Valiant Hearts Characters – All Characters Listed


Looking for a Valiant Hearts characters list? We’ve got you covered! Our guide contains a list of all characters from the game, including which ones are playable. We also added some extra information about each character, and avoided spoilers as best as we could! Make sure to bookmark this page to refer back to when playing the game.

Valiant Hearts is a story-based puzzle game that has captured the hearts of many players over the years. As you play through the game, you get to experience the stories of four characters as they help a German soldier. The themes of the game focus heavily on bonds and survival. Immerse yourself in the storyline, and take part in a variety of head-scratching puzzles – with help from Walt the dog!

You can learn more about the game on the official website, or on the game’s Steam page. If you’re looking for new games to play, take a look at our guides for Forspoken chapters, Magic: The Gathering codes, and Vinland codes.

Valiant Hearts Characters

Now, let’s move on to the list!

Valiant Hearts Characters List

  • Anna
    • Playable character
    • Tends to the wounded
    • Nurse
    • Searching for her father
  • Baron Von Dorf
    • Main antagonist
    • Leader of the German forces at the Western Front of World War I
    • Selfish, status-obsessed, and likes wine
  • Emile
    • Playable character
    • Farmer
    • Selfless and kind
  • Freddie
    • Playable character
    • Volunteer engineer for France
    • Tough, stealthy, and loyal
  • French Officer (Marne)
    • Appears in the first chapter of the game
    • Trains new recruits
  • George
    • Supposed to be a playable character, but ended up appearing in only one level and being unplayable
    • Pilot for the Royal Flying Corps
    • Doesn’t know how to fly a plane
  • Hans
    • Medic in the German army
    • Supporting character and connected to Walt
    • His story is expanded in the Valiant Hearts: Dog of War comic
    • Appears in chapter 1 and 4 of the game
  • Jerome
    • Country shepherd
  • Karl
    • Married to Emile’s daughter, Marie
    • Has a son called Victor
    • Conscripted into the German army
    • Playable character in chapter 3
  • Walt
    • Dog
    • Helps characters with puzzles
    • You can play as Walt!
    • The Valiant Hearts: Dogs of War comic focuses on his character
  • Wilfried
    • Soldier
    • Captured by the French army

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