Virtual Villagers 3: The Secret City Tips Walkthrough

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Be warned: this guide is full of spoilers! We have solutions for all 16
puzzles, potion recipes, and tips that will help you master the game.


  • From the options menu you can choose the speed of your game to be slow, normal or fast. You can adjust these times to suit your needs. You can also pause the game when you need to do so and the game will not progress until you start it back up again.
  • It is not a good idea to have too many people in your tribe in the early stages. When you have a lot of people in your tribe you will have more people to feed. Your food supplies will be limited so you have to make sure that you have enough food for everyone.
  • I kept my population around 10 for a long while until I had enough food that I could afford to provide for more villagers. Once in a while your villagers will make babies without your influence so you need to be prepared for that.
  • One of the very first things you want to do when you start the game is scroll to the upper right side of the screen, by the hill. On the ground you’ll see a piece of fruit, drop one of your villagers on top of it and they will plant the seed for your first tree.
  • Concentrate on getting mushrooms as much as you can. The best time to get mushrooms is when it is raining. Adults cannot collect mushrooms only kids can.
  • Build a fire and name a chief right away. Look at the sections below on instructions on how to do both.


  • There are 5 basic skills that your villagers can learn. It is important that at the beginning of the game that you teach your villagers different skills so that you have villagers with a multitude of skills.
  • There are 3 levels a villager can achieve in each skill, Trainee, Adept and ultimately they can become a Master.
  • Pay attention to the likes and dislikes of each villager that appears when you click on the “details” tab. That can help you determine which skills the villagers will excel in.
  • Farming – You accumulate farming skills by teaching your villagers to hunt for food. This includes fishing and harvesting fruit.
  • Building constitutes constructing huts and repairing them. It also includes pushing the statue,removing rubble from the village or repairing any structure that needs it.
  • Research involves sending your villagers to the research table in the lab. Once a villager becomes a Master Scientist there are things they can do that regular scientists cannot.
  • Healing consists of taking care of villagers that are sick. Please read the section below that explains the steps involved in taking care of sick people.
  • Parenting skills are increased when you manage your population correctly. Each time one of your villagers procreates or they go in a hut for privacy their parenting skills improve.


  • If a villager drops an item on their way to deliver it somewhere, the fallen item will just go back to where you originally got it from. Go back and get it from there.
  • Building a lift will allow you to grow a tree that will give you some fruit. As soon as it starts raining, have a villager stand under a tree and catch a piece of fruit that has fallen off. Plant that fruit so you can start having an orchard.
  • In order to get a villager to do a job you may have to drag them to a task several times before you succeed in making them stay. You know what they say:If at first you don’t succeed try and try again.
  • If you’re looking for a villager to perform a a task and you can’t find them, click on the “Details” tab in the lower right side of the screen. Scroll through the villagers and whichever one is showing will be highlighted when you get out of that screen.
  • In those cases in which no matter how many times you try the villager will not do a job, you will have to pick a different task for them to do.
  • Collectibles are only on the screen for a short period of time before they disappear. As soon as you see a collectible search for a kid so they can pick it up right away.
  • Villagers Can die of old age ,starvation or diseases. Make sure that you take care of your villagers needs as quickly as possible so you don’t lose them too soon. Train some healers early on so that they can be available when you need them. Most villagers seem to pass away at around 75 years of age.
  • After you’ve completed puzzle no 5 you will be able to make it rain anytime by performing a weather dance.
  • If you have several workers on a job and it seems like it’s taking too long to complete, you can click on the project and it will tell you what percentage of the job is completed. For example if you planted a tree you can click on the base of the tree where the dirt is and it will tell you how much longer it will take for the tree to mature.
  • In order to grow more population you have to have sufficient housing otherwise you will not be able to do it.
  • A villager has to become a master in 3 different skills in order to become an Esteemed Elder.


