Roblox Underwater Company Creatures – How to Counter Them

Our Underwater Company Creatures guide contains information about each creature that can be found while exploring the depths of the ocean!

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Struggling to unlock all of the Underwater Company creatures in the guidebook? No worries, we’ve collected information regarding every creature that’s in the game so far! Read on to find out about the most dangerous creatures and which ones can be defeated with a trusty shovel.

Underwater Company is a Roblox game that takes inspiration from Lethal Company and Subnautica. Imagine the dangers of Lethal Company, but turn them into terrifying sea creatures! Collect scrap items while exploring the ocean to reach the quota. Beware of the creatures lurking below…

For more information about Underwater Company, you can visit the game’s official Roblox page. We’ve also got guides for another Lethal Company Roblox clone called Deadly Company! Take a look at our Deadly Company Monsters guide, our How to Sell in Deadly Company guide and our Deadly Company Moons guide.

Underwater Company Creatures

To find out more about the in-game creatures, you can head over to the large Help screen that is located in the game’s lobby area. This screen allows you to learn additional information about the locations, controls, a ‘how to play’ section, and the creatures! We’ve made a condensed version and included the important bits regarding each creature that looms in the depths of the ocean.

However, keep in mind that the ‘Creatures’ section is filled out as and when you find new creatures while exploring – it serves as a sort of journal that you can revisit to refresh your memory!


  • Danger Level: Very Low
  • Common fish
  • Has a spike on its face to help it swim quickly


  • Danger Level: Low
  • Harmless but defensive
  • When you approach a Hexacle, it will blast ink before escaping

Slime Snail

  • Danger Level: Low
  • As it moves, it leaves slime across the ground and can open doors (which stay open!)


  • Danger Level: High
  • Mysterious creature
  • Doesn’t like to be looked at

Abyss Crab

  • Danger Level: High
  • Searches for treasure, especially expensive pieces
  • You can attack this creature with a shovel


  • Danger Level: Medium
  • Not overly dangerous unless you’re already injured – then it’ll hunt you down

Sea Treader

  • Danger Level: Medium
  • Large in size
  • Listens out for things walking beneath it – which then leads to it stepping down onto said ‘thing’

Sea Serpent

  • Danger Level: High
  • Huge creature
  • Uses its sight to hunt
  • Try your best to stay out of its line of sight


  • Danger Level: Medium
  • A former employee of the underwater company
  • Makes whispering sounds, including telling you to “leave”…


  • Danger Level: Medium
  • Hides within items – if you pick up an item that it’s hiding in, good luck!
  • Can be defeated with a shovel


  • Danger Level: Medium
  • Hides in seaweed while it waits for prey
  • The further it is away from seaweed, the slower it becomes


  • Danger Level: Low
  • Won’t attack you but will hurt you if you walk into it


  • Danger Level: Medium
  • Will chase you throughout the entirety of your expedition but it’s slow

Happy Snake

  • Danger Level: Medium
  • Has a creepy smile but it’s harmless above water
  • If you come across a Happy Snake while underwater, it’ll wrap around you to kill you

Blind Basilisk

  • Danger Level: High
  • Blind creature
  • Only attacks you if you move

Abyss Dog

  • Danger Level: Very high
  • Quickly runs towards a player – which can deal a lot of damage, and by a lot, we mean it literally kills you

Defense Bot

  • Danger Level: High
  • Used to work for the underwater company but now it’s attacking employees
  • Shoots 4 rockets out when it sees you

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