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Verdonia is a Facebook game developed by Playdom that throws you into the ancient time of knights and ladies. Your goal is to build your kingdom from the ground up and eventually amass enough resources to create your army and be the most dominant force among your circle of friends or allies. This quick start guide will provide you with tips to get started playing Verdonia.

Follow Suggested Quests

Once you start the game, you are given a handful of resources which are necessary for your advancement in the game (food, wood, iron, stone and gold.) You have a quest book which suggests the immediate quests for you to grow your town and kingdom. Do these quests first as they are designed to help you further grow your resources. This will also help you further understand how the game mechanics go.


Each quest has a corresponding reward upon completion. Some rewards could be a simple pile of wood, while some can be a combination of all resources used in the game (food, wood, iron, stone and gold). Once you finish a quest, go back to the quest book and collect your reward. If you forget to collect the reward, the book of quests will flash with a number in the toolbar.


Acquire Allies

Getting allies is another big factor in this game. There are some scenarios that pop up during game play where announcing it to your circle of friends (allies) will help you amass resources. The more allies you have, the better chance that someone will help and reward you.


Visiting your allies also help gain resources. As you visit, scenarios also appear in the town of your ally wherein you are asked to help out. Accepting the task will reward you with more resources. This can however only be done ONCE a day, so the more allies you can visit means more resources.

Spend your Resources to Level Up

In order to level up in this game, you need to get GLORY points (experience points). The easiest way to get glory points is to simply spend your resources. Anything you do in the game requires spending resources – a mix of wood, iron, stone, food and gold. Building structures is the most common way to spend these items. Building a cottage, one of the first structures you need to build, will earn you 1 glory point.

Upgrading the structures earns even bigger glory points. That same cottage that earned you 1 point will earn you 3 points when you upgrade it to a level 2 cottage. Upgrading it to level 3 will earn you 6 glory points and so on.

How to Earn More Resources

Since you want to spend to gain glory points, you need to earn more of those resources to actually keep on spending. Make sure that the buildings which produce those resources are producing enough to sustain your expenses. Although all the five resources are earned as rewards for quests are done, you need a steady inflow of them.

Remember not to spend your limited resources at the start of the game on buildings in your town. Go to your field and upgrade your Farm (producing food), Mine (producing iron), Logging Camp (producing wood) and Quarry (producing stone). This will not only boost your production of their respective products but the process of upgrading them will also earn you glory points. And remember, upgrading actually earns you more points.


Earning gold however is a different process. This resource is earned from the taxes you impose on the citizens of your kingdom. This means the more people you have, the more taxes you will be able to collect. So aside from maintaining good producing farms, mines, quarries and logging camps in your field, maintain a number of cottages in your town proper to assure a large enough population that will pay the taxes. And remember to upgrade these cottages too to earn those extra glory points.

The faster you can build and upgrade these important structures, the sooner you can actually forget about your resources getting depleted and start focusing on recruiting and training your army for world domination.

Upgrade your Town Center

Aside from your resource buildings, try to upgrade your town center as soon as possible. The town center is your City Hall and the higher the level of this building, the more possibilities open up for you, such as constructing other building types and acquiring other towns.


From this building, you can see your whole kingdom and all your possessions at a single glance. This allows you to see what buildings you have and which need upgrading.

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