Wedding Dash: Ready, Aim, Love! Tips Walkthrough

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Welcome to our strategy guide for Wedding Dash: Ready, Aim, Love!


Quinn is a top notch wedding planner in diner town and you will help her successfully run 55 wedding receptions from choosing the cake to feeding the last guest.  Quinn has learned that there is a cancellation at the wedding venue of her dreams the "Cloud Nine Resort" and has booked and paid for her wedding on New year’s eve to the unsuspecting love of her life wedding photographer "Joe."

With only 8 weeks until the wedding, she needs some back up help fast. Cupid is in Flo’s diner for an Espresso and is obviously stressed out and behind quota. Quinn has a brilliant idea that will help them both and decides to strike a deal. If she can complete forty weddings for him Cupid will shoot Joe with his arrow and a proposal will soon follow…or will it?


  • You start off by reading an introduction to each couple and are given a list of preferences for their wedding reception. Then you are taken to a screen where you must choose 3 to 4 items and you are given a budget. If you choose the correct items and stay under budget you will earn "love tokens" that you may spend on upgrades to help you successfully complete the levels.
  • Then you are taken to the actual wedding reception screen where you will be given a description of the upcoming potential complications and introductions to various guests that will attend the reception.
  • Each guest has a specific preference and behavior pattern that makes the game more challenging. The guest appear in line at the top right of the screen and you use the mouse to click on them and while holding the left mouse button down dragging them to the appropriate table seating them strategically based on the thought bubble above their head that will tell you who they prefer to sit by or who they do not wish to sit next to.
  • The guests come in waves and there is a varying number of tables at each reception. Each table is adorned with a symbol such as hearts, stars or angel halos and you must seat them according to their preference. Once a guest is seated you will bring them an appetizer, entree, and a piece of wedding cake.
  • Flo is your waitress and you will control her and Quinn during the game. Flo will serve all the food, deliver gifts to the gift pile, bring glasses of punch to a guest if requested and will take music requests to the DJ. Quinn activates when a potential wedding disaster begins to happen of which there are several.
  • Once a disaster starts a star will highlight and a sound will go off to alert you.  If you can get Quinn there fast enough you will earn big points for "disaster averted."
  • There are several ways to play each level and following the wishes of each guest while diverting disasters all over the place will earn you big points.
  • Each level has a "goal" and an "expert goal" stated at the beginning of each level and at the bottom of the screen. You can chain activities such as seating, taking gifts, serving food, etc and the more of these items you do in a row the more points you will earn.
  • There are seating bonuses for seating people where they wish and there are big point bonuses in giving wedding favors, punch bowl requests and taking music request to the DJ.
  • Buying upgrades is an important strategy to the game and you must decide at each level which upgrade to purchase.
  • If you make a mistake you can throw items away in the trash bin but points will be deducted for every discarded item.
  • The game is completed when the last guest has had his or her cake and moves to the dance floor.
  • If you fail to meet your objective or if the bride or guests become too unhappy points will begin to deduct from your score and if it becomes a complete disaster, your bride will turn into "Bridezilla" and the groom will become "Groom Kong" (which is not a pretty sight) and you will be forced to do the level over again until successful.



"Bridezilla" and "Groom Kong" appear when you fail to make them happy.

Reception Guests and Their behaviors


Always the best man, Jason loves to flirt with bridesmaids and can do a mean running man on the dance floor. He eats very fast and angers quickly if you don’t bring his food right away. It’s best to get him on the dance floor as quickly as possible.


This flower child is calm and doesn’t mind waiting in line. She is a popular guest at every reception and people frequently ask to sit next to her.

The Bridesmaids

These girls "Molly, Kelly and Nelly" are the best of friends and love to sit together. They frequently giggle and carry on requiring Quinn to keep them in line. While they love to sit together, they certainly don’t mind flirting at the cocktail table with a cute bachelor.

Herb and Greg aka "The Twins"

These brothers are identical but always have different ideas of where to sit and who to sit by. Hopefully you can make them both happy. If you serve one you better serve both as they get very angry and jealous if not dealt with at the same time.


This is the "Grandpa" of the group and he is a sweet man that is very patient. He doesn’t mind waiting in line or for his food and loves to chat with Rosy and Zoe. He is though going deaf and becomes confused at times. He won’t show you his thought bubble so you will have to pay special attention to what you serve him to keep things moving along.

