Venice Mystery Tips & Tricks Walkthrough

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Check out our Tips and Tricks for Venice Mystery, the mah jong game with several puzzles to unluck and more than 70 levels. Find the clues that will help find the hidden machine plans that are inside 13 secret paintings in Venice.


  • You start the game with 3 lives and you can earn an extra life for every 250,000 points you earn while playing. If you’re playing the mahjong tiles section and you think you’re about to lose a life because you cannot finish on time, it’s better for you to restart the game at no penalty than to finish and lose a life. When you are playing with the paintings you cannot restart, so therefore if you’re going to lose a life save it for when you are in the painting portion of the game.
  • When you restart a level, the setup will be the same but some of the keys, tiles and extras will most likely have moved positions. Your power-ups and the score that you had before you started that level will be reinstated to the what they were before you decided to restart that level. Whatever points and power-ups you accumulated during the unfinished game will not be saved. You cannot restart the levels in which you are looking for the missing pieces in the paintings and you will lose a life if you don’t complete it on time. You can restart the levels in which you are placing the Roman numerals in the Clock Tower as many times as you want without being penalized.
  • Once in a while, you will get a tile with the letter " J " and a number next to it. This is the Joker tile. It will either have a 3, 5, 7 or 9 next to it. The number next to the joker coincides with the number of random tiles you can hit consecutively to help clear the board. This comes in handy when you are trying to get a key or to remove a tall stack of tiles. You cannot have 2 jokers on the dock at the same time. If you have one joker on the dock and you click on a second joker, the first one will be replaced by the second one, and you can no longer use the original joker that you had. Make sure to use one joker before you try to get another one. To use the joker first highlight it on the dock and then click random tiles for the purposes of eliminating them.
  • You will have some tiles that are blocked by what is called a "Magic Pyramid." You cannot click on any tiles that are underneath it until you remove the lock, but you can remove tiles that are on the side of it. To unlock this pyramid find the "Key Stone" that matches the color of the pyramid to be able to unlock it. The "Key Stone" will never be visible at the beginning of the level; it will always be underneath several tiles. This is where the "Sixth Sense" power-up comes in handy: use it to look underneath the tiles and see where the "Key Stones" and other things are located. The "Magic Pyramid" can be identified by their 3-D appearance and their matching "Key Stone" will have the matching color but it will look like a regular tile.
  • Familiarize yourself with the power-ups (aka "extras") located at the bottom of your playing field, on either side of the dock. Your power-ups rollover to the next level. I’m not sure how many you can accumulate but I was able to store up to 13 of one kind. You can tell how many you have by looking at the dots going around a particular power-up.


    1-Transform: Transforms all the playable tiles of a special color and pattern into a tile from your dock. Use this power-up when you are running out of time and you need to get to that last key and you do not have the proper tile on your dock to remove that tile that is blocking the key. Click on the transform power-up first, then click on a tile from the bottom dock that you would like to place on the playing field. The tile that you choose to place on the playing field will be replaced automatically so that you will be able to use the piece from your dock.

    2-Sixth Sense: This power-up will really come in handy when you are running short on time and you need to know which pile has the keys, Key Stones and power-ups hidden underneath it.

    3-Shuffle: Activate it to shuffle all the tiles in the bottom dock and create new dock tiles. This will only shuffle the tiles from the dock and not the playing field.

    4-Ankh: To activate the ankh, click on a tile on the playfield, all the playable tiles of this pattern and color will be destroyed.

    5-Fire Golem: Use the Fire Golem to destroy a group of tiles by shooting at them with fireballs. The key to using the Fire Golem is to actually shoot the fire balls on specific tiles, if you shoot towards the direction of something else it will not destroy anything. Shoot as fast as you can so that you can destroy as many tiles as possible. This can come in handy when you are trying to destroy a thick pile of tiles at one time.

    6-Swap: Click on 2 tiles to exchange their position.