  • In order to teach a villager to do some research you have to drag an adult to the research table that is located on the right side of the lab.
  • In the beginning of the game the lab will be in disarray. Once you send your scientist out to gather the pots the lab will start taking shape.
  • As your villager’s research abilities get better you will gain what they call tech points. A Master Scientist will accrue more tech points than another type of scientist.


  • Tech points are points you can use to purchase new technologies. You will earn these points from the research that you’ve done.
  • If at any point you have a question about any technology items, you can click on the question mark that appears in red next to the word “buy”. It will tell you what it is used for.
  • Science Technology – When you purchase this technology you will accumulate tech points faster.
  • Medicine Technology – This technology is a good one to have since depending on the level, your villagers will get sick less often. It will also increase longevity and fertility rates.
  • In level 2 of the Medical Technology you will be able to train your doctors in the medical area.
  • Alchemy Technology – This will diminish the amount of times your villagers will be hurt around the island.
  • Restoration Technology will give your villagers the ability to rebuild and restore ruined structures.
  • Leadership Technology – This one will influence the chief on the job they’re supervising. The chief will also have special powers that can only be used once a day.
  • Level 1 – Your chief will be able to make food.
  • Level 2 – your chief will be able to educate kids.
  • Level 3 – It will help a kid find a rare collectible but you have to place the chief on top of the path in order to achieve it.


  • Once you build a Clothing Hut you can use some of your tech points to buy outfits for your villagers.
  • All you have to do is drop one of your villagers on the clothing hut and you’ll see how much it will cost to change an outfit.
  • Scroll through all your choices and select whatever outfit you prefer for your villager.


  • In order to make a baby on the island you have to pair up a man and a woman. Just drag a man over a woman or vice – versa and the adults will decide if they like each other.
  • If you hear a kissing sound that means that the pair is getting along and they will go into a hut for some privacy. That does not guarantee that they will have a baby.
  • If you want to know for sure if the woman got pregnant you can look on the top left side of the screen. The population number will increase right away if it was a successful match. Otherwise your villager’s parenting skills will just increase instead of getting pregnant.
  • Parents can have multiple babies at once, twins are possible and in some rare cases you will have triplets. Give your villagers fertility potions if you want to increase the amount of births in one shot.
  • If you drag an adult to a child the only thing that happens is that the adult will read a book to the child to keep them entertained.


  • The kids cannot work until they’ve reached the age of 14.
  • Kids from 2 – 13 can gather herbs and take them to the lab.
  • Whenever you see a collectible, drag a kid to it and they will take it back to the lab. Only kids can take collectibles to the lab.
  • Kids will be able to heal sick people. However, they cannot do it while the game is running by itself because the kids need guidance to heal.
  • Make sure you send kids to collect mushrooms as often as they can. This is especially important in the early stages of the game since mushrooms and honey will be your only sources of food until your trees grow.
  • Kids of any age can try on robes and become chiefs.


  • Nursing mothers do not work until after their child is 2 years old.
  • Nursing mothers cannot become chiefs until after they stop nursing.
  • Female chiefs can get pregnant.


  • In order to obtain a chief for your village you must drag villagers one by one over to the robe. Once a villager accepts a robe he or she will be chief.
  • You can drag your chief to the food bin and he will make some food. Don’t pull the chief off of the food bin until they’ve had a chance to finish.
  • The chief can only make food magically appear every 24 hours. The amount of food the chief makes varies in the game, there is no set amount.
  • You can have the chief lecture to the village when you stand him or her on the amphitheater and place them on the round black podium. He can only give 1 lecture every 24 hours.
  • When the children are educated by the Chief they can master certain skills at an early age since the lectures make them smarter.
  • The bigger the tribe the more influence your chief has.


  • There are times in which your villagers will get sick and you’ll need to make them better. In order to do this you will need to train a healer.
  • In order to accomplish this, look for a sick villager in the medical area. Drag a healthy villager, (an adult or a child) onto the sick person. Your sick villager will automatically feel better.
  • Every time you do this your healer will gain healing skills which help your villagers live healthier lives in the long run.


