Vulture Island Walkthrough

Vulture Island is a puzzle platformer developed by Donut Games. In this adventure, you take on the role of three different friends that have crash-landed on a remote island and must find a way home by collecting items, solving puzzles, …

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Vulture Island is a puzzle platformer developed by Donut Games. In this adventure, you take on the role of three different friends that have crash-landed on a remote island and must find a way home by collecting items, solving puzzles, and navigating a series of treacherous stages. Gamezebo’s walkthrough will provide you with detailed images, tips, information, and hints on how to make your way through the island’s many challenges.

Vulture Island Tips

    • Each character’s stages and puzzles are their own. This isn’t made especially clear in the game, but there is no crossover between the three characters you control: Paul, Stella, and Alex. If you are trying to solve a puzzle with Paul, you will find the correct item or solution in Paul’s other stages. No item Stella collects will ever be used on Alex or Paul’s islands, and they will never visit the other’s stages. So only Stella will enter the mine, only Paul will visit the village, and only Alex will enter the fairytale forest.
    • There is an end goal for each character. This is another not-obvious aspect of the game, but there is a point for each of the three characters when they are “finished.” Slight spoilers ahead: Paul’s end point is collecting the compass. Stella’s endpoint is collecting the map. And Alex’s official endpoint is also the endpoint of the game: speaking to the hot air balloon owner with all necessary items and 500 gold, although you could consider getting the potion from the witch the endpoint for him if you haven’t done Paul or Stella’s sections yet.
    • Death is not the end… Although Vulture Island is a platformer, there is no lives counter or possible “game over” screen. If your health bar drops to zero, or you fall in a pit / lake, you will be sent back to the map screen and lose a bundle of your collected coins. (If you don’t have any coins, you’ll just stay at zero.) Anything you collected in that level will remain in your possession—so, if you are aiming for a hard-to-reach item and die immediately after getting it, you do not have to go back and get it again.
    • …but it can be annoying. However, if you die or exit a level, any in-stage changes you made will revert. This means if you moved a platform to a preferred location, upon reentering you will have to move it again. A good example of this is in the temple on Paul’s island. There is a door you must open by hitting a switch. Every time you enter the temple, you will have to open this door by hitting the switch.
    • Stuck? Try everything. If you’re unable to move forward but haven’t reached the character’s “end points” mentioned above, return to past stages and try everything. Our walkthrough below can provide specific help, but if you want to figure something out on your own, we recommend you 1) Speak to everyone again – you might receive a new dialogue option or a new answer to an old option (usually a new line of dialogue will appear when an NPC has something new for you, but this is not always the case). 2) Use newly acquired items on all stages. There are a lot of areas where, for example, the flute is needed but there’s no indication of its use or benefit before you actually play it. Just wandering a stage and playing the flute may provide surprising results. And, as with any point-and-click adventure, try items on unexpected targets. Think you have to find oil for that un-oiled machine? Nope, not oil.
    • Many items don’t need to be equipped. Often if an item is used on another object or person in the environment, just interacting with that object or person should present the option to use the item. For instance, to unlock something with a key, you don’t need to equip the key. Tapping on its respective door will present the option to unlock with the key. Other items, however, like the flute, need to be equipped and used directly. The no-equip rule is most useful when interacting with NPCs: if an NPC wants an item that you have, the option to give it to them will automatically appear in dialogue, so there’s no need to equip everything and speak to them repeatedly.
    • And not every item is used. You’ll collect and see some items that will not come into use. Most items you pick up will be used at least once, but there are a few that will not have any purpose. Items you can examine in the environment are often just there as decoration; don’t get too caught up on trying to use something that is not cooperating.
  • The purpose of coins. Coins do have a purpose in the game: to start, there are a few items you will purchase along the way with coins. But ultimately, you will need a large quantity of coins to progress near the end of the game. If you die a lot and run low on coins, you can always grind for more within any level by entering and exiting the stage or the specific room you are in to refresh the coins. But it will be helpful if you build up a reserve before the end to reduce the time spent grinding.
