Underworld Realm Tier List – All Souls and Weapons Ranked

Our Underworld Realm Tier List ranks all souls and weapons in the Undertale-inspired Roblox game from strongest to weakest!

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Scouring the darkness for an Underworld Realm tier list? In this guide, you’ll find a handy tier list that ranks each and every obtainable soul and weapon from S-tier to D-tier. The purpose of this guide is to help you decide whether your assigned soul is worth keeping around or not – and if your weapon is worth using!

Underworld Realm is a Roblox experience inspired by Undertale! You transport into the depths beneath regular civilisation and play through dungeon-like levels. The twist is that it’s all 3D and multiplayer! Will you opt for the mercy path or the genocide path on this RPG adventure? Oh, you can also get some awesome upgrades for your kit and meet zany familiar characters along your path from NPCs to fierce bosses shaped oddly like flowers…

For more information about Underworld Realm, you can visit the game’s official Roblox page. We’ve also got an Underworld Realm Souls guide, an Underworld Realm Weapons guide, and a useful Underworld Realm Codes guide for a bunch of freebies!

Underworld Realm Tier List – The Souls

Need to know if the soul you obtained is top-tier? Take a look at the tier list down below, where every soul has been ranked from best to worst. Please remember that all tier lists are subjective, but some souls are genuinely terrible and weak when compared to others. New souls will be added to the tier list once we’re able to test them out and research the general consensus of players!

S Tier

The best souls to have in Underworld Realm!

  • Empty

A Tier

Second-best souls, but that doesn’t mean they’re bad in any sense! If you didn’t manage to roll an S-tier soul, it’s perfectly okay to stick with an A-tier.

  • Determination
  • Kindness

B Tier

These souls are fine for when you really don’t feel like risking a reroll. Other than that, they’re pretty average – just don’t expect anything outrageously strong.

  • Bravery
  • Perseverance
  • Patience

C Tier

Pretty pointless souls, but I guess it’s okay to use them while you decide whether you want to reroll or not – I don’t recommend them though!

  • Justice
  • Integrity

D Tier

The worst souls in Underworld Realm – especially that Normal soul, you literally just wield a stick.

  • Normal

Underworld Realm Weapon Tier List

Now it’s time to rank the weapons you can wield in battle! Which weapons are best for when you get randomly approached by an enemy or when you’re going up against a mighty boss?

S Tier

The strongest weapons in Underworld Realm – good luck obtaining them!

  • Soul Sword
  • Ice Sword

A Tier

These weapons sure do pack a punch, but maybe not as much of a punch as those in S-tier.

  • Vine Sword
  • Tree Horn
  • Axe A
  • Dual Blades

B Tier

Average weapons that, dare I say it, kinda suck overall. However, they can have niche uses, which makes them fine.

  • Axe B
  • Bone Staff
  • Sword and Shield

C Tier

Now, these weapons aren’t the greatest. In fact, they’re downright terrible.

  • Tough Glove
  • Dog Spear

D Tier

The weakest weapons in Underworld Realm – make sure you swap them out as soon as you can, otherwise the game will be incredibly difficult and tedious for you.

  • Stick
  • Toy Knife

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