Water Shooty Guide: Tips, Cheats and Strategies

By Sam Simmons |

Water Shooty is an endless puzzle game where you need to down every single opponent without being shot once. Sounds difficult, but with my advice, you’ll be squirting like a pro!

Water Shooty Tips, Cheats and Strategies

  • Patience. Sticking your neck out as soon as the level starts is a sure-fire way to getting shot. Waiting that half-second or so will guarantee you won’t be shot and will avoid you having to watch another advert, for now.
  • Get Fever Mode! If you fill-up the giant circle on the screen, then you will enter fever mode. This is where you are given an umbrella for a short period, meaning no shots can hit you while you are shooting. To fill up the fever bar, you need to land a certain amount of shots in a short time.
  • Don’t be greedy. Greed is another way for you to get shot. Trying to get in a couple of extra shots is not normally worth your time, mainly because you must start the level over again. You can take risks, just remember that it’s your time wasted at the end of the day.
  • Watch your opponent. As soon as your opponent moves, stop shooting. They don’t just move for fun, meaning when they move they are milliseconds away from shooting at you. Having one eye firmly on your enemy will guarantee that you won’t get shot, as long as you react quickly enough.
  • Don’t shoot first at the boss. Every few levels, they will put you up against a gigantic boy with a water gun. The only way to beat him is to wait for him to reposition before you shoot at him. Peaking while he is firing will only have one outcome unless you have fever mode.
  • Get new stuff. Whether it’s a new dance, skin or gun, you should always be looking to get your hands on something new. This will keep the game more visually appealing and more likely to keep you playing for longer. Plus, it gives you something to aim for in the long run which is always good.
  • Tap! If you tap several times in a row as quick as you can, you’ll notice that you can fill up your Fever bar without even shooting. So, you can stay behind cover tapping, then only come out when you have fever mode active. Be careful, if you tap too many times then you can still be shot.

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