  • You can return to the map a few ways. The first is leaving a level the same way you entered it. The second is exiting a level from the righthand side (or another exit within the stage). The third is exiting to the menu and then re-entering the game: it will save your progress but put you back on the map screen. This is useful if you’re deep in a complex level and don’t want to find your way back out.
  • Note on walkthrough: We’ve written the walkthrough in our recommended character order: Paul, Stella, then Alex. This is what the game seems to expect you to play (you start as Paul and Alex has the very last puzzle), and we think it makes sense from a gameplay perspective. Paul is a good starter character to practice with before playing as Stella and Alex, who have more challenging platforming in their stages. However, you are free to jump around as you see fit at any time and it will not affect your ability to complete the game.
  • Also, for stages: we’ve written stage numbers in the order they appear on the character’s map (so Paul’s first level, with the well, is P1, Alex’s first level, the cave, is A1, etc.) even though you might not enter the stages in numerical order. The first time we mention a stage we will briefly describe it, but will just use the letter/number from thereafter.

Vulture Island Walkthrough

Paul (Green Shirt, Center Island)

    • P1 – Beach with Well: Walk all the way to the right until you see the man in a cage. To get there, you’ll need to hit switches and raise platforms to jump on.
    • Above the caged man is a vase; knock this off the ledge and pick up BANANAS. Leave P1.
    • P6 – Jungle with Gorilla: This is a good stage to stock up on coins. We’ll need 25 coins soon, so collect the four at the beginning (plus one in the vase). Exit and repeat the coin-collection as much as you’d like to stock up.
    • After getting your coins, head right until you see the gorilla. Make sure you have BANANAS equipped. Use the action button to throw a banana at the gorilla.
    • He’ll run at the banana, so be ready to jump out of the way. When he passes under the stone platform, it will move down. You may have to toss him a few bananas to get the platform where you need it.
    • Jump on the platform and toss the gorilla another banana to move it back up. Hit the switch to make another platform appear.
    • Toss some bananas down to the gorilla until the next platform appears. Basically, when he eats a banana, the platforms move. Continue heading right until you come to a man hiding in a cave.
    • Tap on the cave to speak to the man. Select “C’mon! What could possibly happen?” The man comes out of the cave.
    • Tap on him outside the cave to speak. He is struck by lightning. Pick up the SPEARHEAD next to him. Exit back to the map.
    • P5 – Village: Head right in the village, dodging crabs and the goat, until you reach the villager. Speak to him and select “Nice hammer! Can I borrow it?” Then select “Please! I really want to borrow that hammer of yours!”
    • He’ll offer to sell it for 25 coins. Select “It’s a deal!” to get HAMMER. This is Paul’s weapon; you can now attack enemies and break crates.
    • Head right from the villager. Examine the vending machine and insert 2 coins. Nothing happens; try all the options then head back to the villager. Speak to him and ask “Are you in charge of the vending machine?”
    • He’ll give you a code to hack it; return to the vending machine and choose “Push buttons 44332211.” Nothing happens again. Leave the vending machine and head left.
    • Go to the top of the wooden platform left of the villager, where three crates are situated. We need to use these three crates to reach the fourth crate on the far left platform.
    • There are different ways to do this, but we prefer pushing the top crate onto the one on the left, then sliding these two (slowly) onto the second wooden level. Then slide the third on top of these two. If you need to reset the crates, just enter one of the village huts and exit again.
    • Push (slowly) the three-crate stack closer to the box up in the air, then use it to jump on from the upper platform and reach the crate. You’ll need to knock the upper crate down and hit it with your hammer when it lands to get TIN. Note: when you’re not using these crates to reach the tin, they can be smashed for coins and hearts. Two of these crates will always contain hearts, so this is a good place to refill your health if you are low.