  • Your goal in the mahjong section is to make bigger combos so that you can score more points. The best way to achieve this is by clicking on several tiles with the same pattern and color consecutively. Take a quick glance at the screen and try to memorize the locations of all the visible tiles with a particular pattern and color before you click on any of them. Once you know their position click on them one after another, without letting too much time pass in between.
  • If you wait too long you may not be able to do the fastest combo possible. For very tile that you click, you get 25 points for the first and 25 points added to every piece that you click consecutively. For example, if you click 5 tiles of the same kind in a row, your scoring per tile will increase like this: 25 for the first, 50 for the second, 75 for the third, 100 for the fourth and 125 for the fifth piece. In addition, you will earn 2 lion coins that at the end of that round will be multiplied by 50.
  • You will also receive bonus points by how much time is left on your game. The faster you finish the game, the more points you will earn. If you do a combo of 8 tiles of the same kind at one time, you will receive a random power-up for every time you can do this and an additional 200 chaining points for the last tile. You can achieve this by accumulating, or not clicking on certain tiles until you have 8 or 9 pieces of one kind,or you can wait until you have the "joker" with the number 9 on it and then you can click 9 random tiles at once.


  • You have to assemble a total of 13 pictures and solve 13 puzzles in the Clock Tower. To assemble the picture, first choose the circle image at the bottom that you would like to find in the main painting. Look at the painting and find where you think the piece would fit. Once you think you know where the piece goes, rotate it so that it is in the correct position. Once the piece is rotated, click on the part of the painting that you think it belongs to, if it’s correct you will see what looks like a glimmering star, if it’s not correct it will let you know and you have to try again.
  • When deciding where the piece goes, look for very small markings on the round piece that could help you identify its location, maybe it has a dot on it, a different shade of blue or a piece of a building that is easy to recognize. In later levels the differences are much harder to find so subtle differences are the key.
  • Careful when clicking the pieces, if you click too many incorrect locations, you will be penalized and the game will subtract one minute of your time. Losing a minute of your time could be problematic because you don’t have that much time to find the pieces, especially in later levels where you have to find up to 9 missing pieces.
  • If you lose that round, you will lose a life, however you only have to start from where you left off. In other words, the pieces you already found will still be there, you only have to find the ones that you were missing and you get 3 more hints to complete the painting, which comes in handy if you’ve already lost a life. To use the "hint" button, first highlight the round piece that you wish to locate and then press the hint button.
  • In the Clock Tower Scrolls, you have to look at Roman numerals that are printed on the scrolls, write them down in the order that you think they belong and click on the "Clock Tower" tab and input the numbers in their proper order. They are not in numerical order; you have to figure out where the numbers start and follow the pattern. You can usually tell the pattern by the lines that are going through the scrolls that are usually outside of the main map. If you don’t feel like writing down the numbers before you input them into the "Clock Tower", you can look at the scroll each time and then click on the map to input the number. It is recommended that you write down the numbers because if it’s incorrect and you have to redo it, at least you can see where you went wrong and try a different pattern. After inputting the numbers, look for the symbol on the side of the scroll and click on the same symbol that is on either side of the clock.


    If you get stuck on a level with either the paintings or the scrolls, we have all the answers below. They are numbered in the order of the circles below from left to right. In one occasion I remember the circles had switched places so it’s possible for them not to always be in the correct order, but the majority should be, and these notes will at least give you a good idea where to look for things. The Clock Tower numbers did not change as far as I could see. Don’t forget to click on the symbol that’s on the scroll once you’ve finished inputting the numbers.

