Veronica Rivers: The Order of Conspiracy Walkthrough

Welcome to Gamezebo's strategy guide for Veronica Rivers: The Order of Conspiracy. Navigation: General TipsChapter 1: "The East" – TutorialChapter 2: Order of Conspiracy Temple – Storage RoomChapter 3: The Hotel – ArrivalChapter 4: Antique StoreChapter 5: The Order of Conspiracy Temple – InsideChapter 6: GraveyardChapter 7: The Hotel – DepartureChapter 8: The HarborChapter 9: The BoatChapter 10:The ShackChapter 11:Fixing the BoatChapter 12: UFOChapter 13: EgyptChap…

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Welcome to Gamezebo’s strategy guide for Veronica Rivers: The Order of Conspiracy.


  • General Tips
  • Chapter 1: "The East" – Tutorial
  • Chapter 2: Order of Conspiracy Temple – Storage Room
  • Chapter 3: The Hotel – Arrival
  • Chapter 4: Antique Store
  • Chapter 5: The Order of Conspiracy Temple – Inside
  • Chapter 6: Graveyard
  • Chapter 7: The Hotel – Departure
  • Chapter 8: The Harbor
  • Chapter 9: The Boat
  • Chapter 10:The Shack
  • Chapter 11:Fixing the Boat
  • Chapter 12: UFO
  • Chapter 13: Egypt
  • Chapter 14: The Gates of Destiny

General Tips

General description

  • There is no timer and no score kept
  • There are no limits to the number of Hints.
  • Two modes of play: "Easy" to receive refill the Hints faster or "Normal". You can switch between modes of play at any time via the "options" menu.
  • The Notepad on the screen is a navigation tool for game play.
    • Items need to be completed are color coded:
      • Tasks to complete: Green with a gear icon
      • Combine items: Blue with a hand
      • Find an object: Black with a circle
    • Magnifier – Opens a small square window to view a scene closer. Left-click your mouse to return to normal view.
    • Journal – Contains Veronica’s thoughts on a situation or a clue as to how to proceed. The word itself will glow when there is a new entry.
    • Options – Opens the Options menu to allow you to change any of your playing settings or return to the Main Menu to exit the game.
    • Hint – A spiral will appear in the area you need to search for an item.


Chapter 1: The East  

There is an option to use a tutorial to show you how to interact with the Notepad.

Location: Bridge

  • First Task: Collect the journal on the lounge chair to activate this feature on the Notepad.
  • Second Task: Go to the Pavilion. It will sparkle to indicate it is an active area. Click to proceed.

Location: Pavilion

You have 4 tasks to complete and one object to collect.

  1. Place Orange on cutting board
  2. Slice the orange in half
  • Click on the knife and drag it onto the orange. The orange will be sliced in two.
  1. Juice orange half
  • Drag first half of orange to juicer. The orange half will disappear and juice will be added to the juicer container.
  • Repeat this action for the second orange half.
  1. Pour juice in glass
  • Drag the juicer container to the glass. The glass will fill
  1. Glass of Juice appears as an object to collect.
  • Click the glass. Watch the cut scene that follows.

After the cut scene, the Pavilion will come into focus again but now with a scroll stuck to the post with a knife

Clicking on the scroll will open a puzzle window.

To translate the scroll, drag the characters on the white sheet to their matching character on the scroll. Some scroll characters will need two characters from the sheet to complete.

  • Use the Help link in the upper left corner to get clues to solve a puzzle
  • Click the Skip text in the lower right corner to skip the puzzle altogether. There are no penalties for skipping a puzzle.

Location: Bridge

Before Veronica can go to the location indicated on the scroll, she must repair the bridge to leave.

  • Drag the boards to the bridge to close the gap
  • Drag the lantern to the empty post.

Chapter 2: Order of Conspiracy Temple – Storage Room

Location: Outside of the Temple

You cannot enter the Temple through the front door yet.

  • Clicking on the glowing side door, a close-up of the door reveals it requires three keys to enter.
  • The sticky note next to the door (shown above, outlined in green) indicates there are three keys located behind the year plaque above the door of the temple.
  • Use the pick to break the plaque.

Clicking on the now-exposed area where the plaque was opens a puzzle.

The goal is to align the orbs on the ropes in the center area.