Uncle Billy

This man loves to eat! He always has two of everything when he eats so you have to be on your toes with him.


The resident hunk that the bridesmaids swoon over. He loves to sit at the cocktail table and flirt with the bridesmaids for bonus points.

Aunt Rosy and Jax

She’s stylish and trendy and never seen without her puppy Jax in her arms. She LOVES to gossip so be careful who you seat.


Cute little dog with a whiny bark. Has an overbearing owner he frequently runs away from. Loves to chew on microphone cords too.

Mother of the Bride

This is the woman you don’t want to upset. She has very specific ideas of where she wants to sit and you will have to work to find out where that is. ( Lift her and place her over a seat to see if there is a heart or a broken heart in the thought bubble if it is a full heart you can sit her there. If none are available it’s best to sit her at a cocktail table until one becomes available.)


He isn’t a guest, he is a wedding crasher! If he shows up in line drag him out the door. If you seat him you will lose points.


She is Clyde’s sister and loves to crash weddings like her brother. Drag her out the door and do not seat her or you will lose points.

Potential Disasters

"Gifts Topple over" –  Cupid sometimes loses control of the gift table. Run Quinn over to help him out. (100 points)

"Aunt Rosy’s Dog disappears" –  If Jax runs away you must find him and drag him back to her. The faster the better! (160-190 Points)

"Mess at the Table" – Some people are really messy and you will have to send Quinn to help with the clean up. (100 points)

"Cupid’s arrow hits the cook" – He is now unable to work!  Send Quinn over to snap him out of the love spell. (100 points)

"Birds at the buffet table" – This wont do! Send Quinn over to shoo them away. (100 points)

"Jax chews through Microphone cord" – Send Quinn to fix this situation or the sound will drive the guests crazy! (100 points)

"Bridesmaids out of line" – They giggle and make a scene – Girls will be girls! Send Quinn over to the table to calm things down. (100 points)

"Wedding Crashers" – Bonnie and Clyde love to crash weddings. (See images above) Take them out of line and out the door for 100 bonus points.

Upgrades and their Functions  – The cost of the upgrades vary per venue and are purchased using "Love Tokens" earned during each level and during the Cupid Mini game. There are several choices available to you. The best strategy for purchasing upgrades are increase Cook’s speed, increase Flo’s speed, Cherub helpers, chimes, guest comfy chairs, cocktail tables, coffee pot, and last you should increase Quinn’s speed. (I have won games without ever increasing her speed so it is not wise to waste tokens on this upgrade.)

Chef’s Speed

Kiss The Cook Apron  – "This apron will make our dear chef feel so loved that he’ll work faster than ever."

Luv2Cook Kitchen Tools – "Sharper knives and better pans for meals cooked faster than ever."

Flo’s Speed

Light on your Feet – "If love can’t do it, these shoes will make Flo light on her feet for swifter service."

In a Heartbeat – "These shoes exist for one reason only: crank Flo’s service speed until each plate is delivered in a heartbeat."

Flo’s Helping Hands

Winged Helper – "Cupid’s cousin, a cute cherub, gives Flo a hand and carries a third plate when needed."

Winged Helper’s Twin – "The Cherub’s twin brother joins in, allowing Flo to carry a fourth plate if needed."

Guest Comfort

Cupid’s Comfy Seats – "Cupid sprinkled a little magic on our chairs to increase the patience of all seated guests."

Cozy Love Seats – "Larger and more comfortable, these chairs increase the patience and eating speed of all seated guests."

Love Chimes

Cheerful Bells – "Get a bell that calls a cherub to give a boost of happiness to all the guests."

Blissful Bells – "Call up to three cherubs to give a boost of happiness to all of the guests."

Heavenly Joy Bells – "Cherubs take turns giving boosts of happiness to all the guests."

Cocktail Tables

Cocktail Table  – "At this mingling (and matching) spot, guests can wait a little bit longer to be seated."

Cocktail Table Deluxe – "Boost the patience of the guests even more at the cocktail table."

Coffee Machines

Caffeine Lovers Coffee Maker – "Every cup of this succulent coffee gives Flo a boost of speed."

Instant Crush Coffee Maker – "These freshly ground coffee beans give Flo an instant boost. And each cup is brewed faster!"

Cupid’s Espresso Machine – "Busy as he is, Cupid can’t do without his espresso machine! The coffee’s speed boost is now available in a flash."

