How to unlock all Tamagotchis in My Tamagotchi Forever

In My Tamagotchi Forever, you may have a beloved Tamagotchi you want to raise and care for consistently. Or, you may want to collect them all! But unless you want to spend a lot of time experimenting (as we did) it can be difficult to get them all! Here’s how to unlock all the Tamagotchis in My Tamagotchi Forever.

The good news is that Tamagotchi don’t evolve in “trees” where if you get one toddler Tamagotchi, for instance, you lock yourself out of certain later stages. Any Tamagotchi can evolve into any Tamagotchi in the next stage if you feed them correctly. That’s also good news, because it means you can go for a new Tamagotchi at every stage if you’re trying to get them all.

my tamagotchi forever

Tamagotchis evolve based off what you feed them. They will turn into whatever evolution is connected with the type of food you feed them the most. Food is divided into categories such as fruit, vegetables, seafood, and desserts. It’s not always clear what is what, but you can never go wrong with obvious ones such as broccoli (vegetables) or shrimp (seafood). Ignore what your Tamagotchi tells you about the food they want. There’s no penalty for feeding them other things!


A new baby will hatch from a Tamagotchi egg at the start of the game, or any time you send an adult Tamagotchi to Tamatown with a career. It is completely random which of the two you get, and each has a 50/50 chance of appearing. You may have to play through multiple adults to obtain both of these babies.

  • Futabatchi
  • Omututchi

my tamagotchi forever


Toddlers evolve from babies after two hours.

  • Hoshitchi – Feed either baby Tamagotchi fruit, desserts, or snack foods
  • Meganetchi – Feed either baby Tamagotchi vegetables


Teenagers evolve from Toddlers after twelve hours.

  • Nikatchi – Feed a toddler Tamagotchi fruits
  • Hinatchi – Feed a toddler Tamagotchi vegetables
  • Soyofuwatchi – Feed a toddler Tamagotchi meat
  • Mokokotchi – Feed a toddler Tamagotchi junk food (We tested with French fries)

my tamagotchi forever


Adults evolve from Teenagers after 60 hours.

  • Mametchi – Mametchi is the default adult you have at the start of the game, so there’s no need to pursue one again. If you’d like to, you can feed a teenager meat or seafood (we used shrimp).
  • Kuromametchi – Feed a teenager fruit, such as apples
  • Kuchipatchi – Feed a teenager sweets, such French fries
  • Memetchi – Feed a teenager snack foods, like cookies
  • Chamametchi – Feed a teenager veggies, like broccoli

Other Tamagotchis, such as Lovelitchi, Sebiretchi, and Gozarutchi have hidden requirements to unlock them. You may have to unlock the other Tamagotchis first and continue to experiment with food to find them!

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