  • Ropes 1 and 3 are counter weights: place 3 weights on the cup on rope 3 and it will lower the orb to the center and raise the orb on rope 1 up to the center.
  • Ropes 2 and 4 are counter weights: place 1 weight on cup on rope 2 to lower its orb and raise the orb on rope 4 to the center location.
  • Rope 5 is not associated with any other rope. It also requires 3 weights so place a 1 measure weight in its cup and add a 2 measure weight to it to get the combined 3 weights.
  • All orbs are now aligned over the center and the doors housing three keys opens.
  • Click on each key to select it and exit the puzzle

Location: Side Door

The keys selected appear as shown next to the door. There is no inventory area where you need to retrieve items.

Location: Storage Room

Select the objects as indicated.

Once all the objects are collected, you’ll be instructed to

  1. Find the hiding place
  • Move your mouse to the newspaper on the back wall.
  • It will glow and gears will show on your cursor.
  • Click the newspaper and an enlargement appears showing a clock and the front door lock of the temple.
  • Click the Back link to close it
  1. Find the green cloth
  • Click on the green cloth partially covering the table in the foreground to reveal a partially completed model
  1. Fix the solar system model
  • Click and drag the planets to the model table as indicated.
  1. Figure out how the model works
  • Click on the diagram on the back wall.
  • It is enlarged to show the planets will align on a certain date, but part of the date is missing.
  • Pick up the scrap of paper containing the missing date (outlined in pink) and drag it to the diagram.
  • Click the diagram to reveal the date: June 23, 1756

Click on the solar system model.

  • Move the lever to the panel corresponding to the date: 1756 VI 23
  • The outer planet will light up and move over to the other side of the model
  • Click and drag the other planets so they also align.
  • The center knob will spin indicating that you have activated something.
  • Click the Back link to return to the room

The door on the back wall has opened and shows a DVD inside.

Collect the DVD to finish this chapter.

Chapter 3: Hotel – Arrival

Task: View the DVD

To view the contents of the DVD:

  • Drag DVD to DVD player in cabinet
  • Open the cabinet door on the left the retrieve the remote control
  • Open the cabinet door on the right to retrieve the batteries

The remote control and the batteries appear on the bed.

  • Click on the objects to open the window showing the back of the remote control
  • Place the batteries as shown with the "+" sign on top in the left slot and on the bottom in the right.
  • Click the remote at the television screen and view scenes from the previous Veronica Rivers game.

Task: Order Food

  • Click on the glowing drawer in the desk by the window
  • Pick up the partial card

You will be returned to the room and see the binds on the window glowing.

  • Click on the blinds and retrieve the objects noted on the pad.
  • After you have found all the items, the word "Globe" will be added to the list
  • Clicking on the globe will reveal the other part of the card.

You will be returned to the room and see the telephone glowing

Click on the telephone. A window will open with the card containing a number to call for food.

  • Remove the receiver from the telephone
  • Use your mouse to click on the numbers 71325
  • You will be returned to the room and your food has arrived.

Task: Watch Television

  • Drag the remote control to the television set and click

A commercial for an antique shop showing the clock seen earlier at the temple is showing. Veronica decides to visit the store.

Chapter 4: The Antique Store 

Task: Find Clock Parts

The store is dark when you enter with just a circle of light.

  • Click on the light bulb on the counter (outlined in green) and drag it to the light fixture to illuminate the room.
  • The clock on the back wall by the door is glowing. Click on it to receive the list of items to be found.
  • Once the items have been found, the parchment (outlined in pink) glows. Click on it

Task: Find the Figurines

The parchment shows the missing part of the temple door lock surrounded by figurines.

Collect the 12 figurines:

  • Use the crowbar on the boarded up drawer (1). Collect 3 figurines.
  • Open the cupboard door (2). Collect 2 figurines.
  • Look in the drawer on the floor (3). Collect 2 figurines.
  • Search the high shelf (4). Collect 2 figurines.
  • Use the key on the display case (5). Collect 3 figurines.

The clock on the back wall is now glowing. Click on it

Task: Match Figurines to Time

Place the 12 figurines individually in the clock’s display area to find which figurine corresponds to a certain hour. The image showing in the display area gives you a clue as to which figurine is correct.

