Vainglory Tips, Cheats and Strategies

By Nick Tylwalk |

Don’t worry folks. As far as we can tell, Super Evil Megacorp is not trying to take over the world. It would like you to play its mobile MOBA Vainglory though, and it deos a lot of things within the game to ease newcomers into it, including a series of excellent tutorial videos.

Still, any MOBA can be intimidating until you get your legs under you. We can’t walk you through how to play each Hero in the game, as that would take the time and talent of players better than ourselves, but we can help you with the basics. Read on for Gamezebo’s Vainglory Tips, Cheats and Strategies and hopefully you’ll be that much more prepared to help your team to victory when you play your next match.

Vainglory Tips Cheats Strategies

  • When you are waiting for a match to begin, the Hero selection screen shows you which characters your teammates are thinking about playing. The Hero portait will be in black and white when a teammate selects one, turning to color when they lock it in. If there’s a specific Hero you know you want to play, you might want to lock it in quickly so that your teammates look elsewhere. Otherwise, you can wait to see who the other players pick before making your own selection. The goal is to make the most well-rounded team possible while also ensuring you take a role you feel comfortable in.
  • Minions matter. They might be the expendable cannon fodder of this or any other MOBA, but you want to have some with you when advancing toward the other team’s side in the Lane. Even when confronting another Hero in the lane, a few minions by your side can make the difference. They’re also extremely important when going after enemy turrets, as they’ll soak up damage that would otherwise be dealt to you.
  • In a closely related tip to the one above, don’t forget about the minion mines. There’s one on both sides of the map, and controlling them both makes your minions much stronger. It’s also not uncommon to see beginning players forget about them to concentrate on what’s going on in the Lane. If you miss the notifications that pop up telling you when a minion miner had been defeated, the mini-map shows red or blue symbols to let you know which side is currently controlling them. The minion miners appear four minutes into a match, so it’s not a bad idea to head for the one on your side of the map right around that time.

Vainglory Tips Cheats Strategies

  • The Jungle is a good place for some Heroes to level up in the early stages of a Match. The neutral monsters in the Jungle are there strictly for farming gold and experience, and they will leave you alone unless you attack them first. If you see teammates headed down the Lane right at the start, you can probably slip down to the Jungle and have it mostly to yourself.
  • It’s okay to run away when things aren’t going your way. Every time you die in a Vainglory match, it takes longer for you to respawn at your base. Late in matches, this can be extremely costly if you have to wait 30 or more seconds to return to the fight. If you find yourself getting hammered, discretion really is sometimes the better part of valor. Sometimes opposing Heroes will be able to chase you down and kill you anyway (and certain Heroes are particularly good at this), but you also might lead them into your teammates while headed back toward your side of the map.
  • Confused about what items to buy with your gold? The game gives you a recommended path to follow for your specific Hero, so you can simply follow it if you aren’t experienced enough to know what to get on your own. One word of advice: if you have enough gold to buy a better item, go ahead and skip up the purchase path. For example, if there are boots that increase your speed for 300 gold and another pair for 600, you can skip right to the latter if you can afford them, as they’ll be better than the other pair anyway.
  • There’s a shop in the middle of the Jungle! Yeah, I don’t know who opened it there either, but it’s at the bottom of the map, right in the center. If you have lots of gold and are in the Jungle anyway, it might be worth stopping by to grab an item or two. Just remember that unlike visiting the store while you are waiting to respawn, enemy Heroes can attack you while shopping in the Jungle, no matter how rude that might seem.

Vainglory Tips Cheats Strategies

  • When all else fails, you can always unleash the Kraken. Not the dark rum (though that’s good too), but the hulking creature who replaces the gold miner at the 15 minute mark. You’ll need at least one teammate to defeat the Kraken, but once you do, he’ll rampage down the enemy side of the Lane. If the opposing team is already closing in on your Vain, the Kraken probably won’t do enough to turn things around, but when you are trailing by a turret or two, he’s the best comeback weapon in the game, particularly if the enemy Heroes are otherwise occupied when the big guy does his thing.
  • If possible, try to hang in until the end of a match, even if your side is getting trashed. Vainglory has a mechanic called Karma that is meant to deter people from going AFK (away from keyboard) during play, which is no fun for anyone. Building up good Karma awards a bonus to the Glory earned frome each match, and it also signals the matchmaking algorithm to put you with other high Karma players, thus lessening the likelihood that anyone will simply walk away from the action.

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