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Are you struggling with alchemy in Undecember? So were we! There’s so much going on in that game that it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and crumble under the pressure. That’s why we’re here to explain Undecember synthesis and to give you a few tips on how to synthesise efficiently. ARPG’s are updated all the time, and as the game has only just released, it wouldn’t be a surprise if elements of synthesis are ever changed. Don’t worry though; as Undecember is updated, so is this article, so we recommend that you bookmark this page. That way, you’ll never miss out.

By reading these hints, tips, and tricks, you’ll become an aspiring alchemist and synthesiser! The game has lots to do with skills, runes, and alchemy, so it only makes sense that you take the plunge starting with this article. With that in mind, let’s get into it.

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Synthesis Explained

Let’s get stuck into what synthesis is all about and the different types.

Skill and Link Rune Synthesis

Synthesis is the process in which items are changed into different items. To do this, three rune skills (of the same grade) can be exchanged to randomly obtain one synthesised Rune. The end result is a rune that can be obtained from shops, monster drops, and (if you’re really lucky) synthesis exclusives. The rune will also have random link slots. The only limit is that the synthesised rune has to be of the same grade as the previous items that were exchanged for it.

Runestone Synthesis

Runestone synthesis is the exchange of three of the same runestones to randomly obtain one new runestone. Unlike skill and link rune synthesis, runestone synthesis is limited to synthesis exclusives. A runestone of the same grade as the ones that were exchanged for it will be obtained, but the level remains to be randomly determined.

Charm Synthesis

Charm synthesis is the exchange of three runestones for a random runestone. Unlike other forms of synthesis, the grade of charms can be higher than the original materials used to create it. The charm’s tier and God’s blessing are randomly determined. What’s cool about charm synthesis is that unidentified charms can be used as materials, freeing up your inventory.

Chaos Card Synthesis

Like all the other different kinds of synthesis, three chaos cards (of certain grades) combine to create one random card of the same grade/tier. What’s interesting, however, is that combining cards of identical grades has the potential of creating higher grade chaos cards, such as rare graded cards. Furthermore, synthesising with rare cards can create unique or even legendary chaos cards.


Another great thing about synthesising is that it eventually grants you mileage when you synthesise runes of magic or higher. Once your mileage is filled up, you are rewarded with a synthesis rune selection chest. Sometimes a synthesis link rune selection chest or synthesis skill rune selection chest is rewarded. What’s good about the rune selection chest is that it guarantees a synthesis exclusive rune.

That’s all for now. Make sure to grab the game from the top of the page, check out the articles in paragraph three, and bookmark this page so that you never miss a synthesis change in Undecember.

You can also join the Undecember official discord to dive into the community, if you’re into that sort of thing.

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