  • At the very beginning of the game you should drag an adult villager over to the right side of the screen where you see the lift (it looks like a see – saw).
  • There will be a piece of fruit on the ground, the villager will pick it up and plant the seed. It’s important to do this at the beginning of the game since it will take a while for your fruit tree to grow.
  • The length of time it takes for your tree to grow will depend upon the speed you set for the game to run.
  • You will have to make honey in the beginning of the game as well since you will need the food for your villagers. If you have the tutorial on it will guide you through the necessary steps to do so.
  • You can only plant three trees in total. If any more fruits fall to the ground after the initial 3 trees, they will be taken to the food bin.
  • You can only plant the other 2 trees once the lift is fixed. Then you can have your villager stand on the lift when it’s raining. The rain will fill the bucket in the back with water which in turn will make lift go up. Read Puzzle # 6 for detailed instructions on how to accomplish this.


  • If you don’t have the tutorial on just follow these steps. Close to the beach, in the upper right hand corner you will see a pile of wood.
  • On the left side of the scene you will see a dry patch of land. Somewhere in the middle you will see a fire pit.
  • Please look at the screenshots for a clearer picture of where things are.
  • To get a fire started you have to drop a villager on the pile of wood and they will automatically take it to the fire pit.
  • Send another villager to the dry grass patch and they will pick it up and take it to the wood pile.
  • Once both those items are on the fire pit, drag and drop a villager on the fire pit and the fire will start.


  • Only children can pick up the collectibles around the village. The same collectible found more than once is converted into tech points.
  • Look for collectibles that may be hiding behind trees, by the waterfall and by the ocean. They are practically everywhere. From time to time it’s a good idea to take a look around the island to see where collectibles may appear.
  • Some people think that when you hear bells in the background that a collectible is present, that is not the case. The only time you know for sure if the collectible is available is when you hear the sound of a gong. At that point look on the island to see where it could be.
  • The direction the Chief is pointing at is not necessarily the direction in which you’ll find the collectible.
  • Collecting items is optional you don’t have to do it to complete the game.
  • Kids are the only ones that can pick up collectibles but they will not do it on their own. You have to drag and drop a kid on a collectible for them to pick it up.
  • If a message states the kid is collecting a collectible for a scientist then you know it’s a duplicate. Collecting duplicates will add to your tech points.
  • If a kid is collecting an item and it says “Collecting a new uncommon item” Then you know you’ve found a new piece to add to your collection.


  • Tablet pieces are the collectibles that you’ll find once you complete puzzle # 7.
  • Unlike the regular collectibles that repeat themselves throughout the game, the tablets do not repeat themselves. Once you find one you will not find one like it again. If for some reason you miss a tablet when it came out you will have a chance to collect it a later time since they will reappear eventually.


  • There are a series of events that will pop up on your screen periodically. When they appear you will read a short story and you will be given 2 choices.
  • Take your time and think about what the best choice could be and what the consequences your choices will bring.
  • If you choose the wrong answer you could lose certain things that you’ve worked hard to accomplish.
  • If you choose the right answer then you’ll get some type of reward.


  • The first step to being able to make a potion is that you have to complete puzzle # 3. In puzzle # 3 you will need an Adept Scientist to collect the pots around the village.
  • Once Puzzle # 3 has been completed you can have any villager, adult or child look for the herbs that you need. In order to see what the herbs look like and where they are located please look at the screenshots:
  • Pick the herb combination for the potion that you would like to make. Send 3 villagers out to get it and they will automatically take it to the lab and place it on the round table.
  • A Scientist cannot begin making a potion until all 3 herbs are on the table. Once all the herbs are on the table, drag your Scientist to the round table on the left side of the lab.
  • The Scientist will then pick up each herb one by one and drop it in the cauldron. Once all 3 herbs are in the cauldron you will see smoke above it. That means that the potion is ready for consumption.
  • Drag whichever villager(s) you want to consume the potion and you’ll see a message appear at the bottom of the screen describing what kind of effect the potion has on each villager.
  • When you make a potion you can click on the cauldron and it will tell you how much longer the potion will be available. Most potions only last for a couple of minutes.
  • Kids will deliver herbs much faster than adults will so if you need to make a potion quickly get one of the kids to get it for you.
  • Once a villager has had some potion you will have to wait for a certain amount of time before you can give them another dose.