  • Click on the one o’clock position. As shown above, a music symbol appears in the display area. Drag the organ grinder to the display area.
  • The clock will automatically advance to two o’clock and display the clue (a road with gold coins). This refers to the leprechaun.
  • When placed correctly, each figurine will become animated.
  • The numbers next to the figurines in the above screen shot show which time they represent.

When all the figurines are placed, the display area will close to reveal the missing lock piece (outlined in green) for the temple door. Click on the piece.

Chapter 5: The Order of Conspiracy Temple – Inside

Location: Temple Door

Switch the gems until all gems of the same color are on the same disk.

  • Count the gems to see what color goes on which disk.
    • There are only four blue gems so they go in the center disk with four slots
    • There are eight red gems so they go in the middle disk.
    • The green gems go on the outside.
  • (A) Starting with the inner disk, note that there are already two blue gems next to switches on the middle disk. Click switch (1) to swap the blue disk to the inner disk. Click switch (2) to swap the other blue disk to the inner disk. Now rotate the outer disk containing the blue gem (3) to the switch (4). Click the switch to swap the green and blue gems.
  • (B) Rotate the middle disk one position so that the blue gem (5) is positioned at switch (6). Click to swap the blue gem into the inner disk.
  • (C) Move the middle disk around until the blue gem (7) is positioned at switch (8). Click to swap the last blue gem. The inner circle is now complete

Continue rotating the disks until the all the red gems are in the middle disk and the green gems are in the outer disk.

The completed puzzle will look like this. Each time you play the game the order of the gems on the disks will be different.

The door will open so you can enter the temple.

Location: Inside the Temple

Once inside, collect all the items indicated. After they have all been located, the word "Crest" will appear on the notepad and the crest above the mantle will glow. Click on the crest and you will be asked to find firewood to start a fire.

Task: Collect the Firewood

Collect the seven pieces of firewood and place them in the fireplace.

To light the fire, place the candle in the holder on the mantle (outlined in green). The books on the table will then glow and you will be instructed to search the area.

Note that the picture above the staircase is also glowing and there is an item on the notepad "Picture". Complete lighting the fire before doing this task.

Task: Search the Desk

Find all the objects on the list. After all are collected the word "Skull" will appear on the notepad.

Clicking on the skull will reveal a lighter that was hidden beneath it. Click the lighter.

Task: Light the Fire

Returning to the scene, the lighter has now appeared on the corner of the table (1).

Drag the lighter to the candle (2). The candle is now burning.

Drag the candle to the firewood in the fire place (3) and click. The fire is now lit.

Task: Examine the Picture

After you have clicked on the picture and collected all the objects, the word "Face" will appear on the notepad. Click the face (outlined in green). A crest (outlined in aqua) was hiding behind it. Click on the crest.

Task: Complete the Family Crest

To complete the crest, apply colors and emblems to the shields.

The first part of the crest, the sword on a red background has been done for you. It shows the connections from the lower to the higher levels. Finish the crest as follows:

  1. The unicorn on a green back ground in the lower right corner is a good place to start.
    1. Click the green color (1) then click on the shield (1) in the second row. The color is applied to half of the shield
    2. Click the unicorn emblem (1) and click on the shield (1) in the second row. The emblem is applied.
    3. Repeat this process with the top shield position (1)
  1. The flower in the lower right quadrant of the top shield shows what should go below it.
    1. Click on the purple color (2) and click on the shield (2) in the bottom row.
    2. Click on the flower emblem (2) and click on this same shield (2)
    3. Repeat the process with blank part of shield (2) on the second row.
  2. This leaves the lion and the purple color.
    1. Click the purple color (3) and apply it to shield (3) in the bottom row next to the sword.
    2. Click the lion emblem (3) and click on shield (3) to complete it.
    3. Repeat the process with shield (3) in the middle row and lower left quadrant of the top shield (3).

As you correctly place the colors and emblems, a small light next to the shield will be lit and a gold outline applied.

When the coat of arms has been correctly completed (above), the eyes at the top will glow red and a scroll will appear the mouth. Collect the scroll

Chapter 6: The Graveyard

The scroll turned out to be a map of a graveyard that needs to be explored.

Task: Find Graveyard Items

Find the items as indicated on the notepad. After you have collected everything, the ladder and entrance to the attic glow.

The ladder is stuck.

Enter the grave, pick up a golf club and use it on the skeleton on the ladder (insert outlined in green). It falls away to free the ladder.