    • Equip TIN and go down to the lower level of this wooded platform. Walk to the right until you can see the goat, but don’t get too close or she’ll charge at you.
    • Throw TIN at the goat; she’ll spit up SARDINES IN TOMATO SAUCE. Pick this up and exit the village.
    • P1: Head right and enter the well. Fall down on either the right or left side to land on a platform (there is water at the bottom, so be careful you don’t fall too far).
    • Head right, up, then right, down to reach a vase. Hit it with your hammer and pick up TOTEM HEAD.
    • Leave the well by climbing straight up from the vase area. Leaving the well exits the stage, so re-enter P1.
    • P1: Return to the guy in the cage on the far right side of the level. Talk to him and select “Let’s try using this spearhead to cut you loose!” Talk to the man again after he’s free to get MAGIC FLUTE.”
    • Talk to him again and ask “Do you know the code to the vending machine?” He tells you; exit the stage. P1 is complete.
    • P5: Let’s make a quick trip back to the village. Return to the vending machine and input the code the caged man gave you: “Push buttons 43214321.” You’ll get CHILLED COCONUT. Exit to the map.
    • P3 – Pirate Ship: On the first screen, push the barrel near the door to the left. Equip MAGIC FLUTE and play it. The platform left of the door moves down.
    • Jump from the barrel to the platform, then to the roof above the door. At the right side of the roof, play MAGIC FLUTE again to get the next platform to move left. Jump on and play the flute one more time until you are near the crow’s nest.
    • Jump onto the crow’s nest and pick up COPPER WIRE. Jump down and enter the door to the left.
    • Head right and talk to the parrot. Select “How about some tasty sardines in tomato sauce?” A pirate runs out. Talk to him and he complains about you feeding the parrot. When he runs away, he drops a key; pick up SHINY GOLD KEY.
    • Continue right into the next room. Keep going right until you reach the crates at the end. Smash these with your hammer until a green bottle drops. Pick up BOTTLE OF RUM.
    • Go left back to the doors. Enter the left door. Speak to the pirate and select “I’ve got a gift no pirate can refuse!” He’ll drink the BOTTLE OF RUM and fall asleep. Exit the room.
    • Enter the door on the right; it unlocks with SHINY GOLD KEY. Knock the vase off the shelf and pick up GLOVE. There is a skeleton head down here you can talk to, but you technically don’t have to. Ride the platform back up.
    • Enter the left door again. Talk to the pirate; he has a headache. Offer him the chilled coconut. He slices it in half. Pick up SLICED COCONUT.
    • Exit the pirate ship. P3 is complete.
    • P2 – Totem and Fire: Walk right past the totem pole and examine the ant hill. Select “Use glove and examine.” You will receive WOOD BUCKET. Exit P2.
    • P6: Equip your BANANAS again. We need to get back to near where the guy was struck by lightning, so did what you did before with the gorilla, bananas, and platforms.
    • Stand on the grassy platform before you reach the cave. Use MAGIC FLUTE. The stone platform above the cave will move towards you. Hop on and play the flute so the platform carries you back to the right.
    • Jump to the upper platform and knock the wooden crate onto the ground. Use it to jump over the stone wall.
    • There is a river with alligators in it. You need to jump on the alligator heads when their mouth is closed. There is a brief pause between alligators opening their mouths, so we recommend jumping shortly after the alligator you’re aiming for opens his mouth. He’ll close before you land, giving you plenty of time in between.
    • When you reach the other side, play the MAGIC FLUTE again. The stone platform above the alligators will lower; you now need to jump back onto the alligator closest to you and then onto the stone platform.
    • Once you reach it, play the MAGIC FLUTE one more time so it raises you up to the grassy platforms. Jump on the leftmost one and pick up SCREWDRIVER. Jump down and exit the map (you can just head right). P6 is complete.
