.



  • Before you seat the last few guests you should have an extra bottle of champagne left — give it to them before you seat them to give them an extra boost. As you start to seat the second wave of diners, fill as many seating requests as you can. When you can’t accommodate anybody else’s choice just start placing them anywhere. It’s better to lose a few points than to leave them waiting too long and lose points every few seconds. You will be able to make up lost points by making sure that you chain the gift giving and the food servings.



  • Don’t forget to serve drinks and avert wedding disasters in between serving guests.





  • Wait for at least 6 guests to arrive before you start seating them. Since there will be a lot of people coming at once it’s best to seat them by types. Try to fill the guests requests around the guests that are the most impatient and eat the fastest, like Chuck, Bob and Al (You can learn more about the guests and their temperaments in the help menu of the game). Start giving champagne as soon as you see the bubbles over their heads with red jagged edges to keep everyone calm. There will be many wedding disasters and requests for drinks, get as many of those as you can to help you achieve an "expert score".




  • In this level Uncle Ernie will get drunk quite a bit and you will have a lot of wedding crises to avert so take care of them quickly. Anticipate your next move, if you’ve just handed out the last appetizers and you know that entrees are next grab 2 entrees until the guests request it. This will save you a little time in delivering orders. As usual chaining bonuses are very important in beating this level and in all levels.





  • You should be able to seat the majority of guests next to their preferred choice. Wait until all the tables are full, there may be one or 2 people that don’t get their wish but that’s not a problem — just sit them anyway. By the time you have everybody seated the confetti machine should be ready, so use it before you start serving appetizers to give everyone a boost. By the time you finish serving all the appetizers the guests that are waiting to be seated will be agitated, give them a boost of champagne. Before you start serving cake, give the waiting guests another boost of champagne so that they will be calmer by the time you seat them.



  • Because there are so many people to take care of at once, it’s best to deliver the food to the most impatient people first (ones with jagged edges around their bubble). This will help you maintain chain bonuses without letting anybody get too angry because they have waited too long. Let the guests be upset that you’re taking too long, you’ll make up for it with the chaining bonuses, by serving drinks and averting wedding crises.





  • Seat the women next to their preferred guest as much as possible. Blast the confetti as soon as they’re all seated to give them an extra boost. You may get more than one song request at a time, try to pick up 2 at a time when you can. It will not give you a chaining bonus but it will give you an extra 200 points per record delivered, the same goes for drinks served.



  • Some guests will ask to be seated next to somebody else after you’ve already placed them. Wait until the chair opens up next to the person they want and seat them there, you will get an additional 100 points for doing this. If you’re not able to accommodate them, don’t worry about it, eventually they will just ask for some food. It doesn’t seem to affect your points if you can’t do it, you just will not get that extra 100 points.



  • When the "last guest" sign appears you will probably have anywhere from 4-7 people waiting to be seated. You will lose a few points because they’re tired of waiting but you can make it up by serving drinks, chaining and averting wedding crises. Seat those last guest as best you can next to the person they want and start chaining as much as you can.





  • You should be able to fill most of the tables in the first round. When you have about 4 or 5 empty seats start handing out the gifts to the bride and groom. In the meantime you will get requests for records and drinks, take care of them in between giving gifts. It’s good to have a few empty seats in this round because a lot of the guests will want to change seats once they’ve been seated. By the time you finish serving all the entrees the guests that are waiting should be impatient; give them some champagne.



  • You should have one last bottle of champagne left before you sit the last wave of guests. Use it before you seat them so that they will be a little more patient as you’re serving them.





  • Wait until 7-10 guests have arrived before you seat them because you will have to make the best matches possible in order to advance. You will get a lot of people asking to be changed to another seat after they’ve already been seated, place them as soon as you can for an extra 100 points. A lot of people will get impatient but just chain and serve drinks every time it is requested. In these last rounds those extra 200 points at a time are the only things that will save you. I know I’m repeating this a lot but it’s very important in these last few rounds.





  • Is a little bit different because apparently a lot of the guests have cloned themselves, so there will be a lot of people who look the same and it can get confusing at times. Take time and think before you place since a lot of your points in this round will come from correctly filling guests next to each other. Use plenty of confetti and champagne in this level.





  • Before you start this level make sure you choose the "faster chef " upgrade so that your food will come out faster. Work fast and just keep in mind everything you’ve learned up to this point. Do things in order and chain as much as you can. People will get angry and impatient in this round but the extra 200 points that you get from serving drinks and delivering records should make up for the diners getting short-tempered.