  • Level 1 will make sure that your food supplies are available faster.
  • Level 2 will give you a special herb that will not be found when you choose Faction of magic. (The Pitcher Plant)
  • Level 3 – It will increase your villager’s longevity.


  • Level 1 – It will make your scientists work faster.
  • Level 2 – It will provide you with an herb that you will not find when you choose Faction of Nature. (Berries)
  • Level 3 – It will increase the maximum amount of people that you can have in your tribe.


  • Here is a list of a lot of some of the potion combinations that you can make in the game. As I discover more, I will update the list.
  • The order in which you pick up the potions does not matter, all that matters is the combination that you set on the table.
  • This is only a partial list, I was not able to get all of them.
  • 1 Rose + 1 Catus + 1 Lotus = Light and Springy (Use this to get the pink key in puzzle # 14)
  • 3 Roses = Romantic Embrace (good for parenting skills)
  • 2 Roses + 1 Cactus = Fertility (good for multiple births)
  • 2 Black Orchids + 1 Rose = Stomachache
  • 2 Black Orchids and a cactus = Stomachache
  • 1 Rose + Black Orchid + 1 Lotus = Awful (Makes then sick)
  • 2 Cacti + 1 Lotus = Awful (Makes them sick)
  • 3 Black Orchids = Yikes! Half health gone
  • 3 Cacti = Feels Better
  • 1 Rose + 1 Black Orchid + 1 Tiger Lily = Whee! What a fun potion
  • 3 Tiger Lilies = Whee! What a fun potion
  • 2 Lotus + 1 cactus = Feels healthier, restores half health


  • 2 Black Orchids + 1 Pitcher plant = Gets rid of sharks
  • 2 Pitcher plants + Lotus = Feels better
  • 3 Pitcher plants = Itchy
  • 2 Pitcher plants + Tiger Lily = Awful!
  • 1 Pitcher Plant + Tiger Lily + 1 Rose = Hiccups


  • 2 Roses + 1 part Berries = Gets rid of sharks
  • 1 Berry + 1 Lotus + 1 Rose = Yummy
  • 2 Berries + 1 Rose = Burn
  • 2 Berries + 1 Tiger Lily = Awful
  • 1 Cactus + 1 Berry + 1 Lotus = Feels better


  • Spoiler Alert!!! Here are the solutions for all 16 puzzles of the game. I was not able to solve these puzzles in the order that they appear on the list. I’m just listing them in the order in which they appear on the puzzle screen of the game.
  • Please read the requirements needed for certain puzzles or you may not be able to complete some of them until you do.
  • Some puzzles will not be able to be completed until other puzzles have been solved first. Another reason that some puzzles may not be completed is that you need to have certain technology requirements before you can complete them.
  • Just remember that it takes time and patience for some of these jobs to be completed. Some will be done right away and others will take much longer to complete.
  • If you have enough food and enough villagers you can have more than one puzzle progressing at one time. At one point I had a set of villagers removing the rubble for puzzle no 7 and no 8 at the same time.
  • While one set was removing the rubble from around the cave, the others were picking it up and using it for the repair of the bath. This is a good task to get done while your computer off depending on how long you leave it off those tasks could be completed by the time you get back to the game.

Puzzle 1 – First Village chief

  • One of the first things you want to do is find a Chief for your village. The way you accomplish this is by dragging each one of your villagers over to the robe.
  • Each time you drag a villager over to the robe, they will try it on. If it doesn’t fit the first villager you will have to keep on looking.
  • Keep dragging the villagers to the robe until you find one that fits it.
  • Kids and adults, male or females can become chiefs, the only ones that can’t be chiefs are the women with the babies in their arms.
  • Once a woman is a chief she can become pregnant. A male chief can also impregnate women while he’s chief.
  • Once a mother is no longer nursing a baby you can drop them on a robe too.
  • You can only have one villager from each town become a chief.
  • If your tribal chief should happen to die you will have to start all these steps over until you find another chief.