    • P4 – Swamp: Equip MAGIC FLUTE and play it until the wooden platform is near you. Jump on and play the flute again to reach an island with a phone; jump onto the platform right of this and Nestor will appear.
    • Speak to Nestor. Select “I kind of like this place!” Nestor mentions his phone is broken.
    • Jump back to the phone and tap on it. Select “Use screwdriver to remove the lid.” Once it’s open, select “Replace random wire with pirate copper wire.” The phone begins working again. This makes the wooden platform near Nestor move up and down.
    • Jump on this platform and ride it up. Jump on the platforms to the right until you reach some red bugs. Remember your hammer can hit distant enemies with its rubble, if you need to clear some bugs out.
    • Continue following this path right. Be careful; once you get to the last floating platform, it will fall under your weight, and some of the other islands do, too. If you jump continuously, they will fall much slower.
    • Once you get to the island beneath the platform with the vase, use your MAGIC FLUTE. A platform will come down; hop on and play the flute again. This platform will move in a circle back towards the vase, so take your time and use the hammer to hit any bugs that you might run into.
    • When you reach the vase, hit it with your hammer and pick up SLIMY SUBSTANCE. Then exit to the map (this is easiest if you ride the platform back down and leave to the right). P4 is complete.
    • P5: Equip WOOD BUCKET. Stand under the water pump and use the action button to drop the bucket. It should be centered under the pump (you can tap and pick it back up if need be). Then jump on the faucet just left of where the bucket is to fill it with water. Pick it back up to get BUCKET OF WATER.
    • Head right, past the villager and the vending machine. Jump on top of the mechanical contraption and stand by the silver funnel. Equip SLIMY SUBSTANCE.
    • Use the action button to throw SLIMY SUBSTANCE into the funnel. The funnel will light up if it’s going in (if you’re standing too far to the side it will miss). Do this three times and the machine will begin moving.
    • Jump on top of the moving plunger just right of the funnel. Use this to jump to the upper platform and then over to the crates.
    • The one that matters is the middle crate: jump on the lowest platform and then jump into the middle crate to knock it off. Then drop down, hit the crate with your hammer, and pick up RED GEM ON A PEDESTAL. Leave the village. P5 is complete.
    • P2: Go past the totem and anthill to the fiery area. Equip BUCKET OF WATER. Use the action button to toss water from the bucket; any fire it hits will be put out. Keep tossing water to make a path for yourself and move to the right.
    • You don’t have to put all the fire out, but it is a one-hit kill, so try to make a fairly easy path for yourself by jumping and tossing to reach farther.
    • Once you make it past the fire, you’ll reach a platform with a vase. Knock the vase off and pick up GREEN GEM ON A PEDESTAL. Exit the stage; P2 is complete.
    • P7 – Temple: Enter the temple door and head right past the enemies. Just beyond the ghosts you’ll see rocks falling from the ceiling. Equip SLICED COCONUT; Paul puts it on his head like a helmet.
    • Walk to the right side of the falling rocks, where you can see a large stone door and red button near it. You need to bounce a rock off your head and onto the red button to open the door. The rocks won’t hurt you when you’re wearing the coconut helmet, so just keep bouncing until one of them connects and the door opens. Enter the next room.
    • Stand in front of the purple pedestals in this room. Tap on them and Paul will put the correct item in each place. Once all three items (GREEN GEM ON PEDESTAL, TOTEM HEAD, and RED GEM ON PEDESTAL) are in place, the platform to the next room will lower. Equip your HAMMER before you enter.
    • The next room is a boss fight that begins as soon as you step inside. You’ll want to stand on the small platform closest to the boss’s head (see the blue arrow above) and hit rocks back at him with your hammer. Only some of the rocks you hit back will reach him, but just keep hitting them (or jumping and dodging the ones that won’t hit him) until he is dead. If you get low on health, the vase below you has a full health potion. If you get really low, you can leave the room to reset the boss and the vase.