Quinn’s Speed

Gliding Shoes  – "Quinn moves twice as fast in these shoes, thanks to Cupid’s knowledge of aerodynamics."

Seraphim’s Shoes – "With these shoes on, Quinn will be flying for sure!"

Game Bonuses

"Chaining Bonus"  Earn points for chaining your actions. Do as many similar actions in a row as you can for maximum points.

"Seating Bonus" -Seat guests where they want to sit and by who they choose to sit by and you will earn many extra points.

"Flirt Bonus" – Seat bridesmaids, Brian and Jason at cocktail tables for maximum points.

"Wedding Favor Bonus"

When this becomes available place a wedding favor every chance you get at an empty seat. 200 points for every one.

"Speech Bonus" – When someone wants to make a speech bring them the microphone for 200 speech points.

"Move around bonus" – If someone wants to move to another seat do it for major points. If you can place a wedding favor there first even better!

"Punch Bonus" – Bring them a glass of punch if the request it for 200 points.

"Music Request" – Bring a guests music request to the DJ for 200 points.

"Disaster Averted Bonuses" – (See above) Have Quinn avert any potential disaster for major points.

Tips and Tricks

  • Chain, chain, chain! The more things you do in a row the more points you will earn.
  • Go for bonuses whenever offered right away.
  • Jason is very impatient if you can seat him first and get him on the dance floor quick you can empty seats fast for others.
  • When you have the wedding favors place one every time you can. Do not place guests in a seat until a favor is there. Use the chimes to keep people in line longer.
  • Use Brian and Jason with the bridesmaids for flirt bonuses.
  • If a person has a request to not sit next to someone sit them in a seat with no one next to them. After the thought bubble disappears and the gift appears, you can sit anyone next to her without consequence and you will still get your point bonus.
  • If Jax runs away check the upper and lower right and lower left as these are his favorite hiding spots.
  • If you make a mistake try not to use the trash bin as there are points deducted. Hold the item for the next person that needs it if you have a free hand to work with.
  • Placing Norbert at the ends of tables helps you to keep track of him.
  • Increasing Quinn’s speed is an upgrade you don’t have to waste tokens on. Don’t buy this upgrade until all others are purchased.
  • Keep the Mother of the Bride at a cocktail table until a seat becomes available she is happy with. Place a wedding favor before you seat her.

Game Level Guide

Here you will find a level by level breakdown with tips specific to the level and the correct answers to the bride and groom’s requests.

Level 1.1
Scott and Stephanie – "Prefer white items"

Tutorial in this level.

Couple’s preferences – "Princess white", "White Cheddar Crisps" and "Delicate Ivory"

Level 1.2
Ayesha and Saleem – "Prefer Fall Colors"

Couple’s preferences – "Golden Caramel Cupcakes", "Autumn Spice Chicken", and "Spicy Pumpkin"

In this level you are introduced to guests that request NOT to be seated next to certain members.

Level 1.3
Lani and Chris – "Prefer things that remind them of Mexico"

Couple’s preferences – "Mesa Rosa", "Mexican Chocolate", and "Tortilla Soup"

Here you will meet "Aunt Rosy" and her puppy "Jax" She loves to gossip so be careful not to seat her next to someone already slow such as Norbert as she will slow him down even more.


This game is found between levels 1.3 and 1.4 where a perfect chain score of 10 will earn you a medal at, 2.4 and 2.5, 3.4 and 3.5, 4.3 and 4.4, and the beginning of the 5th venue where a perfect chain score of 20 will earn you a medal at

Play the mini game by using the mouse to control Cupid’s arrow. As you hold down the left mouse button the intensity of the shot increases and decreases so you will need to use the right timing. Look at the couples at the bottom left of the screen and shoot them in that order. The more you hit in a row, the more points you will earn. If you are a member of and submit your high scores you will earn a medal for you game progress at their site.

Level 1.4
Mari and Clay – "Prefers items with citrus"

Couple’s Preferences – "Lemon Mousse", "Zesty Salmon Crackers", and "Orange Whip."

This level is pretty straightforward. You will see that Rosy is losing Jax a lot more in this level. Be sure to have Quinn calm her down and you will find and return Jax as quickly as possible. His favorite hiding places are upper and lower right side of screen and lower left side of screen. You will hear the dog whining and Rosy crying when this disaster begins.