Place the ladder against the side of the house to enter the attic.

Task: The Attic

Collect the objects itemized on the notepad.

The word "Projector" and "3 slides" appear on the notepad. Their locations are outlined in green.

Drag the three slides onto the slide projector.

Task: Watch the Slides

When correctly placed, the cards will tell a story.

  • Place five of the eight cards in the slots.
  • Press the green play arrow.
  • Watch the story sequence as each slide is played and try to arrange the cards to match the story.
  • Each card contains three scenes of the story. There is a dot (circled in red above) on each scene in ascending order. When complete, the series of dots will span from left to right consecutively. Use the combination of the dot sequences and the story scenes to solve the puzzle.
  • If a card is not used to tell the story, a series of symbols will appear in the display when the player is on the card (see red outlined insert above). This card can be eliminated.


  • Slide 1: Space craft lands
  • Slide 2: Man is walking in the graveyard
  • Slide 3: Man falls into open grave containing an object
  • Slide 4: Man is beamed up to the space ship
  • Slide 5: Object remains in the open grave.

Task: Inspect the Grave

Take the ladder from the side of the house and place it in the open grave.

Click on the grave.

Click on the glowing object at the bottom of the grave. It is a navigation device showing a location on the coast.

Chapter 7: The Hotel – Departure

Task: Pack

Find all items listed including those in the orange and green bags

Task: Call a Cab

Open the cabinet drawer to get a photo and card containing the number for the cab

Lift the receiver off of the phone and use your mouse to click on the number for the cab: 28-190

Task: Make an Ikebana

The photo retrieved from the desk is in the upper right-hand corner.

Select only the flowers in the photo.

Solution – Completed Ikebana.

Chapter 8: The Harbor

Task: Find Keys for Boat

After you have collected all the items, you still can’t find the keys.

  • The word "bone" appears on the pad.
  • Give the dog the bone. He will disappear.
  • Look in the crate to find the keys.

Chapter 9: The Boat

Task: Find the Navigation Devices

After you find all the items listed, the map area will begin to glow.

Task: Chart a way out of the Harbor

Watch the radar screen then drag the boat that matches the outline on the radar screen to the map.

A pin will stick the boat in place when it is positioned correctly.


Chapter 10: The Shack

Task: Find the Missing Windmill Blades

The coordinates lead to this shack. The first task is to find the windmill blades.

Enter the shack.

  • Locate and attach the lever for the reel.
  • Click on the lever but nothing happens.
  • Click the light bulb to see if there is electricity. There isn’t and you are returned outside with a list of places to check for the blades to fix the windmill and get electricity.

Task: The Boat

  • Find the items on the list. The word "Cat" is added.
  • The cat is located lying under the seat.
  • Click on the cat and a fan blade that was under the cat is revealed.

Task: Inspect the Stairs

After the quiver is removed, a fan blade is revealed to have been behind it and "Fan" is added to the list.

Task: Inspect the Bucket

  • After all items are collected, a "Jack" is added to the list.
  • Clicking on the card reveals the fan blade behind it.

Task: Fix the Windmill

  • All the blades have been collected for the fan.
  • Drag the fan blade assembly to the windmill.
  • It begins to turn and electricity is restored.

Task: Find the Map

  • Find all the objects in the shack
  • Click on the reel
  • The rope at the end of the reel retracts to show a scroll
  • Click on the navigation device in the well of the light bulb.
  • Click on the scroll and a map appears on the ledge.

Task: Find the Coordinates

There are three disks that rotate to form a pattern and show the next location.

  • Start by placing the navigational disk in the shadowed area in the center of the map.
  • Screen shot 1: This shows the disks in their original state.
    • Disk 1 is the outer disk. Turning it causes the other two disks to turn as well.
    • Disk 2 is the center disk. It affects itself and disk 3
    • Disk 3 is independent and rotating it does not cause disks 1 or 2 to move.
  • Screen shot 2: Rotate disk 1 until its pattern matches the inner design as shown.
  • Screen shot 3: Rotate disk 2 until its pattern matches the established design.
  • Complete the puzzle by rotating disk 3 until its pattern completes the design.

Chapter 11: The Engine Room

Task: Clean the Stairs

Clean up the mess on the stairs

Task: Inspect the Pipes

Find the items on the list

Task: Inspect the Table

Find the items on the list

Task: Find Six Pipe Segments

Find the six pipe segments from the toolbox, under the ladder, and in the engine enclosure.