  • After he’s defeated, ride the platform to the top of the room and pick up GOLDEN COMPASS. Leave the temple via the left side near the compass. Paul’s portion of the game is complete.

Stella (Purple Shirt, Left Island)

    • From the map screen, tap on Stella to take control of her.
    • S1 – Beach: Stella needs 30 coins right off the bat, so we’re going to collect those at the start of this stage. Collect the six coins available right near the crabs (two above them, four near the bouncy seashell), then exit the level. Do this five times to get the 30 coins she’ll need.
    • Once you have 30 coins, continue slightly right and speak to the salesman. Select “What’s your bestseller?” and then “How much?” and “Yes, please!” to get BUG SPRAY, SHADES, and FANCY BEACH STICKER. Then head back left to exit to the map.
    • S2 – Mines: This is Stella’s only other map option. Enter the mine and go inside the first open door you come to (left of the barred door). This room contains some spiders, green slugs, and a blue teleporter on the right side.
    • You need to get two stone blocks stacked on top of one another so you can drop one onto one of the switches in this room. To do this, knock the stone on the upper platform onto the floor. Shove the stone that was already on the floor right past the switches, into the teleporter. It will be transported to the right side of the upper platform.
    • Shove the stone that is still on the floor to the right, so it’s under the right side of the upper platform. It should be somewhat close to the first switch (as opposed to directly under the platform.) Then use it to jump back onto the upper platform and shove that stone down on top of the stone on the floor. You should now have two stones stacked on top of one another. If the stones get messed up while doing this, you can always shove them together until one enters the teleporter, then shove the other back underneath the platform.
    • Once they’re stacked on top of one another, slowly push the two stones together so they are next to the rightmost switch. Lightly jump into the top block to knock it onto the switch. The right wooden platform will drop down.
    • Jump onto the stone on the switch and use it to jump up onto the wooden platform. You’ll need to make a long jump and possible push the switch slightly farther right if you can’t make it. Jump up top and hit the level to lower the wall below.
    • Bonus: If you move right past the switch and jump up a few times, a platform will appear. Ride this platform up to a secret treasure room. This is an easy way to stock up on coins since you can collect the coins, leave the room, and re-enter to collect them again as many times as you want.
    • Once the switch is flipped, drop down and go through the now lowered wall. You’ll enter a room filled with gems. You need collect all the gems: the easiest way is from the top down, jumping on platforms and nabbing all the gems near the spider, then working your way down. But if you fall, you’ll be able to jump / climb back up.
    • As you collect the gems, the wooden platform on the right side of the room will raise. You don’t have to collect every single one for it to reach the goal: you just need to be able to jump onto the platform and then onto the ledge near the rock wall.
    • Once you reach the rock wall, equip BUG SPRAY and use it to blast away the rocks. Pick up VINTAGE KEY. Exit the stage (you can exit right of where the key was).
    • S1: Back at the beach, walk right past the salesman. Use the seashells to bounce out to a treasure chest above the ocean. Open the chest with VINTAGE KEY. You will get BOOMERANG. This is Stella’s weapon. Practice throwing it a few times on this level; it releases at an upward angle, hitting enemies and items above her. Exit this stage. S1 is complete.
    • S2: Enter the mine and go in the second room, right of the barred door. Stand on the platform with the vase (this vase contains a full health potion) and face right; stand near the far left edge, jump, and throw your boomerang to hit the four-pronged wheel to your upper left.
    • Once hit, a platform will lower. Jump on this platform and hit the same lever to move up.
    • Jump off onto the ledges above you and then head up and right. There is a bat flying up and down near the next lever. Hit this with your boomerang twice. Once the platform lowers, jump on and hit the lever once, then jump onto the platform just above.
    • Face left and throw your boomerang at the lever on the far left. A platform above will move left. Remain on your ledge and throw your boomerang again; when the platform moves right, jump on and then up onto the ledge above. Jump over the bat and move left into the next room.