Puzzle 2 – The Bee Hive

  • Your goal in this puzzle is to get honey for your villagers. The way you accomplish this is by getting rid of the bees buzzing around the hive so you can get to the honey.
  • You will need to collect dry grass and some wood and take that to the fire pit in order to light a fire.
  • Drag and drop a villager onto the pile of wood and the villager will automatically take it to the fire pit.
  • Drag another villager (or the same one) to the dry patch of grass and they will collect it and also take it to the fire pit.
  • Pick up a villager and drag them to the torches that are on the ground near the beehive. The villager will then in turn take the torches to the fire pit and light them
  • You will see smoke coming from the torches as the villager take it back to the hive. The villager will take the torches to the hive and the smoke from the torches will get rid of the bees.
  • You will now have your first food source for your villagers.

Puzzle 3 – The Alchemy Lab

  • In this puzzle your goal is to find a spear and 4 colored pots throughout the village and take them back to the lab.
  • The Adept Scientist is the type of villager you will need in order to drag the pots back to the lab.
  • When you first happen upon the lab everything is in disarray. Finding these pots will be the first step in getting your lab back in order.
  • Drop your scientist(s) on each of the pots and they will take it back to the lab. Once all 4 pots and the spear have been collected you will be able to complete this puzzle.
  • Please look at the screenshots for the location of all the pots. I played 2 games at once and the pots were located in different parts of the island for me. I will show where they were located in both instances.

Puzzle 4 – The Roster of the Dead

  • Please look at the screenshot for the location in which this puzzle takes place.
  • Your goal in here is to remove the leaves that cover the big brown rock. The rock is called the Roster of the Dead, which is the place where the names of all your dead villagers will be listed.
  • Place your chief at the site so they can direct the villagers to work faster.
  • Once you accomplish this puzzle your villagers will have better building skills which in turn will make them work faster in other projects.
  • You have to be patient because it takes a while for the villagers to take all the leaves off.
  • Make sure that you use as many people as you can on this job without sacrificing other things that need to be done (like gathering food)

Puzzle 5 – Weather Dancing

  • It will take 3 Adept Farmers, your Chief and a level 2 leadership to complete this puzzle.
  • Drag your Chief and place them onto the fire, you will see under them that it says weather dance. Then drop your 3 Adept Farmers on the fire as well and they will start dancing.
  • If any of your Adept Farmers tries to get out of the dance, drag them back into the fire right away.
  • As soon as they get into the dance they will start spinning around and you’ll see little sparks above their head.
  • You’ll know you’ve done the steps correctly when it starts to rain and all the villagers go towards the fire. Plus you’ll also see the sign that tells you that you are now able to control the weather.

Puzzle 6 – The Lift

  • Your goal in this puzzle is to repair the lift. The lift looks like a see – saw. It is on the right side of the screen.
  • Please look at the screenshot for the location of the lift.
  • The way you accomplish this is by dragging 3 Adept Builders to the lift at the same time.
  • You will need to have a level 2 restoration in order to accomplish this task.
  • If all three of your workers do not have the Adept Builder title they will not be able to repair the lift.
  • You will see a message indicating that the lift is being fixed.
  • You can only do this repair while it’s raining or it will not work.

Puzzle 7 – The Ruins

  • In order to solve this puzzle please go to the lower right side of the screen. Please look at the screenshot for a better view.
  • You need a level 2 restoration to complete this puzzle.
  • Drag a villager or two to the rocks and drop them on top of the rocks.
  • Place the chief close by so that they can help direct the villagers and keep the villagers organized.
  • Your villagers will accumulate more building skills by doing this task.
  • As they clear away the rocks you’ll begin to see some of the tablet pieces. If you have any children in the village at this time, drop them on the tablets so they can drag them back to the lab.
  • You can place a villager on the cave at any time after the rocks have been cleared and you’ll see some history about the island.
  • If by any chance you missed part of the story, you can always place a villager on there and it will play again.