Task: Restore the Pressure

Drag and click to place the pipes as shown above.

Location: Boat House

Find the items indicated then zoom in on the steering wheel to use the radar to get to your destination.

Task: Navigate to destination

  • Use the steering wheel to navigate around islands in your path
  • Your speed can be adjusted up and down
  • The round dot at the top of the screen indicates you have reached your destination.

Chapter 12: UFO

Location: Inside the UFO

Find the items indicated.

Explore the sphere

Location: Inside the Sphere

Using the filters, transform the particle to match the shape of the checkpoint image.

This is the first correct step:

  1. Enlarge the particle
  2. Set the shape filter
  3. Set the color filter

The checkpoint light comes on indicating a successful particle transformation.


Chapter 13: Egypt

  • Find the items in the scene then search the artifact table.
  • Sort the coins, bones and shards as shown.

Task: Assemble Plate

  • Assemble the shard pieces as shown.
  • When the shard is in the correct position it will lock into place.

Task: Decrypt the Symbols

Use the stenographer to decrypt the symbols

  • Draw a symbol on the screen
  • If it is correct a green light will come on and the symbol will be checked off
  • An incorrect rendering will cause the red light to come on.

The decrypted message reads: "We’ve left the Gates of Destiny here – buried in the sand. Find the ancient drawings to find the Gates’ location".

Task: Enter the Trailer

  • Place the door hand on the door to open the trailer
  • The trailer door opens but the air conditioning isn’t working
  • Remove the piece stuck in the blades on the air conditioning unit to fix it.

Task: Search the Table

After all items are collected, the microscope glows to reveal the next area to explore.

Task: Recreate Drawing

Replicate the drawing in the upper right-hand corner by correctly placing the slides in their proper order.

  • Insert a slide into the slide slot and click to close
  • The viewer will open to show the slide.
  • The correct order is shown above
    • Slide 1 – UFO
    • Slide 2 – Pyramid
    • Slide 3 – Man
    • Slide 4 – Cloud
    • Slide 5 – Dog
    • Slide 6 – Sun

Location: Pyramid

Pick up the items outside the pyramid then enter the door area.

Task: Find Door Parts

  • Pick up the zodiac sign on the tractor wheel shown above.

Location: Upper Scaffold

  • Pick up items.
  • "Vase" is added to list
  • Pick up zodiac sign.

Location: Lower Scaffold

  • Pick up items.
  • "Megaphone" is added to list
  • Pick up zodiac sign.

Task: Open the Door

Goal: match each symbol to its base by moving to empty slots along the tracks.

As shown above:

  • Move Taurus symbol to empty slot (1)
  • Move Scorpio to its base (2)


Chapter 14: The Gates of Destiny

Task: Recharge the Generator

Collect the ten energy balls and put them in the generator opening

When the generator is fully charged, the portal on the back wall will open

Location: Space Ship

  • Find the item that matches the items shown on the outer two columns.
  • Place the item in the center column
  • Items highlighted in red will go into the center column.

Location: Inside Multi-Portal

Goal: Use the power supply buttons on the left at key intersections to light all the tracks

  • Drag the buttons from the left to their numbered position on the grid
  • The completed solution is shown in the upper right corner

This activates the multi-portal. Enter it to collect the missing device parts

Location: Storage Room

  • Collect the items indicated.
  • The word "Ice Skate" is added.
  • The device part is behind the skate

You will return to the multi-portal. Click to return to the next location.

Location: Graveyard

  • Collect the items indicated.
  • The word "License Plate" is added.
  • The device part is behind the license plate

You will return to the multi-portal. Click to return to the next location.

Location: Shack

  • Collect the items indicated.
  • The word "Knight" is added.
  • The device part is behind the knight

You will return to the multi-portal. Click to return to the next location.

Location: Egypt

  • Collect the items indicated.
  • The word "Knight" is added.
  • The device part is behind the knight

You will return to the multi-portal.

Task: Activate De-Stabilizing Device

Goal: Use magnets to guide the energy beam from the energy cannon to the receiver.

The solution is shown above.

Task: Charge the Device

Drag the items from the list and place them in the energy hole at the back.

Mission accomplished!