    • This is the gnomes’ mining area. This room is a fairly difficult platforming challenge, because the gnomes’ rubble hurts you and flies in somewhat unpredictable trajectories. Be sure to enter this room with full health.
    • You have to first hit the switch by the lowermost miner without getting hit by his flying rocks. Then jump up and hit the switch near the bat.
    • Then jump up without hitting the switch under the other miner or getting hit by his rocks, continue up to the tracks left of him and hit the leftmost upper switch. Then fall back down, hit the switch under the second miner, then avoid his rocks again while jumping to the wooden platforms above him.
    • Finally, jump to the top and get the SHELL. This room is mostly perfect timing and luck and we attempted this room at least six times on our first playthrough before getting to the shell.
    • Once you have the SHELL, drop down and exit this room. Drop all the way back down to the bottom of the first room, near the vase. Drop to the bottom right and exit past the spikey enemy.
    • You’ll be in a large room with a wooden building. Jump onto the lower left wooden platform of the building and hit the lever with your boomerang. The platform to your left with rise up; jump on it to get to the top of the building.
    • Head right and speak to the green alien guy. Select “To complete my PEZ collection!” He asks for your SHELL; select “Sure, here you are!” After you give him the shell, a platform drops down to his right.
    • Jump on this, then up and right and pick up LARGE SILVER KEY. Exit this area and return to the first room of the mines, where the three doors are.
    • Stand in front of the center, barred door. Open it with LARGE SILVER KEY and go inside.
    • Drop down in this room to the bottom. The easiest way is to just hug the lefthand wall.
    • At the bottom is a boss battle against a fire-spitting bird. You need to attack him with your boomerang while dodging his fireballs. Be careful; when they hit the ground, they continue rolling for awhile and can still hurt you. You can throw your boomerangs one after the other without waiting for the first to return, so use that to your advantage to spam attacks against him.
  • After the bird is defeated, the wooden platform lowers. Jump on it and up and pick up MAP.
  • Exit this stage (you can head right from picking up the MAP). Stella’s portion of the game is complete.

Alex (Red Shirt, Right Island)

    • A1 – Cave: Head right past the green lizard guy and the bats, until you reach a set of green diamonds on the floor. Use these diamonds to arrange stone platforms above you to create a jumpable path.
    • Once you’re over the rock wall, do the same for the next set of diamonds. When you clear that rock wall, knock the vase over and pick up TRUMPET. Exit the stage by heading right past the treasure chest.
    • A6 – Fairytale Forest: Avoid the frog and head right past the house. Knock the vase off the ledge and pick up SLINGSHOT. This is Alex’s weapon.
    • Tap on the tree with a face to talk to it. Select “Why do I have a strange feeling about this forest?” The tree will call in a fairy.
    • Jump onto the twinkling platform the fairy creates. Keep jumping and she will create a series of them, leading to two grassy platforms to the right. Jump on the second one and pick up MEGAPHONE.
    • Drop down and talk to Red Riding Hood. Select “Yeah! I feel like a fish out of water!” She’ll give you LOAF OF BREAD. Exit this stage (you can just head right to leave).
    • A2 – Apple Tree: Use the mushroom to bounce to the first branch of the tree. Collect the four apples here to lower the wooden platform. The rest of this area is all about bee head-bouncing. Jump on the head of the bee to your left to get onto the platform.
    • Collect the next six apples by jumping on the next bee to your left. The platform above the house on the far left will drop down. Drop back down to the first platform and jump on the first bee to get to the house.
    • Jump on the bee left of the house to get onto the roof. Jump up the two platforms above the house.
    • Collect the next four apples, then bounce on the bee to your right to reach the final four. Two platforms will lower to your upper left. Jump back on that same bee to reach these platforms.
    • Once you make it up to the top, pick up WATERING CAN. Then fall down to the left and exit the stage.
