Underworld Realm Souls Guide – All Soul Stats!

Is my soul around here? I am DETERMINED to find it! Our Underworld Realm Souls guide contains everything you need to know about souls!

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Similar to Undertale, Souls are an important piece of lore within the Underworld Realm. So with that, this guide covers everything you need to know about the Underworld Realm Souls.

Underworld Realm is a Roblox experience inspired by Undertale! You transport into the depths beneath regular civilisation and play through dungeon-like levels. The twist is that it’s all 3D and multiplayer! Will you opt for the mercy path or the genocide path on this RPG adventure? Oh, you can also get some awesome upgrades for your kit and meet zany familiar characters along your path from NPCs to fierce bosses shaped oddly like flowers…

You can check out Underworld Realm over on Roblox. We also have an Underworld Realm Codes guide if you’d like to get your hands on some freebies!

Underworld Realm Souls Guide

Oops, dropped my soul.

What Are Souls?

Souls are randomly generated when you begin your adventure in Underworld Realm. The very soul you get will have an impact on your abilities and strengths during your gameplay and can vary in rarity. It’s entirely down to chance however you can go about obtaining a new soul if the one you were dealt isn’t a good fit for you.

Each soul comes with perks and attributes so the best soul is entirely down to your own opinion depending on your playstyle. But, if you want to try your luck for a new soul you will need to go about obtaining some Soul Orbs. To get the Soul Orb you’ll need to gather two Soul Gems from defeating bosses or Flowey. Once obtained, within Flowey’s Soul Gem Shop exchange the two Soul Gems for a Soul Orb to reroll your soul.

Meet The Souls

Onto the souls and their attributes!


  • Don’t feel too bad, a lot of people out there are traitless too.
    • Passives:
    • Level 0: +0.1s cooldown reduction on spells
    • Level 10: +1.1s cooldown reduction on spells


  • This’ll give you a nice boost in speed, make sure to use it effectively.
    • Passives:
    • Level 0: Set running speed to 29
    • Level 10: Set running speed to 39


  • Take your time with this one, you’ve got energy to spare.
    • Passives:
    • Level 0: +10 max stamina
    • Level 10: +20 max stamina


  • Break the laws of gravity with this SOUL as you literally prance at the enemy.
    • Passives:
    • Level 0: +1 extra mid-air jump
    • Level 10: +4 extra mid-air jumps


  • This one’ll let you take a bit more beating before going down.
    • Passives:
    • Level 0: +20 max health
    • Level 10: +40 max health


  • This one’s simple to understand, it lets you deliver a stronger smackdown
    • Passives:
    • Level 0: +4 extra damage
    • Level 10: +9 extra damage


  • This one’ll give you some precognition that lets you dodge incoming attacks. It’s not perfect though.
    • Passives:
    • Level 0: +10% dodge chance
    • Level 10: +30% dodge chance


  • Weeeell! Aren’t you special? I’d keep this one if I were you, it outclasses those other SOULs by a huge margin.
    • Passives:
    • Level 0: +15 max health / +3 extra damage / +8 max stamina
    • Level 10: +25 max health / +6 extra damage / +18 max stamina


  • Huh? Where’s your SOUL? ..eh, no matter, that thing was holding you back anyway.
    • Passives:
    • Level 0: +12% dodge chance / +5 extra damage / +0.1s cooldown reduction on spells / +0.1s cooldown reduction on weapons
    • Level 10: +32% dodge chance / +9 extra damage / +2.2s cooldown reduction on spells / +2.2s cooldown reduction on weapons
    • Special:
    • Passive Vines: Vines will bloom passively from the floor around you and auto-target monsters to deal damage.
    • Passives Your Best Friend: Your empty soul will automatically buff the spell the higher your soul level is.

Rarity Status

  • Normal – 32%
  • Justice – 16%
  • Patience – 15%
  • Integrity – 14%
  • Kindness – 13%
  • Bravery – 5%
  • Perseverance – 4%
  • Determination – 2%
  • Empty – 1%

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