Wayfinder Tier List – All Classes Ranked

This guide contains our Wayfinder tier list which ranks all classes from best to worst in this exciting ARPG!

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On the hunt or a Wayfinder tier list? You’ve come to the right place! You can find a Wayfinder tier list down below which ranks all of the classes in the game from best to worst – which class will you pick?

Wayfinder is an action-packed RPG that features MMORPG elements. Unlock a variety of powers and choose a path to customise your playthrough. It’s up to you to fight back against the evil that has taken over the world. Play solo or join up with your fellow players as you battle against a wide range of enemies – you’ll be facing bosses, beasts, and more. Gather materials, wield arcane magic, and deal damage with melee attacks.

For more information about Wayfinder, visit the game’s official Steam page. If you’re looking for new games to play, check out our Hawken Reborn tier list, Crab Lab codes, and Memento Mori tier list.

Wayfinder Tier List

Let’s dive in to the tier list.

The Meaning Behind Each Tier

  • S Tier: The best classes in the game at the moment
  • A Tier: If you don’t want to use one of the classses in S tier, the classes in A tier are fantastic replacements
  • B Tier: Not amazing, but can still be used in the game – just don’t expect much!
  • C Tier: You should only be using these classes when you’re new to the game – they’re not great
  • D Tier: Avoid these classes!

S Tier

  • Kyros
  • Niss

A Tier

  • Heroic Kyros
  • Silo

B Tier

  • Venomess
  • Senja

C Tier

  • Wingrave

D Tier

  • There are no classes in D-tier at the moment!

When Will This Tier List Be Updated?

This tier list will be updated when a new class is added to the game. Additionally, if a class receives a nerf or buff in future patches, they may move up or down a tier depending on their stats and abilities. As of right now, the game is brand-new, so we don’t expect to see a new class for a while – still, it’s best to keep your eye out!

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