    • A3 – Stone Quarry: Dodge the stone men and head right. Use your SLINGSHOT to shoot the plunger on the upper part of the wall to your right. A platform will drop down; jump on it and ride it back up, then head right.
    • Drop down, shoot the plunger on the bottom right, then quickly jump straight back up and ride the platform that comes down. Then shoot the plunger to your right when the platform reaches the top again.
    • Fall onto the platform that comes from the right and ride it back to the right. Jump onto the ledge and shoot the plungers to your left and right until the tubes to your right form a line from you to the third set of tubes.
    • Then drop down and shoot the plunger on the bottom right to make the third set of tubes face left and up. Head back to the left side and drop down, hit the plunger that makes the platform move down, and ride it back up like you just did. Hit the plunger to your right and ride the platform back over to the three sets of tubes.
    • The tubes should now look like the image above. Shoot your slingshot into the tube to your right; it will travel through the sets of tubes and hit the plunger above the last set. A platform moves left underneath you; fall onto it.
    • Jump up onto the platform, drop next to the vase, and knock it off the ledge. Pick up SPELLBOOK. Exit the stage to the right. A3 is complete.
    • A7 – Hot Air Balloon: Speak to the man in front of the hot air balloon and select “Can you help me escape this island?” The man tells you he needs a map, compass, pair of glasses, and 500 gold to help you leave.
    • Continue heading right past the man with the hot air balloon. Equip WATERING CAN. Use WATERING CAN on the two white and yellow flowers sticking out of the ground. After you water them both a few times, they will be at their max height.
    • Jump onto the rightmost flower and then up onto the ledge to the right. Jump up and to the left, then right to reach the FLASHLIGHT.
    • Drop down and head right. There is a chicken sitting above an egg. Equip TRUMPET. Use the action button to blow the TRUMPET.
    • The chicken will lay a second egg. Knock both eggs off the ledge and onto the ground. If the eggs hit each other or the rock on the ground, they will crack open. Two baby chicks jump out and a grassy platform appears to the upper right.
    • Jump on this platform and up to reach SMALL KEY. Exit this stage.
    • A5 – Fishing Pier: Equip LOAF OF BREAD. Use the action button to throw bread crumbs into the water below you. There are some fish down here; if the bread falls in front of one of them, he will swim forward to eat the crumbs. Keep throwing bread just in front of the fish and leading it to the right. Once a fish goes far enough right and runs into the fisherman’s pole, it will be caught.
    • When the fisherman has caught a fish thanks to your bread crumbs, talk to him. Select “Would you mind selling me a fish?” and he’ll give you FISH for free. Exit this stage. A5 is complete.
    • A8 – Dark Cave: Jump on the stone platforms to the right to reach the cave’s entrance. Go inside.
    • It’s pitch black in the cave; equip your FLASHLIGHT. This gives you a small cone of light with which to see. Head right.
    • There are a few enemies in here to dodge, but you should be able to see any dangers in your cone of light. Keep going right until you reach the end of the cave (ignore the platforms near the middle of the room). You’ll hit a wall with a green algae monster on it. Turn left and follow the stair-like platforms up and left.
    • At the top of these platforms is a single spikey monster. Jump over him and onto the next platform. To the left of this is a larger platform with a small, purple object on it. Pick this up to get BALL OF TWINE. Then leave the cave by jumping to the left and dropping down.
    • Outside the cave, head right. Walk along the bridge and you’ll come to a cyclops. Speak to him and select “Hungry?” You’ll give him FISH and he’ll let you pass.
    • Keep heading right. This next area is just a platforming section. Shoot your slingshot at the red enemies before you jump on them; touching them at all will hurt you. You may have to jump or stand slightly to the left or right on platforms in order to reach them all while progressing. Going into this with full health is useful just in case you have to jump on one of them.
    • The last red enemy can be killed while standing on the wall above him. Just shoot your slingshot past him and it should ricochet off the righthand wall and kill him.