    Painting #1 Level 4

    1-left side, between the first tree trunk and the second

    2-in the middle of the third tree

    3-last tree on the right, towards the bottom

    Clock Tower #1


    Then click on the sun symbol that is on the left hand corner of the screen

    Painting #2 Level 8

    1-left side, small opening, between both buildings

    2-top left, close to the building

    3-middle of the screen, towards the bottom by the third building on the right

    4-center of the screen, closer to the right, by last building

    Clock Tower #2


    Then click on the symbol that looks like a circle with lines going through it

    Painting #3 Level 13

    1-top left, closer to the middle

    2-top of the tree

    3-middle left side, bottom of the tree

    4-bottom right corner

    5-middle of the screen, closer to the right, close to the dark edge

    Clock Tower #3


    Then click on the symbol that looks like an open curtain

    Painting #4

    1-first building, at the bottom right side of the building

    2-first building on the left, on the left of the top 2 windows

    3-second building on the right, next to the top of the first window

    4-second building on left corner, by the first window on the bottom row

    5-second building, middle set of windows, by the last one

    Clock Tower #4


    Click on the symbol that looks like a ring, first symbol on the right side

    Painting #5

    1-first tree on left, towards the middle

    2-the grass between the first and second tree

    3-on the ground, close to the base of the second tree

    4-leaves of the third tree

    5-end of the road

    Clock Tower #5


    Then click on the symbol that looks like the letter V with a ring at the bottom

    Painting #6 Level 27

    1-top left corner of main building

    2-left corner of main building

    3-in the sky, left side, highest part of the building

    4-underneath highest part of the building

    5-bottom right corner, last opening( door…window?) of the first building

    6-right side of the main building, last window, on top row

    Clock Tower #6


    Then click on the half-moon symbol

    Painting #7 Level 32

    1-left side of bowl, where the blue rim ends

    2-left side of the bowl

    3-at the bottom, where the green fruit is, close to the frame

    4-in the middle of the yellow fruit, that is in the bowl (the lightest yellow)

    5-right side of the bowl, close to the blue rim

    6-top right hand corner, on the wooden table

    Clock Tower #7


    Then click on the symbol that looks like a ring

    Painting #8 Level 36

    1-in the middle of the first building

    2-first building, last window

    3-second building, next to middle window

    4-in the middle of the second building

    5-above second building, in the sky

    6-middle of the third building

    Clock Tower #8


    Then click on the symbol that looks like an open curtain

    Painting #9 Level 43

    1-top left

    2-left bottom, on blue plants, close to the building

    3-middle of the picture

    4-on the part of the ground closest to the right side of the screen

    5-top right side of the screen

    6-bottom right side of the screen, close to the white part

    7-by the last column on the right side

    Clock Tower #9


    Then click on the symbol that looks like a circle with stripes going across it

    Painting # 10

    1-between the second and third opening, on the left side

    2-right below where clue # 1 is

    3-on the left of the highest peak of the bridge (peach skyline)

    4-inside the small tower (highest peak of the bridge)

    5- under the top of the bridge, towards the middle

    6-on the left side of the first yellow and pink pole

    7-top right hand corner, between the last 2 openings

    Clock Tower 10


    Then click on the sun symbol

    Painting #11 Level 56

    1-top left of the first building

    2-left side of the bridge, towards the top

    3-middle of the bridge, between the 2 buildings

    4-under the bridge, almost below the center point of bridge, on the ground

    5-under the bridge, on the right corner

    6-bottom right side of the screen, towards middle of the building

    7-top right corner of the building, on the right side

    Clock Tower Scroll #10


    Then click on the half-moon symbol

    Painting # 12 level 62

    1- center of the screen, closest to the left side

    2-second highest part of the building, between first and second largest pole

    3-in the middle of the largest arch

    4-slightly above where # 5 is

    5-top arch of the tallest building (which is the building in the middle)

    6-bottom right corner of the building, towards the bottom of the tallest building

    7-right side of the tallest point of the building (peach sky) between the second and third longest pole

    8-middle of the screen, closer to the right side, next to the third tall pole

    Clock Tower #12


    Then click on the symbol that looks like a V with a ring at the bottom

    Painting #13 Level 70

    1-left side of the building, on the edge of the building by the first peak that you see.

    2-above the arch, on the building itself (center of the screen)

    3-left side of the buildings dome, close to the sky

    4-by the arch of the building (right side of the arch)

    5-next to the arch, it looks like a window and there’s a small column next to it

    6-right side of the dome, closer to the middle edge

    7-top of the first lamppost that is on the right corner of the screen (or third post if you’re counting left to right)

    8-above the last lamppost, to the right of the building

    9-right corner, at the very bottom, by the last lamppost

    Clock Tower #13


    Then click on the half-moon symbol

    Assembling the machine, final chapter

    Just pick up the parts at the bottom and place them in their appropriate location on the machine. If you look closely at the details it’s not hard to do. The part cannot be placed unless it’s in the correct location. The answers to these puzzles are numbered 1 through 13, for the purposes of this walkthrough. You will not see numbers for the parts in the game. The pieces are in order from left to right.

    1-right side, below the biggest green gear

    2-bottom left corner

    3-top, second gear, starting on the left side

    4-last one on the top right corner

    5-all the way at the bottom, towards the center of the screen

    6-towards the middle of the screen, left side of the big green gear

    7-top of the screen, above the big green gear

    8-bottom right side of the metal pole

    9-first gear on the top

    10-third gear from the top

    11-right corner

    12-below number 11, right corner

    13-below the big green gear

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