Puzzle 8 – The Ancient Bath

  • The task in this puzzle is to have your Master Builder write on the chalkboard the plans that are needed to fix the bath.
  • You cannot attempt this task until you have a Master Builder and your Alchemy Lab has been fixed.
  • Drag and drop your Master Builder onto the white board that is in the Alchemy Lab and they will begin to draw the plans that are needed to fix the bath.
  • Once the plans have been written, drop any of your villagers onto the bath so they can begin repairing it.
  • You’ll see the villagers that you drop to repair the bath start going down the steps, it doesn’t mean that they are leaving, like I originally thought. It means that the repairs they need to do are on the outside of the bath not on top.
  • This process can take a very long time to complete, make sure that your other workers are taking care of things that they need to be doing.
  • Once it’s repaired your villagers can take a swim in the pool at any time.

Puzzle 9 – The Statue

  • You cannot complete this puzzle until you’ve met certain requirements.
  • First of all, puzzle number 8 (building the bath) has to be completed.
  • You will need to have purchased the level 3 Restoration,Level 3 Leadership, your tribal chief and your Master Builder on hand.
  • You will need to go back to the board in which you had your Master Builder draw plans to fix the bath. Once the bath is repaired the board will be blank again.
  • Drop one of your Master Builders on the board and they will draw a new set of plans that will explain how to repair the statue.
  • It’s important to have your chief on the construction site so that they can direct your workers. As soon as your chief starts directing, drop your builders on the statue.
  • This will be a long process in which completion depends on how many people you have working on it at one time.
  • You will see that your workers will slowly push the statue up the hill until they can get it back where it belongs.
  • There’s a limit as to how many villagers can work on the statue at one time. You will know if there are too many workers on the project when a message appears letting you know that there are too many workers.
  • Once the Statue is back in place you’ll read that it was built in honor of a princess. All the villagers will gather around the statue to celebrate.

Puzzle 10 – The Orchard

  • In order to do this puzzle you will have to make sure that you’ve planted the fruit that was on the ground at the beginning of the game. and that you’ve already built the lift in puzzle 6.
  • This is a fairly simple puzzle to finish once the lift is completed. It does take a while for the trees to grow depending on the speed you set for your game.
  • The good news is that tree can grow without any assistance from you once both seeds have been planted.
  • You can do this one of two ways. One, you can place a villager to stand on the lift and wait for the rain to come. The only issue with this is that sometimes when it starts to rain your villager may start to walk away. You will need to stay close to the lift so you can make sure that the villager stays on when it starts to rain.
  • Two, as soon as you hear the rain falling grab a villager and quickly place them on the lift before the bucket starts to fill with water.
  • Once your villager is on the lift, the rain will start filling the bucket with water which will make the side your villager is on start to rise.
  • As soon as the bucket is all the way to the top a piece of fruit will drop to the floor. Take your villager off the lift even if it’s still raining.
  • As soon as your villager drops to the ground place the villager over the seed and they will plant it.
  • Repeat the same steps as above in order to plant the third and last seed.
  • On fast speed it will take each tree 4 hours to reach maturity. Once all three trees are fully mature this puzzle will be solved.
  • I started this puzzle before I went to sleep and in the morning the trees were ripe for picking and the puzzle was completed.

Puzzle 11 – The Sharks

  • Your lab has to be finished in order to make the potion that will keep the sharks away. Depending on which Faction you’ve chosen will decide the type of herbs you need to mix in order to get the right potion.
  • If you chose the Nature Faction you will need to mix 2 parts black orchids with 1 part pitcher plant.
  • If you chose the Magic Faction you will need to mix 2 rose parts and 1 part berry.
  • I actually made several villagers drink the potion and take the vials to the sharks. As soon as the first villager reached the water the sharks were gone. I’m not sure if the 1st villager did it or if it was the combination of villagers.
  • The end result for getting rid of the sharks is the same but depending on the faction they will have different effects on the sharks.
  • Once the sharks are banished you will have unlimited supplies of food since your villagers will have the ability to fish from now on.