Level 1.5
Heather and John – "Sky themed items"

Couple’s preferences – "Heavenly Angel Food", "Blue Breeze Float", and "Dawn on the Clouds."

In this level you have a cocktail table. This is great for seating guests until a spot comes available for them or if you want to form a flirt bonus (Molly and Jason are a good combination for bonuses) The table decreases a guest’s anger by a small amount. Two guests can sit at the table at once and you can upgrade the table for more patience with love tokens.

Level 1.6
Anna and Robert – "Pink and Purple items"

Couple’s Preferences – "Rose Ganache", "Raspberry Kiss", and "Shooting Star."

Be sure to seat Jason and Molly at the cocktail table before seating them anywhere else for maximum points utilizing the flirt bonus.

Level 1.7
Christine and Dennis – "Two "Sea" items, One "Sun" item."

Couple’s Preferences – "Ocean Dream", "Heat Wave Calypso", and "Smoked Salmon with Gouda"

In this level you will meet "Uncle Billy" He loves to eat and requires two plates of every kind of food. Be sure to seat him early and tend to him quickly. If you like to group people in groups of 4 or 8 at a time, count him as two people to maximize efficiency.

Level 1.8
Helen and Freddie – " Underwater Adventure. Freddie wants fruit whenever possible."

Couple’s Preferences – "Undersea Fantasy", "Cherry Berry Blitz", and "Orange Glazed Pork."

Here you are introduced to the "Punch Bonus" If any guest asks for a glass of punch you will earn 200 points for bringing it to them. Doing so does NOT break a chain so you can always serve it to them whenever it is requested.

Level 1.9
Kelley and Rich – "No frills, No veggies"

Couple’s Preferences – "Marine Green", "Double Chocolate Fudge", and "Cajun Shrimp Skewers."

In this level you have a coffee maker which makes coffee for Flo the waitress. Click on it anytime a cup appears to give her a huge burst of speed. There are a lot of requests for punch in this level and Jax gets lost many times so be on your toes.

Level 1.10
Tiffany and Frank – "Funky wedding. No green items"

Couple’s Preferences – "Crazy Cupcake Tower", "Groove Factory", and "Pineapple Mango Madness."

Make sure you give Flo a lot of coffee in this level. There are many punch requests and opportunities for flirt bonuses at the cocktail tables.

Level 1.11
Nadia and Cooper – "Prefers fruit"

Couple’s Preferences – "Pineapple cake", "Apple drink", and "Ocean tablecloth."

Make sure you make as many flirt bonuses with Jason as you can to obtain and expert score in this level.

Level 2.1
Jie and Hung – "Cold colors consisting of blue, green and violet. Hung wants a chocolate cake."

Couple’s Preferences – "Sea Foam", "Chocolate Dreams", and "Blueberry Chill"

Here you meet the "Bridesmaids" that will hang out with Molly. Nelly is a blond in a yellow dress and Kelly is a brunette in the green dress. Be sure to place them at the cocktail table with Jason whenever possible.

Level 2.2
Brooke and Caleb – "Groom prefers home-made items, bride prefers the "finest in wedding fashion"

Couple’s Preferences – "Chocolate Trend", "Veggies a la Mode", and "Aunt Betty’s Design."

In this level be sure to seat all bridesmaids next to each other, utilize the cocktail table as much as possible and get Jason out of there as fast as you can to make room for others. Be sure to seat him for a flirt bonus before you seat him at the tables.

Level 2.3
Isobel and Branden – "Requires one yellow, two green items, one item representing summer."

Couple’s Preferences – "Bathing in Sunlight", "Key Lime Chiffon", and "Southern Greens Soup"

Use Jason to build as many flirt bonuses as possible in this level.

Level 2.4
Wanda and Ian – "One white item, Asian themed wedding."

Couple’s Preferences – "Rising Sun", "Geisha’s Bouquet", and "White Gradient."

In this level you are introduced to a new bonus item. "Speech Bonus" There is a microphone at the bottom left near Quinn and when someone wants it, a thought bubble will appear with a microphone in it. Click on the microphone first, then the person requesting it and Quinn will bring it to them. If several people ask at once, which happens frequently either give it in order of request if you know it, or give it to the most impatient person first and so on. There are several punch requests and opportunities for flirt bonuses in this level as well.