  • First round of seatings: Place Chloe in the middle because a lot of people will be requesting to seat next to her, and place Betty at the end of the table. You should be able to sit 16 guests before you start picking up their gifts. As soon as everybody is sitting down, the confetti machine should be ready so blast them to increase their patience. Pick up all the gifts and deliver them to bride and groom; don’t break the chain even when people start ordering appetizers. Several wedding crises and drink orders will happen while you are delivering the gifts; take care of them as they will not break your chain. Serve all the appetizers, starting with the people that look the most impatient, so that you can keep them from losing their temper, then serve everybody else. Blast some champagne on the guests that are waiting in order to keep them calmer. Serve all the entrees, then the cakes to the guests that eat the fastest, so that you can make room for all the guests that are waiting.



  • Second round of seatings: Seat the next row of guests. As soon as you sit them, blast some confetti on them so that they can be more patient while you’re serving them. Leave a few empty seats so that you can accomodate the guests that want to switch tables.Try to honor as many seating arrangements as possible; when you can’t do it anymore just sit them wherever you can. Deliver the gifts and serve appetizers, again starting with the impatient ones first. As soon as you begin with the entrees give them some confetti, give some champagne to the people that are waiting in line. A lot of people will be upset but don’t worry about it: you will still be able to obtain an "expert score" in this round. Keep the chains going by serving all the entrees and the desserts all at once.



  • Third and final seating: While people are eating cake and leaving, seat your last customers. As soon as they’ve all been seated, blast them with confetti and pick up their gifts. Serve appetizers all in a row and halfway through entrees give them their last blast of confetti.




    If you don’t want to know the correct selections to make after you’ve read the invitations, stop reading now. For a breakdown level by level of the correct answers, read on:


    1.1 tower callas, crackers and cheese, chicken

    1.2 beef, romantic marble cake, Kauai

    1.3 shrimp, classic white, Madrid

    1.4 spring basket, asparagus, chicken

    1.5 shrimp, halibut, Yosemite

    1.6 winter rose, Fettuccine Alfredo, strawberry cake

    1.7 Fettuccine Alfredo, buttercream dream, Bahamas

    1.8 roses bloom, shrimp scampi, Pesce alla Romana

    1.9 vintage roses, London broil, cocoa heaven

    1.10 brie, lemon chiffon cake, Paris


    2.1 quiche, vegetable stir-fry, Smokey Mountains

    2.2 crackers, beef, spring basket

    2.3 daisies, lemon chiffon cake, New York City

    2.4 winter rose, shrimp, buttercream

    2.5 skewers, London broil, cocoa heaven

    2.6 asparagus, romantic marble cake, Kauai

    2.7 winter rose bouquet, strawberry delight, Chicago

    2.8 shrimp, beef, Athens

    2.9 callas, buttercream dream, Yosemite

    2.10 asparagus, vegetable stir-fry, carrot walnut cake


    3.1 callas, asparagus, halibut

    3.2 vintage roses, ahi with mango salsa, buttercream dream

    3.3 shrimp, chicken, Venice

    3.4 vintage roses, organic cake, Madrid

    3.5 vegetable stir fry, romantic marble cake, Los Angeles

    3.6 daisies, shrimp, ahi

    3.7 steak, lemon chiffon cake, Boulder

    3.8 skewers, Fettuccine Alfredo, cocoa heaven

    3.9 quiche, Fettuccine Alfredo, Zimbabwe

    3.10 winter rose, asparagus, Kauai


    4.1 crackers, halibut, Boston

    4.2 asparagus, halibut, strawberry delight cake

    4.3 spring basket, classic white, Bermuda

    4.4 romantic elegance, classic white, Himalayas

    4.5 asparagus, stir-fry, marble cake

    4.6 callas, lemon chiffon, San Francisco

    4.7 daisies, asparagus, Fettuccine Alfredo

    4.8 spring basket, crackers and bleu cheese, BBQ steak

    4.9 winter rose, quiche, strawberry delight cake

    4.10 vintage roses, romantic marble cake, Belize


    5.1 Sicilian shrimp scampi, chardonnay chicken, Kauai

    5.2 garlic shrimp, filet mignon, Kenya

    5.3 summer splendor grande, brie with crackers, romantic marble cake

    5.4 tower callas, grilled asparagus, Mt. Fuji

    5.5 cilantro lime shrimp, rosemary chicken, Argentina

    5.6 grilled lemon halibut, buttercream dream, Los Angeles

    5.7 chicken skewer, Fettuccine Alfredo, Tanzania

    5.8 filet mignon, cocoa heaven, Rome

    5.9 asparagus, ginger salmon, Paris

    5.10 Fettuccine Alfredo, cocoa heaven, Himalaya

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