War Commander: Rogue Assault Tips, Cheats and Strategies


War Commander: Rogue Assault is a game that twists a few aspects of the midcore strategy game. While it doesn’t turn things on its head, it does throw a few new ideas into the mix that might make even the most hardened fans of the genre scratch their heads and wonder quite what’s going away.

But don’t scratch too hard, because we’ve got the soothing balm of War Commander: Rogue Assault tips, cheats and strategies to make sure that your scalp remains unchafed and your hair stays as wonderfully on fleek as it is right now.

In this article we’ll walk you through the basics of the game and show you some advancced tricks that’ll ensure your raids are always successful, your defences are often impregnable, and your grunts all shout out army slogans in the same pitch and tone. Actually, probably not that last one to be honest.

The Basics


  • Stick together – In the earlier battles it’s better to keep all of your troops together. Throw them into the fray at the same time and you’ll be able to swamp your enemies before they have a chance to react to your overwhelming numbers.
  • Repair time? – If you’re going into one of the story missions then you’ll need to make sure all of your troops are healed up and ready to attack. If you’re taking on a fellow player, then have a scout and consider whether you’re going to need the full force of your entire army.
  • Scout smart – It might feel like scouting is a waste of time, but you’ll find that there’ll usually be a better route to take. Have a look around and figure out where to drop your troops so they’ll face the path of least resistance to their goal.

Advanced Tactics


  • When the going gets tough – When you get more troops and more options, then you can start using more advanced tactics. Splitting up your troops can work well, and you can use pincer moves and other tricks to try and make sure you’re going to come out on top.
  • Think about where you build – When you’re putting up your defences, the first few will go where you’re told. When you’ve got more options, think about where things are going to go. Look at the weaknesses in bases you’ve attacked and try to cover up the problems that you’ve exploited.
  • Watch the pennies – You’re going to find yourself low on currency a lot of the time, so make sure that everything you’re going to spend is worth while. A good idea is to save your money to upgrade your base of operations, as that will unlock even more options for building and training.

Hints and Tips


  • Focus on the infantry – There’s a good chance that while you’re attacking a turret or some other structure you’re going to get beset by some infantry. Change your focus to these when they come into view because they can do a lot of damage while you’re focusing on something else.
  • Think about your upgrades – Making your soldiers tougher is a pretty big expense. So rather than doing it when you’re playing, do it when you pick the game up after a break. You’ll have earnt cash while you were away and that means the spend isn’t going to be quite to crippling.
  • What are your weaknesses? – Look at the units that are taking the most damage when you’re fighting. What can you do to toughen them up, and is there anything you can replace them with to make your army more formidable. Remember you can have units in reserve and switch them out when you need to have a change in formation.

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