If you can make 10 consecutive hits you will qualify for a medal at the game developer’s site

Level 2.5
Seana and Ryan – "Bride requests pink, Groom requests blue, should compromise on one of each plus one mix (purple)"

Couple’s Preferences – "Violet Bouquet", "Blue Breeze Float", and "Blushing Bride."

Continue what you are doing in earlier levels and this one should be easy to complete.

Level 2.6
Su and William – "Wedding reception should reflect their Thai heritage."

Couple’s Preferences – "Bangkok Pearl tablecloth", "Thai Princess cake", and "Curry Coconut Soup."

In this level Brian is introduced to the game. He is the "dreamy hunk" and flirts with all the ladies…especially Zoe. Be sure to seat Brian and Zoe at the cocktail tables every chance for maximum points.

Level 2.7
Sidney and Thomas –  "Requests a pink, yellow, and white item."

Couple’s preferences – "Luscious Lemon cake", "Cosmic Love drink", and "Delicate Ivory tablecloth."

In this level the chimes are available. The chimes will make everyone at the reception happy if Quinn rings them. There are 3 levels of upgrade available for the chimes and getting them as soon as you can will be highly beneficial as you can take much longer to seat the guests and concentrate on making matches and flirt bonuses.

Level 2.8
Kaylee and Luke – "Two "star-themed" items and something energetic."

Couple’s Preferences – "Stardust Cupcakes", "Get It Grooving! band", and the "Shooting Star."

Use the chime upgrade to keep the waiting guests happy.

Level 2.9
Jennifer and Sergey – "Nothing Southern flavored, white, or related to night time."

Couple’s preferences – "Violet Bouquet cake", "Pickup Truck Brothers", and "Fancy Spinach Rolls."

In this level you are introduced to the Wedding Crasher named "Clyde" (See image above) He blends in well so be careful. When you see him in line pick him up and take him to the upper right corner where the sign with the arrow is placed. (HINT – When a wedding crasher is in the room, the sign shakes back and forth.) If you accidentally seat Clyde, you will have many angry guests and points will be deducted. If you seat him you can still pick him up and kick him out.

Level 2.10
Molly and Bernie – "Would like something dreamy but no meat, fish, or flowery stuff."

Couple’s preferences – "Sunny Reverie", "Flojito", "Cheese and Fruit plate."

Remember to make long chains in this level and be ready to make flirt bonuses at the tables.

Level 2.11
Candy and Robin – " You can make any four choices for this wedding and you will be correct!"

Couple’s preferences – Any four of the listed items.

In this wedding you have all women so there are NO flirt bonuses. Make sure to chain as much as possible and anticipate the needs of your guests.

Level 3.1
Ken and Maryann –"Request the colors of India’s flag. Orange, white and green."

Couple’s preferences – "Minty Madness", "Mandarin Orange Splash", "Delicate Ivory."

In this level you are introduced to "The Twins" aka "Greg and Herb." The twins always do everything together. They sit together so you will have to always leave 2 spaces empty for them when seating others. When you serve them you must serve them together or they become angry and points will deduct from your score. They eat very quick and are easily angered. Be sure to match both of their seating requests whenever possible by clicking on them and moving the mouse right to left to change their positions.

Level 3.2
Maeve and Kenny – "Select two Celtic items, one flowery item, and avoid the color pink."

Couple’s Preferences – "Wild Flowers Bouquet", "Triskelion Delight", "Brighid’s Special."

In this level you will be asked to take music requests to the DJ at the bottom right of the screen. Flo will take them not Quinn so be mindful of that as you begin this new bonus.

Level 3.3
Aimee and Lance – "Requests items that please family members. Need something purple, fruits and veggies, and nothing from the outdoors."

Couple’s preferences – "Luscious Lemon", "Minestrone", "Saturday Night Glitter."

Keep an eye on the twins in this level. Some have seating preferences for location and some for guests.

Level 3.4
Tori and Silas – "Couple wants to be reminded of their engagement and surrounded by flowering willows, sunshine and fish."

Couple’s preferences – "Bathing in Sunlight", "Weeping Joy Flowers", "Whitefish on Cheese."

Level 3.5
Elizabeth and Matt – "Romance, detective, and sci-fi themed items to represent the couple’s love of literature."

Couple’s preferences – "Leagues Under the Sea", "Holmes’ Treat", "Austen’s Pride."

