Undecember Guide – How to Get Started


Struggling with becoming a Rune Hunting legend? LINE Games’ new hack-and-slash ARPG Undecember just dropped, and if you missed the beta, then you’re probably starting from square one. It’s not a problem though, because we’ve created an Undecember beginners guide, explaining all the core values of the game to help you get started in this exciting, new world!

By reading these hints, tips, and tricks, you’ll become an aspiring, confident Rune Hunter. The game is based a lot on farming, and grinding, so once you’ve grasped the basic concepts, you’ll be levelling up in no time! With that in mind, let’s dive into this Undecember beginners guide.

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Undecember Guide

Now let’s finally take a look at how you should go about starting out in the ARPG.

Stats Explained

Undecember has three main stats that you can put points into to level up. These are Strength, Dexterity, and Intelligence. Think of Strength as making your character more tanky, as it helps you to sponge damage. Intelligence is used for improving your ranged-weapon and magic abilities. Dexterity improves your hit rate and dodge chance, making you quicker and leaner on the battlefield.

Inventory and Storage Space

At the start of the game, you have limited storage slots. As you progress through the game, you’ll be able to purchase more storage space, allowing you to store more items in your inventory. We recommend that you do this as soon as possible, as you’ll find that picking up the items you get from killing monsters quickly cramps up your inventory.

Undecember Guide – Disassembling is Key

In Undecember, you’ll find lots of random items on the ground in almost every location you go to. A lot of the time, these will be items that you won’t think twice about, such as a spare leather tunic. We recommend that, despite not needing them, you pick them up and save them. Once you’ve collected a variety of random, useless items you can have them disassembled. Disassembling items is easy – you just need to take the items to a nearby blacksmith. You might ask “why do we need to disassemble?” You need to disassemble in order to get crafting materials. Crafting materials are used to level up and levelling up is how you become more powerful.

Upgrading your Weapons

Upgrading your weapons is a no brainer – obviously you want to get the most out of your favourite monster killing tools! You can upgrade weapons through the blacksmith, although upgrades require certain materials. Not to worry – you can find out what these materials are at the blacksmith and then you can set off on a journey to acquire the materials!

Runes Explained

Runes can be quite intimidating. Unfortunately, in Undecember, there’s no running away from them, as your whole quest as a Rune Hunter revolves around runes! But once you get used to them, they’re so much fun to use due to the countless different combinations you can put them into! For more information on Runes, we recommend that you check out our rune guide and build guide.

Undecember Guide – Movement Speed

A last, little tip that we can give you is to improve your movement speed as early as possible. This will just all around make traversing the lands of Undecember a whole lot easier, quicker, and more convenient for you. Take any pair of boots and add movement modifiers through skills. Anything is better than nothing, but if you want to take it all the way, then Gale Claw boots are the way to go!

That just about does it for this Undecember beginners guide. We hope you’ve found these tips helpful. Make sure to check out the links in paragraph three and grab the game from the links at the top of the page. You can also find the Undecember official Discord here.

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