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Vegas City – Game Introduction

Vegas City is a Facebook game developed by Digital Chocolate where players can be a casino mogul and profit from building hotels, gambling halls, running entertainment spots and resorts. Cater to different clientele from honeymooners to tourists, and even rock stars. These are just a few of the things you can do to get started playing Vegas City by referring to this quick start guide.

Quick Start Guide

Game Currencies

There are two major currencies that you need to pay attention to when working on growing your empire’s net worth.

Vegas City

Dollars are needed more often to construct your buildings, decorations and attractions. You can earn more by fulfilling goals from your advisor, collecting income from your hotels and commerce buildings.

Special items need currency that is unique to running a Vegas city. Synonymous to gambling, Chips are worth more than dollars and can be bought by real money. You can also be rewarded by fulfilling special goals. This can be used to buy special items and help in expanding your city faster with instant builds.

Build your City

Starting in an entertainment and hotel business means running on a profit in a city that never sleeps. To earn a profit and keep expanding you need to construct income generating buildings.

Vegas City

There are different types of buildings you can place in your city. Hotels, for one, would house your guests when they visit. From the simple hostel to casinos and resorts, each building will be able to book guests. Choosing the most profitable is always recommended with these buildings.

Here’s a tip: Always leave space beside your hotels to give way to decorations. This will increase its income percentage if beside a fountain, a tree or any aesthetic decoration you place within its area.

Commerce buildings will give you passive income as long as it is near your hotels. It’s all about location. Pick one that can be surrounded as many hotels as possible. The more expensive buildings will always give you more money per guest. Collecting from them will give you money every 3 minutes.

As an example, if you decide to put up a bar near several hotels within the area of influence, you will earn $45 per guest booked on each. Having a total of 10 guests x $45. This fills up your cash register to a total of $450 every 3 minutes.

Vegas City

Decorations not only enhance your city’s aesthetic value but also increases the income percentage of a hotel near it. Don’t be hesitant to put them around other buildings just to fill up the gaps. Trees are best since they occupy a small plot.

Lastly, attractions can also increase your hotel’s income but the difference is you don’t to construct it near any structure. Completing it will take longer though, normally about 2 weeks but it will be worth it, since it will cover all hotels in your city. As you expand, your income will grow automatically. Remember to request for help from friends so you can enjoy the benefits sooner.

Here’s a tip: When you start in earlier levels, try building around the fountain and trees that have already been provided. This will give you a head start in your profits.

Book a Reservation

To generate income in your hotels you need to book a reservation to different clientele. You’ll notice a contract icon blink just above your hotels and this indicates that you need to fill up your hotels. Clicking on one will open up a window that will help you choose what type of guest you’d like to have.

Vegas City

Scroll through each and you’ll see how much you can earn, how long their stay is going to be, and the number of guests. Experience points are also shown to help you level up in the game. If the hotel is near a commerce building, then it is recommended that you choose one that has more guests. The image above shows a Poker Star will give you an income of $13,799 and from the list, it gives you the maximum number of guests in that hotel.

Collection of Income

Your guest are ready to check out. Hotels that have a blinking cash icon means you need to collect your income from your guests. Click on each hotel that is ready and this will give way to new guests.

Vegas City

Remember to collect in time or your guests will leave your hotel without paying. Here is a guide when you choose your reservation.

Expires in 1 hour

– 3 minute reservation

– 30 minute reservation

– 1 hour reservation

Vegas City

For the 4, 8, 12 hour reservations, they expire equal to the time your guests stay. It’s the same for the 1-3 day reservations. As an example, if you choose to reserve a guest for 2 days, you have until the 4th day to collect.

Your Travel Agent and Collector

Booking and collections can be tedious when your city is filled with different buildings. To make it easier to do reservations and collect your income, you can opt to hire a travel agent and a collector.

Remember good staff comes with a price. The travel agent can be hired for a minimum of 6 minutes and a maximum of 30 days. Most would cost you several chips but you can choose to hire one at the minimum time by paying in dollars instead. This is only available every 24 hours.

Vegas City

Hiring a collector is cheaper. You can hire one in 2 days for only 2 chips instead of 6. Here’s a tip when hiring them. If you were to choose the minimum time, it’s best to reserve all hotels in the city with the same time. This will be worth it when you start using the services of the collector.

Vegas City

Remember to use them when you’ve at least expanded your city once.

Your Advisor and Missions

To guide you in the game, be sure to accomplish the missions that your advisor has set. Every time you level up, you’ll get a few goals to fulfill which will help you earn more money and experience.

Vegas City

There are special goals that will reward you chips so we suggest you do those. Each chip is worth $60,000 and that will increase your overall net worth. Just remember that it is a guide and can make or break your overall strategy especially when you plan on constructing your buildings. Try it for a few levels or until you’ve expanded your city. You can do away with it once you’ve purchased your first expansion since you would’ve had enough practice.

Moving Can be Expensive

You can move things around once you’ve progressed to maximize your profits. Take note that moving your buildings is expensive and can cost you thousands of dollars or even some chips.

Vegas City

To move your buildings, click on the first icon that looks like a suitcase and a graph. This is the same icon where you’ll find your travel agent and collector when you need to hire them.

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