In this level you are introduced to the "Mother of the Bride" or "MOB." She is a very picky woman and there is a question mark in her thought bubble as you have to figure out where she prefers to be seated. Grab her with the mouse and hover her over the empty seats without letting go. You will see either a broken heart or a full heart. If there is a full heart that means she will be happy with that seat. Sometimes there is only one table and sometimes more than one. You will receive a point bonus for seating her where she wishes. Also if you have no tables she wants to sit at, place her at the cocktail table until one becomes available. It is not unusual to see several MOBs in one level.

Level 3.6
JoAnn and Xander – " The couple only wants items that are a "secondary color."

Couple’s preferences – "Violet Bouquet", "Love’s Flame", "Fancy Spinach Rolls", "Cinnamon Twist."

You will need to use the chimes frequently in this level to make it to an expert score.

Level 3.7
Ceann and Brian – "Requests a simple wedding: no ruffles, luxuries, or citrus fruit."

Couple’s preferences – "Just Reeled In", "Berry Chocolate", "Minestrone", "Blupolitan."

This level introduces another bonus item. Jax the dog likes to chew on the microphone cord causing it to short out and there is an awful feedback sound. When this happens send Quinn to fix it right away for a point bonus. Also, in this level you will need to be sure to seat all the MOB’s first and use the chimes to keep the line happy. Once she is seated then you can seat the others and make large chaining bonuses. Also several flirt bonuses can be made.

Level 3.8
Erika and Tristan – "Requests a balance (2 of each) of refreshing and sizzling (not spicy) items."

Couple’s preferences – "Minty Madness", Heat Wave Calypso" "Fresh Veggie Salad", "Love’s Flame."


"Quinn holding a wedding favor"

In this level you are introduced to the "Wedding Favor" bonus. There are envelopes located at the bottom left near Quinn. There is one at a time and a new one regenerates every few seconds. As soon as it is ready there is a musical tone that plays. Every time you hear the tone, place an envelope at an empty seat and you will gain 200 extra points for each one. If you can seat a MOB in her requested seat with a wedding favor you will earn 350 to 400 points. Also, if anyone wants to change seats be sure to put a favor there before you move them for maximum points. It is worth it to use the chimes and hold people in line until you can put a wedding favor at their seat. Just keep a close eye on the line as there are several wedding crashers in this level.

Level 3.9
Jennifer and Danny – "The Groom requests two "action film" items. The Bride requests something "witchy" and something "flowery."

Couple’s preferences – "Orchid Blossom", "Chocolate Matrix", "Abracadance", "Martini Impossible."

Be sure to use the chime upgrade frequently in this level and if you can upgrade it here it is well worth it to do so.

Level 3.10
Emma and Kyle – "An item from the 70s, bedtime story, down-to-earth item, and NOTHING minty."

Couple’s preferences – "Goldilocks", "Flower Power", "Saturday Night Cooler", "Rooted in Reality."

Be sure to use the wedding favors as much as possible in this level. Especially if you are playing for an expert score as that is the only way to achieve it.

Level 3.11 (BONUS LEVEL)
Lora and Denis – "Requests items that represent romantic couples."

Couple’s preferences – "Flowers of Powhatan", "Romeo’s Sweetheart", "Just Another John Smith", "Capulet’s Punch."

In this level there will be many requests for Rosy and Norbert to sit together. Also there are many speech requests and punch requests. Use the chimes wisely so you can plan out your seating arrangements. If you do not have the maximum upgrade for chimes yet you need to get it as soon as possible to achieve and expert score on this level. Watch for flirt bonuses and you should do just fine.

Level 4.1
Sara and Nico – "Requests 2 middle Eastern items, 1 sparkly item, and something with nuts."

Couple’s preferences – "Egyptian Fruit Pyramid", "Sugar Glitter and Sour, Almond Sauce Chicken, Bedouin Sunset."

There are no upgrades available for purchase in this level.  Here you are introduced to the wedding crasher Clyde’s sister, "Bonnie" She is also a problem for Quinn and the others and she should be promptly removed in the same manner as her brother Clyde. (HINT- When there is a wedding crasher in the room, the sign will move back and forth so keep an eye on it. )

Level 4.2
Kelly and Eric – "Both doctors requesting two healthy foods, no cold colors, an upbeat energetic item."

Couple’s preferences – "Lemon Light", "Floor’s Afire", "Caprese Salad", and "Zippy Mary"

Upgrade the cook’s speed and Flo’s speed here if you have enough love tokens.