Puzzle 12 – Aromatherapy

  • In order to complete this puzzle you will need to have completed the bath repairs, have a level 3 Medicine Tech and have a Master Doctor.
  • Drag and drop your Master Doctor in the bath that has been repaired.
  • The Doctor will fill the bowls in the bath with Lotus plants.
  • Drag and drop the Master Doctor in the fire pit to complete the puzzle.

Puzzle 13 – The Ash key

  • In this puzzle you will have to wait for your initial fire to burn out, once it does you will see a diamond appear over the fire pit. In my case found that I had to do the weather dance before I was able to complete this one.
  • If for some reason your fire goes out before you complete the weather dance and there’s no diamond, you will have to start the fire over again.
  • On fast mode it takes about 10 hours for the fire to go out. You can click anywhere on the fire and it will tell you how much longer you have before the fire goes out.
  • Once your fire goes out completely you will see a huge diamond in the ashes. The diamond will be too hot to pick up. You will need the help of your villagers to put the fire out.
  • Send some villagers to the waterfalls that are on the left side of the scene and they will automatically pick up some water and throw it on the diamond.
  • You will have to keep dragging your villagers over to the water several times until the key is cool enough to pick up. I sort of lost count as to how many villagers I had to send to the waterfall but I think it was at least 12 times.
  • You will know that the diamond is ready to be picked up once you drop a villager over to the waterfall and they drink out of it instead of carrying water back to the pit.
  • Once that happens drop any villager on the pit and they will take the diamond to the door.
  • If this is the last key that you needed for the door, like it was for me, then the door will open at this point. Once the door is open you will be taken to the Sun Dial Room.
  • If it’s not the last key for you then the door will open once you’ve placed the third and last key in the door.

Puzzle 14 – The Cliff Key (Pink Key)

  • In order to solve this puzzle mix 1 part Cactus + 1 part Rose + 1 part of Lotus = Light and Springy potion.
  • By now you probably noticed a bright pink square that is on the top right side of the screen, over the Orchard. That is the item that you need to pick up.
  • Have a villager drink the potion and drag them over to the pink square. The villager will jump up, grab the key and take it to the door.
  • As you fly the villager over the pink key you should see the words, “Trying to reach the key” under the ‘action’ section of your villager’s description. That is your queue to drop the villager.
  • I’m not sure if this is a requirement but I was unable to do this puzzle until after I completed the weather dance. I did not do weather dance until close to the end of the game.

Puzzle 15 – The Clam Key

  • You cannot do this puzzle unless you’ve solved the statue puzzle first.
  • As soon as the statue is finished you will be able to see a white pearl appear. I can’t remember where it appeared, I think it was by the broken statue. All I remember is a villager taking it to the waterfall.
  • Drop a Master Builder over the pearl and they will take it to the waterfall, the pearl will turn blue.
  • The pearl will be taken to the lab by the Master Builder once you drop them on the blue pearl. The Master Builder will take it to the lab and polish it.
  • Have the chief take the pearl from the lab and they will take it over to the giant clam that is out on the ocean.
  • The clam will take the blue pearl and the chief will then take the key and take it to the door. The key looks like a big black pearl.

Puzzle 16 – The Chief and the Princess

  • The Sun Dial room will only appear once you’ve solved the previous 3 puzzles (13, 14 and 15).
  • Drag a villager onto the Sun Dial and move the green circle to the position shown on the screenshot.
  • You will have to wait until rays of light hit the Sun Dial. At that point you’ll see 2 ghosts bouncing over the mark on the Sun Dial.
  • Drag and drop a villager on the ghosts as shown in the screenshot and all your questions will be answered.


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