    • Carefully drop down onto the tiny platform below where he was, then head right before jumping up and left to reach the BLUE SALT. You can exit this stage to the right. A8 is complete.
    • A2: Get to the house in the apple tree by jumping on the mushroom to the platform under the apples, then bouncing off the first bee’s head to the left. Enter the house.
    • Speak to the old woman. Select “Look! I found this ball of twine! Is it yours?” She’ll knit you a SCARF.
    • Equip MEGAPHONE. Hit the action item to use MEGAPHONE while standing near the old woman. Then speak to her again and select “I’m lost and need to make a phone call!”
    • The woman will ask you to deliver her LETTER. Exit the house and leave this stage. A2 is complete.
    • A1: Enter the cave and speak to the lizard man at the entrance. Select “You are trembling! Want to try this scarf?” The man thanks you with SWAMP FOG.
    • Head right again, progressing through the cave as you did before, by moving the platforms with the green diamonds. We want to get back to where we picked up the TRUMPET, at the end of the stage. This time should be a little easier because you have the slingshot and can get rid of any bats in your way.
    • Back at the far right side of the cave, there’s a locked treasure chest. You can now open this with the SMALL KEY you got from above the chicken. Be prepared to jump onto the ledge to the right as soon as you open the chest.
    • When you open the chest, a genie will pop out and drop green worms on you. Quickly jump to the right ledge to avoid them. Shoot your slingshot at them until they die. You can hit some from the ledge by jumping, but you’ll mostly have to drop down and spam your slingshot when they move to the left side, jumping back up to the ledge for safety as needed.
    • Be ready to hide under the upper platform when they die as the genie drops bouncing balls from the sky as his final attack. Jump on these balls and use them to jump up to higher platform and get BOTTLED TIME. Exit this stage. A1 is complete.
    • A4 – Piranha Lake: There’s only one item we need here, at the far right edge of the stage. This is mostly a platforming challenge of avoiding the jumping piranha and sinking platforms. When you land on a platform that begins sinking, quickly jump to slow its descent. It’s easiest to just move through this area quickly or take the time to shoot both piranhas and the bee to minimize your risk.
    • Once you make it to the far end of the stage, there is a pigeon standing under a platform. Speak to it and select “Give letter to pigeon.” She will fly off and a platform will appear. Jump on this platform and up to reach UNICORN EYEBALL. Exit this stage. A4 is complete.
    • A6: Go back to the forest and enter the cottage near the beginning of the stage. A witch is inside: speak to her and select “What’s that smell?” She says her spellbook is missing.
    • Speak to her again and select “I’ve found your spellbook!” She offers to make you a potion, but she needs bottled time, swamp fog, unicorn eyeball, and a pinch of blue salt. (Luckily, we already collected all these items!)
    • Speak to her again and tell her you have one of the ingredients. Keep speaking to her and giving her the ingredients until she has accepted all four. After you’ve given her all the ingredients, speak to her again and select “I’ve collected all the ingredients for you!” She will give you POTION.
    • Equip the potion and use it. You will be teleported to where Benjamin is stuck. Jump over and speak to him. Select “Do you still carry around your grandma’s glasses?”
    • When you speak to Benjamin it seems like you have to figure out a way to get him out of the tree. You don’t. Just speak to Stella.
  • Alex tells Stella and Paul that he figured out what they need to escape the island (a map, compass, pair of glasses, and 500 gold). If you’ve finished Paul and Stella’s portions of the island, you will already have the compass and map. Alex just got the glasses from Benjamin. Alex will tell you how much gold you have in total: you need 500 total between your three characters.
  • You can use any of the characters to grind for the remaining coins by selecting them on the map, even after their portion of the story is “finished.” To leave this area and go back to a previous stage, just head right past Benjamin and over the righthand platforms.
  • Once you have all the items mentioned above and 500 total gold, go back to the hot air balloon man in A7. He’ll tell you to meet him in the morning with your friends, and the end of the game plays out.


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