Level 4.3
Jean and Michael – "Outdoor inspired items with a balance between hot and refreshing items."

Couple’s preferences – "Bathing in Sunlight", "Meadow’s Dreams", "Saturday Night Cooler", "Hex on the Beach"

In this level you are introduced to Norbert (See image and description above) He is a friendly Grandpa type that is hard of hearing and likes to chat with Rosy. He will not request items in his thought bubble so you will need to anticipate his needs. Placing him at the ends of tables is a helpful way to keep track of him. Be sure to upgrade for an extra hand as soon as you can. (Cherub helper upgrade – see above)


Level 4.4
Christine and Osamuyi – "Requests 2 items from the 30’s to 50’s, 2 calm and soothing items, and no crunchy foods.

Couple’s preferences – "Casablanca", Blueberry Chill", "Exotic Ballad", "Marilyn’s Present"

In this level the majority of your guests are elderly. Watch out for Norbert as his absent thought bubbles can slow you down. If you put them mainly on the ends it seems to help you keep track of them. Also Rosy will request Norbert and Norbert will request Rosy to sit next to him in this game so keep that in mind as you place them in their seats.

Level 4.5
Abigail and Lee – "Circus workers requesting 2 items that evoke the circus, childish items, and no purple or blue items."

Couple’s preferences – "Table Du Soleil", Juggling Hearts", "Alphabet Soup", and "Liquid Lollipop."

In this level there is a new disaster introduced into the game. Now messes will be left at a table and Quinn will have to clean it before someone can be seated in that chair.

Level 4.6
Beverly and Micah – "No fall related items, nothing fishy, family made, or too exciting."

Couple’s preferences -" Meadow’s Dream", Blupolitan", Almond Sauce Chicken", Sleeping Sun"

Upgrade the chimes and use them often in this level.

Level 4.7
Amy and Mark – " Requests 2 Mexican dishes, something minty, something of Flo’s, and nothing too "Avante Garde" or  "weird."

Couple’s preferences – " Mexican Chocolate", "Flojito", "Tortilla Soup", and "Peppermint Coat"

In this level you will be introduced to re-seating requests. Guests will all of a sudden want to sit next to another guest and their picture will appear in the thought bubble. If you can do this be sure to put a wedding favor down first. If there is no way to move them where they want but you have an empty seat, place a wedding favor there and place them in it anyway. You will get the 200 bonus points for the wedding favor and can proceed with the game.

Level 4.8
Shauna and Ethan – " Requesting items reminiscent of their Irish Culture. 2 Green items, 1 Irish Culture item, 1 Irish Pagan God item, 1 Irish Symbol."

Couple’s preferences – "Pot of Gold", "Minty Madness", "Southern Greens Soup", "Brighid’s Special."

Upgrade Coffee machine and use it frequently in this level.

Level 4.9
Solveig and David – "Request items that inspire dreams, sunshine and happiness. 2 Dream items, and NO posh items.

Couple’s preferences – "Meadow’s Dreams", "Classic Sundown", "Smile It Forward", "Sky Blue Dreams."

In this level a new disaster to be averted is introduced. Cupid is shooting his arrow but sometimes misses and hits the cook. When this happens the cook is in a love spell and can’t work causing the kitchen to catch fire and the food to become inedible. When this happens click on the cook and Quinn will run over and snap him out of the love spell. If you are too slow, some food may be destroyed and Flo will have to throw it into the trash bin and points will be deducted before she can proceed.

Level 4.10
Sunny and Brett – "Requests to follow the traditional, "Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue."

Couple’s preferences – "Aunt Dorothy’s Linens", "Avant Chocolate", "Aged Cheese", "Deep Blue."

Buy all the remaining upgrades in this level that you can. There are MANY disasters and available bonuses in this level stay ahead of them and you can earn big points.

Level 4.11 (BONUS LEVEL)
Nancy and Rick – "One item representing a cheerleader, one representing a football player and one representing "victory."

Couple’s preferences -" Fruit Pyramid", "Fly It for Yards", "Sterling Silver Ball."

In this level there are many bridesmaids and Brians. Keep this in mind and always seat Brian in the middle of a table so you can earn many seating bonuses off of him. Use the cocktail tables for flirt bonuses and you will do fine in this level.

This mini game will ask you to attempt to make 20 hits consecutively. If you do so, you will qualify for a medal at

Level 5.1
Neelam and Ryan -"Requests two fancy items and one soothing one."

Couple’s preferences – "Premium Chocolate Deluxe", "Spiffy Veggies", "Ocean Lullaby."

In this level you are introduced to another disaster for Quinn to avert. There are pigeons in the Heavens and they occasionally fly into the foods. If you take care of this quickly by clicking on the birds you will receive a point bonus.  There are no upgrades available in this level.

Level 5.2
Eleanor and Damien – " Items should reflect love, friendship, joy and trust."

Couple’s preferences – "Joys of Caramel", "Cosmic Love", "BFF band", "Shades of Trust."

Level 5.3
Gillian and Wes – "Requesting blends of the colors of the French flag and a non-fat dish that does not include wine."

Couple’s preferences – "Strawberry Passion", "Baby Blue Blues", "Ratatouille", "Twinkle Star."

In this level the chef gets hit with Cupid’s arrow many times and there are multiple people wanting to make speeches. Buy as many upgrades as you can afford in the order listed at the top of the upgrades section.

Level 5.4
Jayda and Austin – "All items must share a common bond as they opted for a dream theme."

Couple’s preferences – "Sunny Reverie", "Chocolate Dreams", "Pie in the Sky."

There are multiple sets of twins in this level be sure to leave two seats empty at each table for them when possible.

Level 5.5
Miina and Jim – "Requesting items that reflect a sense of isolation."

Couple’s preferences – "Oasis Mirage", "Lost Island Punch", "Twinkle Star."

There are several MOBs in this level. Be sure to use the cocktail table to your advantage until you can seat her. Use the wedding favors for maximum points. Upgrade Chimes as much as possible at this point.

Level 5.6
Scarlett and Martin – "Requesting an all floral theme."

Couple’s preferences – "Orchid Blossom", "Floral Fantasy", "Rose Jelly Jink."

In this level you will have multiple requests for Zoe to sit next to Rosy and Jax. Keep this in mind as you seat people. Also Jax will escape many times in this level. You also will have several MOB’s to seat and you should have a wedding favor placed before you seat them for maximum bonus points. You will need to use your chimes to keep the people in line happy while you seat all the MOBs. Toward the end of the level there will be multiple requests to change seats. If you can do so but place a wedding favor first. If you absolutely have no where to put someone due to their seating arrangement, place a wedding favor in an empty spot and move them there. Even though it is not what they requested originally, you will still get the bonus for the wedding favor.

Level 5.7
Alexis and Timmy – "The Couple wants Halloween memories, Vampire-like, and Vampire-proof items."

Couple’s preferences – "All Hallows Cupcakes"," Bloody Celery", "Shrimp and Garlic Butter", "Spicy Pumpkin."

In this level you will see a lot of Uncle Billy. Be sure to count him as two people and place him near the ends of tables when possible to help keep track of him.

Level 5.8
Kirsten and Peter – " Requesting a classical influence, along with the Beatles, psychedelic rock, and Elvis."

Couple’s preferences – "Lucy & Diamonds", "Rainbow & Prisms", "Blue Suede Blues", and "Citrus Quartet."

In this level you will be flooded with MOB’s. Be sure to place wedding favors and use the chimes to your advantage whenever possible. You should score big points on this level if you use the favors and chimes wisely.

Level 5.9
Shelly and Phillip – "Requesting one yellow, one green, and one blue item."

Couple’s preferences – "Pineapple Crumble", "Apple Sour", "Ocean Lullaby."

This level has many bridesmaids in it. Use flirt bonuses and wedding favors to earn big points.

Level 5.10
Lily and Ariel – " Requesting items associated with their names (Lily and Ariel) and the Heavens."

Couple’s preferences – "Nebula" "Floral Fantasy", "In My Arms & Wings."

In this level you should expect a lot of people requesting seating changes. Be sure to place a wedding favor envelope at each one. Use the chimes to buy you some time as you carefully place these items before each seating.

Level 5.11 (BONUS LEVEL)
Talia and Gregory – "Requesting to be prepared for their messy families by selecting dark colors and no sticky fruit or wine dishes."

Couple’s preferences – "Mexican Chocolate", "Turkish Coffee Revised", "Fillet Mignon", "Twinkle Star."

This last level is very long. Make as many long chains as you can keeping all the things you have learned in earlier levels in play.


Congratulations! You have finished the game!”;

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